Ready to become the go-to expert in your niche but worried it’ll involve working to the point of burnout? 

The Personal Branding Collective will teach you everything you need to know about building a personal brand that blows up your business and helps you create your dream life (without working crazy hours or needing to invest in 17 different programs).

I’m gonna get straight to the point:

Too many entrepreneurs and freelancers I've worked with are hustling hard without much to show for it.

Whether it’s that soul-sucking day job, the side-hustle that feels more like community service, or the business that’s got you working through the night and on weeks with no sign of improving. It sucks. Believe me, I get it. I’ve lived it.

5 years ago I went full-time in my copywriting business because I dreamed of creating a life of freedom. Time freedom. Financial freedom. Location freedom.

And what happened?

I’d jump between having plenty of time and no money. Then some decent money coming in (because I was working 7 days a week). Oh, and I spent my entire week in front of a computer. So much for freedom!

It took me a few years to figure out what was missing.

Without a personal brand that makes you magnetic to your dream clients, you get stuck competing on price, saying yes to anything, and working yourself to the ground… without much to show for it.

So here’s a question for you…

On a scale of 1 to 10

 How confident do you feel right now in your ability to:

▷  Know where your audience (aka ideal client) is hanging out

▷  Define what your brand looks like and sounds like

▷  Explain what you do in a way that excites your dream client

▷  Create content that generates organic traffic AND builds your authority

▷  Show up on social media in a way that builds genuine connection

▷  Increase your visibility by landing podcast interviews & speaking opportunities

▷  Know how to create a website that actually generates enquiry + income

▷  Take people from viewing your content to signing up for your email list

▷ Using emails, social content & videos to convert them into paying clients

That’s a lot, right?

And while there are a ton of experts out there teaching all of these things and more… I’ve noticed a problem.

We’re actually in information overload. There are TOO many answers, TOO many tutorials, and TOO many checklists.

Most of us are drowning in overwhelm. Stuck in constant learning mode. Battling shiny object syndrome. And all of that means failure to launch.

Oh, and let’s not even talk about the issue of these so-called experts trying to tell you there’s only one way to get to the finish line.

“Blogging is the only way”

“You gotta have a podcast!”

“YouTube is the best for organic traffic”

“You should be on all social media platforms”

“You should only be on one platform”

“Freebies are essential”

“Freebies are the devil”


But here’s the good news: 

I dedicated the last 8 years, thousands of hours, and tens of thousands of dollars learning these things the hard (and slow and frustrating) way so you don’t have to.

I signed up to all the courses.

Read all the books.

I compared all the platforms.

I tested out a million offers.

I sunk money into Facebook ads.

And here’s what I learned: 

1. Consuming more content is not the answer.

The fact is, you probably have a ton ideas and strategies racing around your brain but the real issue is that you’re not implementing them — and you’re definitely not doing it consistently.

2. There is more that one way to build a profitable brand.

Real talk: When used properly, ALL of the platforms can work. ALL of the offers can sell. The key is finding a strategy that works for you then STICKING TO IT.

3. Action beats perfectionism, every time.

Nothing wrong with high standards, but I can tell you from experience, that you can’t sell a secret. If you want to change the world, you gotta start showing up, messy, imperfect and 100% you. Hiding behind excuses about “waiting ’til you’re ready” is a form of sabotage.

Don’t worry, I’m not here to judge. I just want to help.

That’s why I decided to create a solution.



Your solution to ditch the overwhelm, commit to a proven plan and start doing the work that leads to long-term, brand-building, life-changing results.

In this 12 month mentorship, I’m giving you the ideal balance of training, resources, coaching, community and accountability to help you become the go-to expert in your niche so you can start making an impact (and income!) doing what you love.

With a focus on action and consistency, this is a mentorship for action takers. People like you who are hungry for success and are prepared to show up and take messy, imperfect action in exchange for meaningful results.

Kat is someone you can connect to. She is down to earth, real and pours her heart into helping you succeed. You can tell it’s her mission to make you successful. If you have not started anything yet, or you’ve tried and failed already, Kat gives exceptional advice, guidance and structure to help you launch or re-launch your business the smart way. It’s more bang for your buck in a one-stop-shop.


Hi, I'm Kat!

