There’s a simple way to create videos that build your brand so you attract your dream clients even while you sleep...




For online entrepreneurs, side-hustlers and small biz owners ready to take their personal brand to the next level (without having to spend thousands on equipment, memorise complicated scripts or hire a production team).


“I know that creating videos would be a game-changer for my business but I have no confidence on camera. I’m worried I’ll look and sound silly and that people will judge me.”

“I wish I could create videos but I just don’t have the money to invest in the gear.”

“I would create videos if I could, but it’s just so time consuming and I’m already busy doing a million other things for my business.”

“I know video is a great idea, but I’m not tech savvy so the thought of figuring out all the camera and software stuff is too much for me.”

“I’ve dabbled in creating videos before but I get so overwhelmed with the strategy… I have no idea what to talk about, where to post it and when.”

The last thing you need right now is to waste another year being your industry’s “best kept secret” because you’re stuck in fear and overwhelm about the thought of creating videos… but if you don’t finally get the training and guidance you need, that’s probably what’s going to happen.

If you’ve been trying to build your brand for awhile now, you’ve already discovered that a lack of action and/or strategy is…

– KEEPING YOU STUCK (all hustle with very little payoff)
– KEEPING YOU HIDDEN (you’re having to do all the chasing)
– KEEPING YOU DOWN (the lack of action is messing with your mindset)

But guess what? There’s nothing wrong with you.


There’s a reason it’s not easy to find clear instructions on how to nail this video thing. It’s because most people don’t want you to. They’d rather have you pay them for overpriced advertising and complicated marketing strategies!

What if you could have potential clients discovering you every day (even while you sleep) and joining your email list?

What if you could have people trust you, respect you and even fall in love with your personality without having ever met them?

What if you had clients that turned into superfans and started to promote your business FOR you?

I’m here to tell you that it’s possible – I’m living proof. And I’ve mapped out everything you need to know, step-by-step so you can finally start attracting your dream customers and building a memorable brand.

Learning to create powerful videos isn’t just some marketing fad. It is THE most effective way to build know, like and trust with your audience and the fastest way you can turn strangers into superfans.


Get over all of the mental and emotional blocks that are stopping you from feeling confident on camera

Present yourself in a way that looks professional and on-brand but feels natural and authentic

Build the foundations of a memorable and unique personal brand

Understand each of the video platforms and how they could be used in your own business

Write engaging video scripts that provide value and get your viewers to take action

Brainstorm countless video ideas so you’re never stuck on what to create

Create powerful “about” and testimonial videos that actually connect with your potential customers/clients

Edit and publish your videos with ease (and without needing slick editing skills + complicated software)

Turn your videos into lead generating machines that grow your list

Video Made Easy walks you through the entire process to help you create game-changing videos…

– Even if you’ve never been in front of a camera before

– Even if you have no idea what kind of videos to create

– Even if you have nothing but a smartphone to film with

– Even if you have limited time and lots of overwhelm

If you are:

Tired of trying to convince people that “you’re worth it”

Deflated because you’re just not making traction with your brand

Ready to grow your audience in a way that feels fun and natural

…then thank goodness you found Video Made Easy!

Have you ever wondered why some people are offering the same service as you but are successfully charging more + effortlessly attracting clients?

This Video Made Easy student got over mental blocks, got real in front of the camera and used videos to wow her potential clients and help turn them into paying ones.

"I have a real estate business and have known for a long time that I needed to use video as a marketing tool, but was absolutely terrified and had no idea where to begin. Kat worked with me through all my fears and insecurities and helped me move from frozen and tongue-tied to beginning to actually feel confident in front of the camera. She also demystified the whole technology side of things and I (thankfully!) haven’t had to buy fancy equipment. This is going to revolutionise my business and I can honestly say that it is 100% thanks to Kat."
Robyn Wigmore

Will this work for me?

If you have knowledge to share and an obsession with helping improve peoples’ lives, then you have exactly what it takes to make videos to grow your brand and build your business. Most Video Made Easy students are service based entrepreneurs who are the faces of their business, working solo or with a small team. But the principals of Video Made Easy are universal so will work for any business model.

