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Creating Impact With Your Brand From The Inside Out – Featuring Cat Skreiner

As entrepreneurs and aspiring thought leaders, we spend a lot of time thinking about the external impact of our personal brands…

But how often do you stop to think about how our internal compass, vision, energy, personality and perspective are shaping that impact?

Today I’m joined by special guest Cat Skreiner a Human Design Guide & Energetic Business Strategist who’s made it her mission to help us understand our own unique “blueprint” so we not only make the impact we’ve been dreaming of, but we also do it with more ease, flow and FUN.

We dive into all things business, branding and launching through the lens of Human Design in the hopes that you see just how much freedom you have to build a business that’s shaped to fit you rather than having to change who you are to make your business work.

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Kat Elizabeth
Welcome to part one of a very special mini series that I’m so excited to bring to you. This is all about creating impact and today’s episode featuring the wonderful Cat Skreiner is about creating impact with your brand from the inside out. So going to the internal stuff the way you think the way you feel your energy levels, and making sure you’re really building a business and a brand that supports you personally, because that is when we really start to create a bigger impact and one that’s more sustainable and fulfilling and rewarding. Now in case you have never met her before Cat is an energetic business strategist and Human Design Guide, who works with female entrepreneurs and leaders seeking to embody their unique blueprint to achieve more ease flow and abundance in their personal and professional lives. She fuses her 14 plus years in digital marketing, with human design and Gene keys to really help her clients catapult their business success and drive impact through the integration and embodiment of their energetic gifts. She works with clients to create an intentional and authentic business that allows them to share their brilliance, brilliance with the world in a way that feels easy, fun and aligned. And that is exactly what I brought her here because we all need to focus on bringing that ease and flow and yes, fun to our businesses and our brands. Because that is the key to sticking with this for a really long time. And also to attracting those perfect fit clients who really want to work with you, because you’re you, not because of some weird marketing message you’re putting out there. So we’re gonna dive into all things today, especially focusing around Human Design. And I’m very, you know, open in sharing some of the shifts that I’ve made, thanks to what I’ve learned from human design. But just know we’re barely scratching the surface of what human design is capable of sort of helping you to, to do and to shift. So make sure you check out the show notes, because I’m going to include links to anything that we referenced within the episode so that you can start sort of diving deeper into human design and exploring that if it’s something that interests you. Now, before I introduce, introduce, before I welcome Cat on, there is one thing I need you to know, I have a very exciting announcement for you. And being a podcast listener, you’re the very first person to hear this. I am about to host well about to I’ve got a couple of weeks time kicking off on the sixth of September, that’s if you’re in the US, the seventh if you’re in Australia, I am kicking off the position yourself as an expert five day challenge, it is completely free to join, it is going to be jam packed. And what we’re really going to be focusing on is getting that clarity of Who are you how do you want to be known? And how do you help people? And how can we communicate that and all of the value you offer with your audience so you’re not only seen as that go to expert in your niche, but you start to become a real client magnet, this is not a fluffy training come prepared to work. Because I want you walking away with results as you’d like I’m doing this partially selfishly, because I want to hear some amazing testimonials from you at the end of the challenge saying how many shifts that you had. Okay, so just know that I will not waste your time it is going to be a lot of fun, very actionable. And who knows, you might meet some really cool people while we do this as well, because it’s going to be a total party. There are also going to be a whole bunch of prize giveaways for taking part. But trust me when I say it’s the action takers that will be rewarded. So if you want to check out all the details, head to personalbrandingproject.co/challenge. I’ll also include the link in the show notes. If you can’t find it, you forget what you’re doing. Just go find me on Instagram because trust me I’ll have the link there or you can just send me a DM and just follow the instructions once you sign up to make sure that you are set up for success. And you’re going in the draw to win all of the exciting little prizes that I’ve got. I say little some of them are big. Anyways, with no further ado, I am very, very honored and excited to introduce you to Cat Skreiner.

Well, hello, cat and welcome. Thanks for being here.

Cat Skreiner
Thank you so much for having me.

Kat Elizabeth
Oh, it is an honor to have you honestly, I’ve been wanting to talk to you for so long. And as I said, just before we were recording, I’ve been waiting for the right moment. And I feel like the time is now for so many reasons. But before we I guess I dive into my own selfish reasons for having you. Could you introduce yourself to everyone tell us a bit about what you do today. But I also know that you’ve gone through an interesting journey to get here. So I’d love to hear some of the backstory as well.