I had a pretty scary wake-up call 10 years ago when I landed my “dream job” performing in the original cast of Jersey Boys in Australia and I realised it was “just a job” and that I was “just another number”.

Not having a personal brand meant I had no negotiating power and no way of making money (other than taking an even crappier day job). A few years – and a few hundred anxiety attacks later – later I decided to quit theatre and start from scratch. Rock bottom, to be honest.

Over the last 7 years, I went from broke, unemployed and completely lost, to finally figuring out my zones of genius, becoming self-employed and paid what I’m worth. I also figured out this “personal branding thing” and how to leverage it to reach a larger audience, open up incredible opportunities and stop trading my time for money.

Now I help creative freelancers, solopreneurs and small biz owners do that for themselves (and potentially save the 7 years, 1000s of hours and tens of thousands of dollars I spent to get here myself!)


The Personal Branding Collective is a 12 month mentorship for freelancers, entrepreneurs, coaches & consultants like you who are ready to start getting paid to do the things they love 


have been doing it a while but know you’ve been playing small and are ready to take things to the next level

Here's a sneak peek at what to expect 👀


Yep, you read that right. You’ll be given access to both of my signature courses, each containing 5 modules, 30 video lessons and epic workbooks. Inside these I’ve included my entire framework for establishing yourself as an expert in your niche and then learning how to build a profitable sales funnel that doesn’t involve complicated tech or ad spend. 

The Personal Branding Blueprint

Lay the foundations for your personal brand. We’ll break down the 5 Cs of personal branding (Clarity, Confidence, Communication, Consistency & Compass) which is designed to help you become a magnet for your dream client.

You’ll learn how to nail your messaging, truly understand your client, share your own story, demonstrate authority, increase your visibility, create a visually appealing brand identity… and that’s just the start.

From mindset and project management through to understanding analytics and developing a body compass, you’re putting together a toolkit that will set you up for long-term success. Because this isn’t about vanity metrics or perfectly curated feeds. This is about creating an impact in the world and building a personal brand that recession-proofs your business. 


The point: To figure out and articulate what makes you special as well as getting a real understanding of your dream client so you know what you’re aiming for.

What you’ll actually do:

▷ Learn how to “message mine” through surveys, interviews & online detective work so you can start working on your messaging
▷ Use what you discovered to create a powerful client avatar based on psychology rather than demographics
▷ Write your backstory in a way that will resonate with your dream client
▷ Create your one-liner (and social media) bio so you can sum up what you do in a sentence


The point: Instil confidence in your audience with an inside out approach so they start to know, like and trust you (the first step to expert status!)

What you’ll actually do:

▷Tackle those mental blocks and mindset challenges like perfectionism, imposter syndrome & employee mindset
▷ Learn a powerful re-frame exercise to help you overcome any negative thoughts that are bound to come up
▷ Give your online presence a clean sweep to make sure there’s nothing undermining your professionalism
▷ Create a media one-pager and/or media page for your website so you make it easy to book podcast interviews, speaking gigs and more
▷ Create your Dream 100 list and start pitching yourself for opportunities so you can “borrow” their established audiences


The point: To make sure your written, visual and non-verbal communication is all sending the right message to the right people (and that you look good while you’re doing it!)

What you’ll actually do:

▷ Create a tone of voice guideline for yourself by identifying your core values, personality traits and other essentials
▷ Write an “about me” page that’s actually about your dream client and gets them crazy excited to work with you
▷ Create a simple visual brand guideline document for yourself so your fonts, colours and visual elements are always consistent and on-brand
▷ Design your social media templates & aesthetic so it’s visually appealing (but doesn’t take over your life)
▷ Start designing a simple style “uniform” for yourself, both on-camera and off so you look and feel like the best version of yourself
▷ Plan your first (or next) personal branding photoshoot on any budget so your website and socials become client magnets before they even read a word
▷ Brainstorm some ways you can embody your brand in ways that set you apart from the competition and blow your clients’ minds


The point: To make sure that whatever you start doing to build your brand, you do it without fail (and without it taking more time than it needs to)

What you’ll actually do:

▷ Learn about implementing a project management system so you can stay organised, streamline your workflow & never skip a beat
▷ Start to use batching & time blocking in order to work smart and not harder – especially when it comes to content creation
▷ Commit to a scheduling system so you save time on emails and look 100 x more professional to potential clients
▷ Learn the S.O.A.R. method to remove unnecessary workload and keep you in your zone of genius for as long as possible each week
▷ Create a priority hierarchy so you make time for all the important things (including self-care) and don’t get overwhelmed by your to do list
▷ Establish some accountability – both with yourself and others – to keep you on task even when you’re having a challenging week (or year!)


