Kat is on a mission to help entrepreneurs and creatives build profitable personal brands by teaching them how to show up, stand out and attract an audience of superfans. Using her signature personal branding framework and her own story of overcoming adversity to successfully build a business while maintaining her acting career, she loves to allow her audience to learn from her mistakes while inspiring them to take bold action to create a life they love.

Impact + Mission

Kat has an engaged audience of over 25,000 between her YouTube channel, podcast, social media platforms and email list.

For 5 years she worked as a copywriter to help entrepreneurs, small businesses, agencies and corporations around the world to help clarify their message and strengthen their brand presence.

She now uses her Personal Branding Blueprint to help individuals and teams show up in a bigger way, stand out from their competition, and attract an audience of superfans.

Today she works with clients in a variety of ways from self-paced courses to 1:1 coaching as well as strategy, copywriting & consulting offerings.

Kat’s own story of overcoming illness, financial distress, and personal crisis to rebuild her life in her late twenties has inspired thousands of YouTube viewers and podcast listeners around the world.

Today she’s an advocate for forging your own path in order to create financial freedom and creative fulfillment while getting paid to do the things you love.

These are some signature topics Kat loves to cover for keynotes, panels, podcast interviews and company workshops.

Owning Your Story to Build Your Brand

Why entrepreneurs (especially multi-passionate ones) need to create a narrative around their own life experience

The Personal Branding Blueprint

Kat's signature framework, aka the 5 Cs of personal branding

How to Use Video to Blow Up Your Brand

How to turn strangers into superfans using 6 different kinds of videos

Success Mindset + Embracing Failure

The mindset shifts that guarantee success and longevity in any career path

Kat's Own Entrepreneurial + Branding Journey

From professional musical theatre career to rebuilding from scratch and pivoting at 26 after major adversity

How to Stop The Scroll + Stand Out

How to make social media work in the days of crowded newsfeeds + harsh algorithms

Featured podcast interviews

Listen to my episode with Corey Corpodian where I talk about The Personal Branding Blueprint as well as the mindset shifts I had to make to create a profitable brand.

Listen to my episode with Jen Beattie about launch mindset and how I learned to turn failure into the most powerful learning tool.

Listen to one of the most popular episodes from my own podcast where I talk about the importance of embracing your identity and creating a brand-friendly backstory.

Other recent features

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Kat's Bio

Kat is an actor, copywriter and personal branding coach who has made it her mission to help other entrepreneurs, side-hustlers and creatives learn how to show up, stand out and attract superfans of their own so they can get paid to do what they love.

Hailing from Australia, she started her career as a musical theatre performer (original Aussie casts of Jersey Boys & Hairspray) but then moved into real estate – her first taste of marketing – as well as writing & producing her own show which began her obsession with branding and content creation.

Kat worked as a self-employed copywriter and brand strategist for 5 years before branching out into coaching and online course creation. She also has a self-titled YouTube channel and in late 2019 launched The Personal Branding Project podcast with a steadily growing listenership.

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