Cat Skreiner
Absolutely. So I’m Cat. I am a human design guide and energetic business strategist. And my background is actually in marketing. So before my pivot, big pivot, I worked in marketing for around 20 years, about 14 of those years I specialized in digital marketing. And I have worked kind of big businesses, small businesses, client side, agency side, all the things, and really got into having my own business and being a kind of solopreneur and a small business owner, at the time that I had my son. At that time, I was working for L’Oreal Australia as the digital manager on the L’Oreal Paris brand. And I wasn’t able to return to that in a part time capacity, or, more succinctly, their vision of part time didn’t match my vision of part time. And the new focus that I wanted to have, obviously, on my family, so I said goodbye to that role. Which was a shame because it was, you know, a bit of a career highlight, I think for, for many women working in marketing, oh my gosh, the ultimate, absolutely. So to have the opportunity to work in that environment was a was an amazing experience. But yeah, at that time in my life, it wasn’t kind of lining up. So I kind of made the leap, as many many women do when they are on mat leave, it’s kind of this, if I don’t give it a go, now, I never will kind of vibe. And whilst I was on that leave, I started my own digital marketing business, primarily helping other women in business who were kind of in a similar situation, kind of thought, let’s give this business a go. And from there, it kind of grew. And until last year, I was working full time in that business. And had had that for about seven years primarily focused on paid media. So Facebook and Instagram advertising was my bread and butter, mostly retainer based clients, but very much a kind of a one to one service model that I was working in. And then last year was a huge year for everybody 2020. And it was, I think it was a bit of a slap in the face that I needed a little bit of a wake up call. I had known for a while that I was a little bit too comfortable and a bit bored but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was wrong. I had all these plans for my business, you know, great plans in place and all the ideas and all the things to make happen but I literally could not make them happen, what is wrong with me? So lots of kind of soul searching.

And at the beginning of 2020, I had received my first Human Design reading. And I’d kind of discovered Human Design the previous year 2019 and then forgotten about it for a little bit. And then people started talking about it who were in my circle. And I was like, Oh, this is interesting. Okay, cool. I’ve had a now I’ve had a bit of a recommendation, I’ll have a reading done. So I had a reading done. And I was like, Oh my god, it was so bang on I was like, how does this woman know all of this stuff about me? All I have supplied is my birth date, time and location. How does she know? Like, how does she know? How do I articulate the things that I’ve never spoken to people about that I’ve always kind of known internally it was freakishly on point. And it was on point for where I was at in my business at the time as well. So I was like, that’s cool. Awesome, awesome. Awesome. And then fast forward a few months, then to the middle of 2020, I went to a series of breathwork workshops. And around that time, I’d started to kind of think about studying human design, in more depth and diving deeper and in true manifesting generator style. I instead of just learning about my own design, I was like, I’m going to jump into a certification and just learn everything that I can about this. Just go feet first into the deep end. And at one of those breathwork workshops, one of the questions that I had kind of earmarked for clarity was is this Human Design caper, something that I’m supposed to follow? And I’m a I’m a sacral manifesting generator. So my sacral is is what kind of guides me and yeah, it was a full body yes. When I asked that question, it was like being plugged into the mains. I was literally like it felt like every single cell in my body was screaming at me to make a change and I was like okay, I took a deep breath and decided that I was going to follow something that wasn’t making complete sense, but felt very, very right. So I did my certification and then from November of last year is when I started focusing kind of full time in my business on human design.

Kat Elizabeth
It’s so funny because I look at your business and like she’s so established like you’re so inflow, like, it looks like you have been doing this for so long. But I guess part of that is I mean, you do have your background as an entrepreneur, you know, you have the marketing experience. But also, I guess the other piece is you really just, it’s like it clicked, something just clicked and you were suddenly where you were supposed to be this entire time. So this is one of the reasons I’m so excited to chat with you. Because I do think a lot of my listeners, I know this, because a lot of my clients talk about this is that often something doesn’t feel right. And to find the answers we it’s all external, you know, we’re looking for like the next course the next coach, we’re looking at what that person next to us is doing. And we’re trying to reverse engineer everyone else’s success. And we rarely stop to go internally and really go What do I actually want to do with my life? How do I want to show up? And I found that I had a similar experience with human design to you, I think we discovered it probably at a similar time. And we’ve gone on our own journeys with it, that the first time I got a reading, I’ve never felt so seen and heard and understood in my entire life. And I was like, What is this witchcraft? Like, I couldn’t quite believe it. But that validation it was so nice, because it felt like it was external validation. But really, it was validating everything that was already inside of me. And so I think this is what is just so beautiful about what you do now is it’s like, yes, we can actually look to someone else, get some advice, but all it is, is really showing us what’s already on the inside. Does that? Is that kind of