For example...

Freelance copywriters, designers + developers

Beauty therapists, makeup artists + hairdressers

Personal stylists + colour consultants

Real estate agents + mortgage brokers

Coaches + online course creators

Personal trainers + physical therapists

…get the idea?

It doesn’t matter if you have years of experience or you’re starting from scratch. If you have a message you’re willing to serve, Video Made Easy is going to help you spread it faster and further, in a more meaningful way.

Imagine how much faster you’ll grow if you’re not only given the guidebook, but also a safe space where you can practice, receive feedback, ask questions and share your wins.

How much faster do you think you’ll grow?

The fact you’re reading this right now means you’re in a place where you’re ready to stop putting this off, ditch the excuses and create videos in a way that doesn’t just grow your business, but also feels easy and authentic.

Daydream with me for a second:

You sit down at your desk with your morning coffee and turn on your computer.

You open up your email to find enquiries from customers who found you on YouTube…

Comments on your videos thanking you for the incredible value and telling you they shared it with their friends…

DMs in your Instagram saying that your IG stories are so refreshing and real, they’d love to schedule a time to chat.

All of this from people who wouldn’t have ever heard about you (or decided they liked and trusted you) if they hadn’t seen you on video.

Where would your life be like if this was your story too?

Time for some real talk.

If you’re really serious about growing your brand in a way that actually makes a difference to you AND your audience, you have a choice to make…


Keep doing what you’re doing – convincing yourself that you’re not cut out for video and that hustling hard and chasing clients/customers is the only way.


Get enrolled and fast-track your results with immediate step-by-step guidance and ongoing support from inside Video Made Easy.

Here's how it all breaks down:


The Camera Confidence Crash Course – the tough love and practical guidance you need to get out of your head and in front of the camera in a way that feels real and fun while looking professional and on-brand.


Receive a crash course in the pillars of personal branding so you can easily communicate your value to your audience

Learn how to design your on-camera wardrobe so you feel confident and look your best

Design your on-brand “backdrop” in a way that suits your budget and space

Learn about what you’ll need to create on-brand graphics that make your audience want to watch your videos

Get an in-depth walk-through of each video platform and what makes it unique


Set yourself up for success by learning how to batch create content

Find out what you’ll need to do if you want to outsource any part of the video creation process

Brainstorm countless video ideas that will demonstrate your knowledge, experience and personality

Set your home studio up on any budget and make sure the lighting pops


Learn my foolproof script formula that’s engaging and leads to action

Brainstorm ways to incorporate social media + live stream videos into your weekly routine

Learn my trick for becoming a pro at Facebook Lives before you have to “go public”

Follow tech tutorials on how to caption your IG stories for higher engagement + using live-streaming software to add “wow” factor to your lives


Learn my workflow for shooting pre-recorded videos with ease (no memorization needed)

Get the formula for creating an about video that tells your brand story in a way your audience will care about

Take testimonial videos to the next level by designing them to lead to a conversion

Follow tech tutorials on using Loom, Zoom and Bonjoro to create personalised videos that blow your clients’ minds


Learn how to create a migraine free workflow by managing your video files properly

Learn how to edit videos using iMovie, Filmora and InShot so you can edit on your Mac, PC or Smartphone

Follow easy walk-throughs on how to correctly upload your videos to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube

Get the low-down on options for transcribing your videos on any budget and how to upload them to increase watch time (and SEO juice!)


Learn how to make multiple pieces of valuable content from just one video

Create a promotion workflow that gets your videos seen and talked about

Learn how to create an SEO friendly blog post with your videos

Find out the best hack for getting viewers to click through to your videos from your weekly emails

Get best practice advice on how to cross-promote your videos on social media

When you enrol during this


you'll get:

The complete VIDEO MADE EASY 

step-by-step program

($997 Value)

Finally get confident in front of the camera

Imagine being free of all of that negative self-talk that gets in the way of you creating videos (or creating the videos you wish you could create). Let’s work through those blocks together, create you an on-camera wardrobe + makeup routine that helps you feel your best, plus set your studio up so the lighting and backdrop flatters you and makes you feel like a pro.