The point: To make sure you’re learning from everything you do so you can make improvements and understand where your ROI is coming from.

What you’ll actually do:

▷ Get a crash course in what kind of results you should be keeping track of in order to follow your progress
▷ Learn the essentials of website & social media analytics so you can keep an eye on how your content is performing (and make tweaks as needed)
▷ Create customer surveys that ask the tough questions and allow you to level-up your client experience
▷ Develop an inner compass so you can start to make decisions based on your own wisdom rather than blindly following the advice of others
▷ Establish 1% work routines in order to play the long game and see compound interest on your efforts
▷ Have a checklist to return to any time something isn’t working so you can make adjustments and get back on track (without panicking!)



The template library is constantly growing, but here’s a list of some of the most popular ones included:

▷ Visual branding guidelines

▷ Client avatar

▷ Media Kit (aka One-Pager)

▷ Social media posts

▷ Instagram grid planner

▷ About page structure

▷ Airtable sales tracker

▷ Quarterly website & social media audit

…Plus a >60 page workbook full of exercises (and links to bonus resources) to complete as you work your way through the training.

The Profit Prescription

This is where things get even more exciting. Now you understand your audience, your unique value, and how to show up consistently, it’s time to talk about monetising your brand. Because you gotta pay those bills in order to change the world, right?

Yep, we’re going to tackle those pesky sales funnels you’ve been hearing about. Except the way we do it is fun and simple. No need to invest in expensive software, Facebook ads or hiring a VA to handle the tech – this is about organic traffic and the quickest path to profit.

With my 5 step framework (Captivate, Capture, Connect, Convert, Celebrate), you’ll be able to choose your own adventure, picking your favourite parts from each step in order to build a sales machine that makes sense for your business. No creating content for the sake of it or using platforms you can’t stand. This prescription is unique to you which won’t just make it easier, it’ll also make it more effective because you actually believe in it!


Together we’ll…

▷ Demystify sales funnels once and for all.
▷ Choose the right adventure for your own sales funnel (aka client journey)
▷ Deep-dive into your dream client’s brain (hello, content strategy clarity!)
▷ Craft your signature framework (to eliminate the competition for good!)
▷ Uncover your story, values + special sauce


The point: To learn about each of the potential starting points (and traffic sources) of your funnel so you can choose the ones that feel most in alignment with your strengths, communication style and client journey.

What you’ll actually do:

▷ Write captivating copy for your home page that immediately grabs their attention
▷ Create the most game-changing content strategy ever (in minimal time)
▷ Deep-dive on Social Media content creation + outreach so your socials are 🔥
▷ Get down and dirty with Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest + Facebook
▷ Learn how to launch + optimize a podcast, YouTube channel or blog
▷ Learn about 3 fun and easy traffic sources that most people ignore
▷ Use everything you learn to create a simple strategy that gets you SEEN + HEARD


The point: To get your new fan (and potential client) to take the next step with you so you can deepen the relationship and get them ready to work with you.

What you’ll actually do:

▷ Create a deceptively simple lead magnet that’s designed to lead to sales
▷ Become a list-building pro in minimal time so you can start building your asset
▷ Write a services page that actually gets the reader excited and taking action
▷ Learn how to create a profitable Facebook group with minimal effort
▷ Create an application form that does most of the selling FOR you


The point: Take know, like and trust to the next level by establishing yourself as THE expert they need while building genuine connection that sets you apart from the crowd.

What you’ll actually do:

▷ Create simple but highly effective Thank You pages that wow your new lead
▷ Write a nurture sequence that builds trust while selling authentically
▷ Learn how to write killer weekly emails that actually get opened and clicked
▷ Curate your own special concoction of personal touches that blow their minds
▷ Learn how to “take it to the DMs” and have conversations that lead to sales


The point: Ask for the sale without feeling salesy thanks to truly understanding your client and the transformation they’re looking for (that you’re offering).