Cat Skreiner
Absolutely yeah. And I think that’s what really excites me about being able to combine, I guess, my, my career in marketing, with the you know, and having my own business together with human design so that people can really understand, you know, what they understand their own design, they can take any strategy, they can take any device, they can look at this stuff a little bit more objectively and say, Actually, I’m going to tweak this. I like that idea. And I think it might work for me, but I’m going to tweak it. So it feels much better for me, because so often we like you said, we’re looking for someone to kind of spoon feed us a little bit, give us the answers, because we’re all so time poor, we want the shortcuts who doesn’t, we’ve all been there. But like you say, it’s not necessarily another thing that you need, it’s to really be able to adapt, what what you’re already doing, to really energetically support you and to be much more aligned with your unique blueprint. So what worked for someone else may work for you. It may work for a long time, or it may not work at all, or it may just work for a short time. So really being able to really understand that. It there’s nothing wrong with you. When someone else’s strategy doesn’t work for you. That doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with you that your business has failed or that you have failed. It’s literally usually a mismatch of kind of energetic use, I guess you could call it.

Kat Elizabeth
Yeah, I love that. And I’ll give a very practical example. I mean, I’d love to also dive into some Human Design essentials just for anyone who’s like, what are they actually talking about right now. But just one example of this is I was watching a lot of people who do kind of similar things to me, or at least they’ll kind of showing up in a similar way, similar following kind of offering. And I looked at the way they were selling, and it was very aggressive, like in a lovely, not in a gross way but it was just very proactive. And they were like reaching out and they were always telling people like go do this thing, go to this thing and I started to feel very insecure and like, oh, no, is that why I’m not making as much money as I want? Is it because I’m not like selling in the way they do. And I remember signing up for this little program, mostly like from this woman who was doing so well with this style of selling, but I was like, I need to know what she’s got because obviously, it’s what I’m missing. And so I literally just did it to understand her mindset and her approach. And as she’s like, I’m downloading all the scripts and things and I’m looking at them and it just felt so wrong. And so not me, and it never fit. And then once I got my reading again and found out might like I’m a projector, and my strategy is to wait for the invitation. It kind of clicked like, Oh, I looked back at the last couple of years and all of the best clients I’ve ever worked with who found me they found me and they reached out to me and I already had some sort of signal that they wanted to work with me without me having to be like, Hey everyone, hey I’m doing this thing? And it was just the most validating thing and also just helped me just go Okay, maybe it’s time to slow down. Little bit and really look at what feels good and what’s been working so far and not just keep trying to do what the next person is doing because they’re not you.

Cat Skreiner
Absolutely, absolutely. And as a projector, you need to show up and do what what you love and be seen and recognized for doing that and trying to show up in a way that’s not authentic to you is exhausting. And it’s just, it’s so it pulls you so far out of alignment that you kind of, then lose your way. And then you get, you know, frustrated and bitter, and all of that all of the things but it’s perfect. And I love hearing those types of stories because it does work. And it is so powerful when you are in your power as whatever energy type it is, there’s no type that’s better than others. It’s you know, I think a lot of people are like, Oh, I wish I was a generator. I wish I was a Mani-Gen. But so many projectors come to me for readings and work with me. And I just I love them so much they have you guys are amazing, the way you see the world is so different, and so unique. And once you understand that, then it’s really powerful to to be able to step into to that, that alignment and, and operate in a way that feels good, because Why else? Why else are we doing this if it doesn’t feel good?

