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5 Priceless Lessons I Learned From 2021 – My Most Challenging Year of Entrepreneurship

This year did not play out the way I thought I would. Instead of the year I *hoped* I would have, I got the year I needed… a year that highlighted my weak points, the gaps, the things that were stunting my growth.

You may have noticed I spent a lot of the year behind the scenes. This episode will help to shed some light on why that was and what I was doing while I wasn’t “showing up”.

Most importantly, I’m going to share with you what I learned. Both from my own – sometimes painful – experiences as well as from observing all of my clients and their own challenges.


→ The importance of focus (and the true cost of trying to do too much)
→ What financial safety has to do with magnetism & how you’re showing up
→ The difference between strategic offers vs offers that are slapped together
→ How inconsistency can be avoided (to a point) through systems & structure
→ The truth about magnetism (and how little it has to do with the parts of brand your audience can see)

I truly hope you’ll find this helpful and if it is, please drop me a DM or share a screenshot tagging me on Instagram @iamkatelizabeth

Also mentioned in the episode:

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