Put an end to tech overwhelm + work within your budget

Finally get the scoop on what you ACTUALLY need to create professional looking videos, set up a budget-friendly home “studio” that’s low-maintenance but looks fantastic, and get a jargon free introduction to each video platform, how it works and how to use it with ease.

Create a video strategy that’s fun, easy and effective

Screw trying to do it all. This is about figuring out how you can get the biggest results with the lowest effort. This means I’ll give you ideas (lots of them!) for every style of video, step-by-step walk-throughs to create powerful scripts, testimonial videos that convert and about videos that don’t feel like cheesy commercials. Then you’ll pull it all together in a maintainable plan that works for YOU.

Plus these exclusive high-impact bonuses:


Receive a step-by-step walkthrough that’ll take you right from brainstorming an opt-in freebie right through to automating the funnel in MailChimp so you can turn your videos into lead-generating machines

VALUE $147


Each month I’ll go live to answer the biggest questions and make sure nothing is getting in the way of your progress.

VALUE $497


Get an invite to our exclusive members-only Facebook group where you’ll be able to share your videos, practice going live, receive feedback and accountability.

VALUE $297

All up, you’re looking at a total value of almost $2000!

But I don’t want anything, including your budget, to get in the way of you joining this program and tranforming your brand through the power of video. So if you enrol today you’ll receive Video Made Easy for this special price…


3 monthly instalments of CAD
$ 197
  • 7 Results-Driven Training Modules
  • The Lead Magnet Workshop
  • Monthly Coaching Calls
  • Members Only Facebook Group


Full investment CAD
$ 497
  • 7 Results-Driven Training Modules
  • The Lead Magnet Workshop
  • Monthly Coaching Calls
  • Members Only Facebook Group

Your questions answered:

I’ll send you a welcome email with your login details, the link to the Members Only Facebook and you’ll have immediate access to all course materials inside your course dashboard.

Anyone wanting to create valuable video content to educate, inspire and connect with their audience – coaches, service providers, sales people, freelancers, small business owners… your industry doesn’t matter as long as you are prepared to get in front of the camera and build a genuine relationship with your future (and existing) customers/clients!

If you have a smartphone with a working camera or a webcam, that’s enough to get started! That said, a tripod will make your life a lot easier. I’ll provide suggestions on how to set your studio up on any budget and you’ll soon see that content beats production value any day!

Yes, you’ll receive lifetime access to the materials meaning you can learn at your own pace and come back for refreshers any time you need. 

Absolutely! You can submit questions via the course platform or the Facebook group and I’ll reply within 48 hours. I’ll also deep dive into all the big questions on the monthly Facebook calls. In other words, I have your back so you’ll never get stuck.

No worries at all! They’ll be recorded for you so just make sure you submit your questions in the Facebook thread before the deadline and the call can be re-watched in the group OR in the bonus section in your course dashboard.

It’s completely up to you. Just to work through all the videos and workbooks will take you 10+ hours, but the real work begins when you start creating videos which will obviously take some time. That said, I teach you all about how to get them done as fast as possible, so trust me when I say you’ll be flying along in no time!

The last thing I want is an unhappy student, so I have a 30 day Do The Work Money Back Guarantee. Basically, if you’ve done all the work and before 30 days is up decide that the program wasn’t able to help you the way you thought it would, you just need to submit proof of your work to [email protected] and you’ll get a full refund. Details here.


3 monthly instalments of CAD
$ 197
  • 7 Results-Driven Training Modules
  • The Lead Magnet Workshop
  • Monthly Coaching Calls
  • Members Only Facebook Group


Full investment CAD
$ 497
  • 7 Results-Driven Training Modules
  • The Lead Magnet Workshop
  • Monthly Coaching Calls
  • Members Only Facebook Group

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