Kat Elizabeth
Exactly. And so many entrepreneurs fall into that trap of just creating this ill fitting day job for themselves when that was what they were trying to escape in the first place. But a lot of the time it is that lack of understanding and a lack of confidence to actually trust that maybe I do know what’s best. Like maybe there is a way that’s unique to me that could work and it doesn’t have anything to do with what people around me are doing. But I digress. Could you give us for anyone who is just again, hasn’t heard. I mean, I feel like a lot of people in my circle are across Human Design these days, it is definitely getting spoken about a lot more coaches are popping up all over the place. But I know there’s plenty of people who have never heard of it or just don’t really know what it is. Could you give us a little bit of a nutshell of like, what actually is human design. And maybe just like a quick intro to a couple of the terms that we’ve been using just explain how like, mani-gen en and projective fit into the thing. So it’s not complete gibberish for the listeners

A hundered percent absolutely. So, Human Design is a system that really sits, I guess, at the intersection of science and spirituality. And I’m not an overly woowoo person. So when I discovered Human Design, my mind was literally blown. It essentially is a system that kind of combines various modalities. So that kind of eight ancient Eastern modalities like the Chinese eaching, the Kabbalah tree of life, the chakra system, and astrology, so, around for 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of years, together with more kind of Western scientific principles like biochemistry, and neuroscience and quantum physics. So it’s kind of like, I like to think of it as a personality test on steroids, but it’s all based on the time, date and location of your birth. And if you think about any of the personality, profiling or tests that you may have ever done in the past, no matter how objective for us you try to be or impartial and very neutral in your responses and just choose the right, you know, choose the answer that comes to you that you know, first, there’s always an element of your mind jumping in. And there is always your subconscious mind kind of trying to choose the right answer because usually we’re doing those tests to get a job, for performance reasons, for team building reasons. And there is some pressure on us to be a certain person in our workplace when we’re kind of completing those or to be a certain person to identify as a certain person. Human Design really strips all of that away, because there is no questions. There is no pesky multi choice questions. Thank you. And yeah, essentially, it takes the time of your birth. So there is an energetic imprint at the time of birth. There’s also an energetic imprint eighty eight days before your birth. So that’s the unconscious energy that’s in your chart. And then the conscious energy is at the time of your physical entry into this world. So it combines both of those and uses the astrological kind of influences and the the planetary placements. It. It has connections back into our human DNA and the 64 code ons of our DNA. So when you start to work with the energy in your chart, and the various frequencies of that energy, you can really start to change your physical DNA, which is again, mind blowing my little human biology nerd goes mental for all of that side of things. And essentially the way we start to break down the chart the first thing we normally look at is your energy type. So There are five energy types and a little bit like a blood type. It’s a very broad classification of your aura and your energy and how you interact with with the world. Each of the energy types has its own strategy and its own signature theme and non self theme. So the energy types are generator, manifester manifesting generator, projector, and reflector. And then for each of those types, like I said, there’s a strategy. And that’s how we’re designed to interact with the world around us. And that is one of the first things that you will probably learn about your human design and how you should be operating in the world. So for a generator, their strategy is to respond. For a manifester, their strategy is to initiate an inform. For a manifesting generator, it’s to respond and inform. For a projector like you my dear, it’s to wait for the invitation. And for reflectors, it’s to wait a lunar cycle or 28 days. And then there’s these signature themes and non self themes, which are our kind of signals that we are in or out of alignment. So for a generator, our signature theme is going to be satisfaction, and our non self thing will be frustration. For manifester, the signature theme is peace and the non self theme is anger. For a manifesting generator, it’s going to be the combination of both. So it’s going to be satisfaction and peace and anger and frustration. And then for a projector, you’re going to feel a feeling of success when you’re in alignment and that non self thing for a projector is bitterness. And then for reflectors, it is said the signature theme is a feeling of surprise and the non self is disappointment. So those are the feelings that you can kind of really start to recognize and anchor into. And again, like those red flags when you’re out of alignment. So for you Kat it’s that feeling of bitterness, like why am I feeling bitter, it’s probably because you’re not feeling recognized as a projector, and recognized for all of the wisdom that you hold.