What you’ll actually do:

▷ Get over sales call terror by following a simple structure that feels natural and genuine
▷ Write a sales page using a proven copywriting formula (and your clients own words)
▷ Write a promotional email sequence with your very collection of easy to follow templates
▷ Get creative and film a sales video that converts while you sleep
▷ Write & design a killer proposal that will blow your competition out of the water


The point: Use your clients’ success to create MORE success, attracting more dream clients, more sales and more revenue… without breaking a sweat.

What you’ll actually do:

This module is my own secret sauce. You’ll have to enrol to get all the juicy details! 😉


On top of the courses (which you’ll be working through at your own pace), each month is jam-packed with live events to keep you motivated, get bonus coaching with Kat, and learn from a ton of other experts in areas that all support your personal branding journey (like personality, mindset, wellness, personal style, creativity… the list goes on!)

🔥 Hot Seats

Each month, 2 members will be selected to hop on a Zoom call with Kat (and the rest of the members) and work through something they want extra support on. That might be content strategy, copywriting, mindset blocks, website reviews… the sky’s the limit!

🔦 Member Spotlights

Each month a member will be selected to teach a mini workshop on their topic of choosing so you get to demonstrate your expertise (and maybe even find some clients from within The Collective). Then Kat will interview you on your current brand strategy and what you’re working on inside the Collective so the other members can learn from you and be inspired by your branding journey.

🤔 Q+A Calls

If you have any burning questions for Kat, you can submit them each month so she can answer them live inside the Facebook group. Just like with the hot seats, this can be related to anything in your personal branding journey.

👩🏼‍🏫 Guest Experts

Each month at least 1 guest expert comes in to the Collective to teach a masterclass on Zoom on a complementary topic to what you’re learning already. This might be something to do mindset & personal development or a deeper dive on a speciality topic like personal style or Pinterest.


This is where the real magic happens because you’re going to have me and a group of equally motivated & like-minded powerhouses to cheer you on, keep you accountable, give you feedback and make sure you keep showing up. 

You’ll be able to set your monthly intentions, share your wins, workshop your blocks, show off your work and even collaborate with other members to help boost your audience growth and achieve your goals even faster.

I'm not really into tooting my own horn, so here's what some of my clients have to say:

Are you ready to ditch the procrastination, self-sabotage and excuses so you can start building a profitable personal brand?

As soon as you press that big ol’ button up there, here’s what’ll happen:


You’ll be taken to the checkout page where you’ll be able to choose between a monthly or one-time payment.


Once you’ve chosen, simply enter your contact details & either credit card or PayPal information for the secure checkout.


You’ll be shown a confirmation screen with instructions on what to do next. Check your inbox for a welcome email too!

Here's the recap of what's included in The Personal Branding Collective

💡 The Personal Branding Blueprint course (5 modules, 30 lessons, workbook + templates)

💡 The Profit Prescription course (5 modules, 30 lessons, workbook + templates)

💡 Monthly Hot Seats, Member Spotlights, Q+A Calls & Guest Expert Masterclasses

💡 A supportive Facebook community of like-minded (and hearted) entrepreneurs + freelancers

💡 A growing resource library of templates, swipes + tech tutorials to save ⏰ & 💰

💡 50% off 1:1 on-demand coaching sessions with Kat

💡 An affiliate program to earn bonus $ while telling your friends about The Collective

Real talk: you can grab a spot in The Personal Branding Collective for $147USD per month.

However, you need to know that...