I love that thank you for that explanation. I mean, as you guys can probably tell, there is so much to Human Design. And it can be it can wash over you and just in like leave you in a pile of overwhelm when there’s so much to take in. But I love that where you’ve started makes perfect sense. And that’s the thing, I feel like any little piece that we can walk away with is already going to get us one step closer, closer to better understanding ourselves and getting into alignment. It’s not like with anything, you don’t build a business overnight, you don’t suddenly understand yourself overnight, we’re on this journey. And it’s just that looking for those little 1% improvements that we can make to actually get there. So I love this. And I hope that if you’re hearing this, and you’re just intrigued, like just go get yourself a chart like you can get it for free, I’ll make sure I include some links to resources, Cat’s got a fantastic free Facebook group where she shares all you know incredible value as well. So there’s like, you can just kind of dip your toe in the water without having to make a big commitment. And you can see if it resonates or not. Because that’s what this is all about is that human design is a tool that we get to use if we want to it’s like it’s sitting there waiting for us. And I think that’s what’s really nice is like we kind of put it on and see how it fits, as opposed to feeling like we’re having to take on someone else’s strategy and just follow along with the steps. So I would love to, I’d love to hear from you. So we’re obviously talking about impact in this series. And a lot of people think impact is all about how we impact the people around us, which, you know, for an entrepreneur is the ultimate goal, I would say. But a lot of the time we forget about what’s going on on the inside, while we’re trying to make that impact. And sometimes skipping that step of even looking, I guess inward is the thing that can stop us from achieving all of the things that we’re wanting to and bring that vision to life. I’d love to hear from you, whether it’s from your own story or some of your clients, what are some of the things that you notice, especially with people coming to you and asking for help? Where are we getting really stuck? Where are we unable to see our own potential? And and and get that, you know, bring that vision to life? Because maybe there’s a piece missing of us doing that in a work?

Cat Skreiner
Absolutely. Well, like you said, there are many places that human design can really show us and point us to but some of the key things to really look at is in your chart, you will have centers that are defined, and they are going to be centers in your body in your body graph that are colored in. And there’ll be centers that are undefined. Now it’s in our undefined centers is where we really take on and amplify the energy around us. So that’s not consistent access that we have to that energy. So that energy can very much be experienced in many, many different ways. So that’s that’s one of the areas where you have the potential to be incredibly kind of wise, and kind of deeply knowledgeable because you experienced that energy in many ways. But again, it’s not your energy kind of consistently. So that’s one of the areas that typically, in your undefined centers is where you might hold a lot of conditioning. Because you’ve experienced this energy in many different ways, you don’t have a consistent kind of reference point for how to work with that energy. It’s not a, I guess, a natural strength or a talent or gift that you have consistent access to. So that that that energy can make you feel a little bit, it can put you a little bit in your non self. So you can be searching for certainty, you can be searching for recognition, you can be searching for love ability into direction, depending on what centers you have defined, or undefined. So that’s, you know, in our undefined centers is typically where we’re going to experience more conditioning, and potentially more shadows as well. So shadows and Shadow Work is quite a common term in I guess, the self development world, and in Human Design will very clearly show us where we have the potential for conditioning, and where we have shadows in our chart that that can can be present. Sometimes we are very self aware. And we’ve done a lot of work, and we are, we’ve worked on those shadows, and we’ve kind of transmuted them and they no longer shadows. But very often, when people come to Human Design for the first time, there is a lot of areas where they are never almost because we’re so used to wanting a quick fix, they’re looking for that quick fix. So they’re like more, if I learn about this, then I’m going to be this and then you’ve got to start to peel back the layers and say, Okay, well, why are you feeling like that? Is there a sense of unworthiness there? Or is there as you know, where did you learn that it was not okay to just be you. And so much of that will come back to our conditioning, which, you know, as much as we do really love our parents. And they did the best job that they could pretty much every pairing conditions their child, and the cycle continues. So being aware of the conditioning that you have picked up from, from your childhood, or conditioning that you’ve experienced through your, perhaps your early years, working. And when it comes to career, and when it comes to being an entrepreneur, when it comes to kind of having your own business, we kind of go at it with this gusto. And this, you know, there’s this thought that we have to work hard, like, if you don’t work hard, and if you don’t hustle, then you can’t be successful. And usually, that’s, you know, an absolute lie. But a lot of the time, it’s because it’s what we’ve been conditioned to think, or it’s what the gurus are telling us. So we just kind of listened to them. And we kind of listened to all of the advice. So conditioning can be, yeah, it can be very present in many areas of our life. And once we kind of recognize that conditioning, recognize where we potentially have, you know, anywhere that you’re saying to yourself, I should do this, that’s a, you know, the perfect opportunity to kind of stop, have some awareness, where is this coming from? Is there another way, and then kind of working with kind of shifting, shifting, you know, the way that you operate and the way that you can kind of decondition and kind of clear out those filters, essentially, because for many of us, it’s it’s decades of stuff that we’ve got to try and get rid of, so that we can, you know, take those steps to be more in alignment. So recognizing where you’re out of alignment, having that awareness of picking up on you know, energy that might not be yours, particularly if it’s some emotional energy, what’s you know, it’s, you can observe the emotions, but don’t absorb them from other people, you know, because so much of the time we do we pick up on everyone else’s crap and then we carry that around as well as their own stuff. And then we kind of go why am I feeling so blah, blah, blah, you know, it just it’s very, it’s very compounding. Doing that shadow work, Human Design is is amazing for really getting to the heart of so many of the, the insecurities that we have so many. It really gives us the language to talk to things that we’ve always known about ourselves or really felt in our bodies, but we haven’t really known how to articulate so it’s absolutely spot on for doing that and it can really help you. Yeah, just understand why you why you behave the way that you do. And typically it’s because either conditioning or it’s because it’s the way that you’re designed to behave or to operate essentially.

Kat Elizabeth
Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. And I mean, I can, I can speak to some of this there was talking about the shoulds and feeling this obligation does show up a certain way, once I started really looking into my human design, I was like, Ah, okay, interesting. No wonder I can work like a crazy person for, you know, four hours without stopping and get, you know, a week’s worth of work done. But once I hit my limit, I am dead to the world, like, I’ve got nothing in me. And I was scheduling my week, like 10 hour, days, five days a week, and starting to burn myself out completely ran out of creative energy and ideas, it was just feeling very depleted, and felt like I was letting myself down, because I should, should be able to just keep going like that. And once I sort of got the permission, from human design to see that actually, maybe I should schedule my week so that I can work in bursts. I mean, I’ve literally rearranged my offerings, so that it’s more, you know, VIP day based versus ongoing projects, because I know I can do a good sprint once a week, maybe twice a week. But if I commit to showing up for three weeks for someone, they’re going to get a lot of bad days from me as well. And it just was so nice to to be able to do that without the this pressure again, but with your own story, I’m fascinated to know because I mean, obviously you did a pivot in sort of how you help people, I guess, the containers and how you help people. Once you did start exploring the Human Design, where there’s some aside from how your offerings look different with some other things, other ways you really approached your business differently, knowing what you know about yourself now.

Cat Skreiner
I think one of the biggest things that it allowed me to tap back into was following my gut. So I’m a sacral manifesting generator. And for so long, I had ignored my gut like to, you know, at my peril, like literally got me into some very sticky situations. And now I really do. I trust my gut, and I follow it, even though it doesn’t always make sense. I know now that I’m, I used to beat myself up so much about not being able to make, you know, a five year plan a 10 year plan, I just couldn’t do it. It was like it was it was one of the hardest things for me to ever do. And all my life people are like, What do you want? Where do you want to be in five years? And I’d be like, I have no idea. I and then I felt stupid. And then I felt like, Whoa, what’s wrong with me because I can’t have a five year plan. I don’t have one, I don’t have goals. And now I know, it’s because I have a completely undefined identity center. I have an undefined ego center. I just am not designed to make those types of commitments. And as a manifesting generator, I need to be able to follow my gut. And making a five year plan is all well and good. I would probably never carry out anything on the five year plan if I tried to stick to it. So I need to have that freedom and that flexibility. And like you said that permission to change my mind to pick up on things very quickly to pivot and change to have multiple projects on the go to have a work lifestyle that feels fun and playful. And that allows me to do what I love doing. And I’m feel very fortunate that I’ve found the thing that for me is is that thing. I always used to think the people who had you know, their their their work was their passion. I was like, Oh, that’s that sounds amazing. But it sounds a bit fictional. It didn’t sound very real. I could, like I could believe it. But I was just like, that’s not something that I’ll ever have. Like I don’t. It just felt so oddly out of reach. Like really? Yeah, I just didn’t feel like it was something that was destined for me. So I guess it was a very, very pleasant surprise when I found Human Design and then human design was my thing. It’s very convenient. But and then the more I dug into my own my own design, I it it just was staring me in the face like this is what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m supposed to be talking about this. I’m supposed to be translating it into, you know, more simple language. I’m supposed to help people understand it. And I could do that all day every day because it gives me energy. It lights me up. And yeah, just sharing this system with as many people as possible is part of what I’m kind of here to do in this lifetime. So it was very affirming.