This membership is NOT for you if:

🚫 You can’t spare a few hours a month to watch and implement the training or show up in the Facebook group 

🚫 You don’t have (or intend to have) any kind of service or product to sell (speaking 

🚫 You hate social media and/or content creation and refuse to use it for your brand

🚫 You want to grow an audience just so you can be an influencer and become rich & famous

🚫 You’re not prepared to show up in the Facebook group at least once a week

This membership is IDEAL for you if:

✅ You know that building a brand takes work and are prepared to do whatever it takes

✅ You’re the face of your business with some sort of service or product to sell (or that you’re dreaming up)

✅ You love using social media and creating content to enrich your audiences’ lives

✅ You’re ready to dedicate at least 6 hours per month to watch and implement the training

✅ You’re excited to show up in the FB group at least weekly to share your journey with us (the good, the bad and the ugly)

Kat’s experience in the industry sets her apart from a lot of other coaches. Her years in copywriting, marketing and personal branding and then launching her own businesses. To be able to learn from someone who has both that professional experience and has been where I am now with my business so knows where I should focus and what to avoid is SO valuable. She is very real and honest about the ups and downs in her business you can tell she has put the work in and overcome challenges which she has learned from to where she is today.

I love that all of Kat’s training is so flexible and adaptable to so many different industries and businesses. These really are branding and marketing foundations and strategies that can be tailored to YOUR business rather than a cookie cutter ‘this is how I did it now I’ll teach you how to do exactly the same thing’ course like so many others. Kat is very real and down to earth, she focusses on what needs to be done and putting the work in to get there.


Who's this Kat girl anyway? 👀

Me again! In case you’re still reading and sitting on the fence, I thought I’d give you a bit more background on why I created The Personal Branding Collective (and am even qualified to help you).

After a pretty cool career in musical theatre, I fell into the marketing world, first as a marketing manager of a real estate agency, then in marketing my self-written and produced cabaret, and finally at an advertising agency. All of that helped give me the confidence and experience to go out on my own as a freelance copywriter + marketing strategist which is what I did for 5 years full-time before I decided to start coaching.

As well as building my own personal brand, I’ve helped my clients (from solopreneurs to international brands) with theirs, by giving them the words and content strategy to stand out from the competition and build genuine brand loyalty.

I’m a forever student. I dedicate hundreds of hours and a huge chunk of my earnings each year into taking courses, joining masterminds and working with coaches. Copywriting, SEO, brand strategy, email marketing, social media, course creation, YouTube — you name it!

When you work with me, I guarantee one simple thing: that I will do absolutely everything in my power to make sure you walk away with everything you expected and more. Tools, strategies, mindset shifts and a dash of tough love to make sure you take meaningful action.

PSST. WHEN YOU WORK WITH ME, you're also benefiting from all the people i've learnt from


Amy Porterfield

taught me about list building, course creation, webinars and launching a digital product.

Joanna Wiebe

taught me how to how to write strategic, data based conversion copy that SELLS

Ry Schwartz

taught me his "Coaching the Conversion" method to write powerful story-driven sales pages

Sunny Lenarduzzi

taught me how to grow my YouTube channel using SEO and turn it into a lead generating machine.

Selina Gray

is currently teaching me about money mindset, soulful selling, and creating recurring revenue.

Jen Casey

taught me about how to create profitable coaching programs and online courses.

Tarzan Kay

taught me about every kind of email under the sun from welcome sequences to sales sequences.

Kate Toon

taught me all about Search Engine Optimisation as well as how to run a freelance copywriting biz.

Haley Burkhead

is teaching me how to create an evergreen funnel with consistent sales using organic traffic

Rick Mulready

taught me all about Facebook & Instagram ads including using pixels and custom audiences.

Donald Miller

taught me about how to write a brand story and use it to make a high converting website.

Regina Anaejionu​

taught me about creating info products, using Instagram for sales, writing emails and more.

From the moment I became aware and decided to re-brand to a Speaking/TEDX Coach everything fell into place. Interviewing my audience gave me so much clarity and even led to 5 interviewees wanting to sign up for my program before I even created it!

Joining The Collective gave me the confidence and clarity to niche down, become more visible (I launched my podcast!) and gave me the structure, guidance and accountability I was looking for to help push me forward to build my brand even while still having my corporate job and limited free time.

Lee Immerzeel


Do any of these sound like you?

If you…

😥 Are sick of feeling like you’re working super hard but not seeing results 

😩 Can’t even bring yourself to do the work because of perfectionism or overwhelm 

😤 Have been showing up inconsistently and then getting  frustrated with a lack of progress 

😬 Know that you’re playing a small game and need a 🔥 lit under your 🍑 to get moving 

I’m here to help you break that pattern and take things to the next level.


The real question now is: Are you ready to build a brand that changes your business and life for good?

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