Kat Elizabeth
I love that so much. Something I’d love to get your insight into because I mean, I talk a lot about how I sort of have my like Self Belief, Strategy and Support is sort of the three key areas, I’m always wanting to make sure that everyone is kind of set up with no matter what they’re trying to do. And I feel like, like, it’s interesting how so much of what you’re doing now is guided by intuition and really understanding yourself so well. But being that you have that digital marketing background, like where do you really draw, like draw that line between trusting your instincts and then relying on the facts and the data? Like, do you have a particular approach for that, for instance, you know, if you’re planning out a campaign ready for a launch, I’d love to get inside your brain for this.

Cat Skreiner
This is where another element of your human design chart comes in, particularly for me, so I am a 3/5.

Kat Elizabeth
And me.

Cat Skreiner
Yes, so we share the same profiles. So our personal personality profile is essentially the two archetypes that we’re here to play the two roles that we play, and the line three is the scientist and it’s very experimental so, it is a profile that is needing to kind of roll up at we need to roll up our sleeves, we need to try things out, we need to give it a go ourselves to know and to know how things could be better and to you know, to create new things by going through that kind of experience of trial and error, and really figuring out what doesn’t work. And if it doesn’t work, we’ll try a new way. And then we’ll we’ll kind of share that, once we’ve kind of done the and done the dirty work and done the done the experimentation. So for me as a line three, I think I’m always open to trying new things. Obviously, I work with, you know, my own coaches and mentors, and you know, many of them will have kind of their preferred way of doing things that obviously, the people that I work with are very ofay, with with human design or are in the Human Design Space anyway. So I think the biggest thing that I want, the biggest change now for me is taking advice and working through a launch strategy or a new campaign or a new product that I might I might be launching, but also looking kind of critically at it and saying, you know, am I being drawn to kind of experiment with how I’m going to do this? Or is there a way that I can do it in a way that’s going to feel a little bit better for me, because like many people, I don’t like the process of launching. So I’m constantly on the hunt for different ways to do it. And I don’t think it’s ever going to be something that comes naturally to me, but having the freedom and the flexibility to try things differently. And to do things in a different way and do things in a way that feels much more fun, to me is very important. So, you know, being able to kind of experiment and go, Hmm, actually, that’s not really working for me, but knowing that I have the power to change it and I can, it’s my business, I can do what I want to do with it. So I’ll typically take advice, and I might kind of tweak and adapt it. And perhaps the biggest thing that I’ll I’ll kind of change is how I use my energy. So how I show up what things actually feel really good for me. Quite often, people will kind of rinse and repeat, like email sequences and that type of thing. And for some types, like me, as a manifesting generator, sometimes repeating the same thing over and over again, starts to feel really stale, and boring. And then I’m like, I’m not feeling it. If I’m not feeling it, then my audience is not going to feel it as well. So then I know that if I’m bored with something, and I’m not excited by it, it’s not. It’s not right, either. It needs to be done in a fresh, different, exciting way I need to change it up, I need to try something new. Or I need to do something else with that particular product or service or offering. And yeah, just kind of re jig it reimagine it, perhaps or retire it. So another thing that I’ve had to learn as a manifesting generator is when I’m not lit up by something, it’s time to move on. And I need to let things go when not try and force my energy backwards to things that are just no longer energetically aligned for me. Yeah.

Kat Elizabeth
Okay. Thank you for sharing. And I really, I hope that people listening are starting to see just how much freedom we actually have in the way we decide to show up and how it’s not actually meant to feel gross, or exhausting, or icky or rigid. Like those feelings are a sign that you’re actually out of alignment. It’s not a sign that, oh, it’s just supposed to be tough like that. This is just the point of it. It’s actually not you keeping yourself so stuck by giving into those feelings and just accepting them as at face value rather than actually questioning. Like you said, kind of really questioning yourself, and why am I feeling this way? And where is this coming from? And how could I do things different? So I hope if there’s one thing you take away from this episode, it’s, it’s knowing you get to stop now and look at everything and reassess anything. That doesn’t feel good. Absolutely. On the other side of, I guess, doing a lot of that work. I’d love to know, what are the some of the, I guess, signs that you can see that people really are in alignment? And are doing the work? Like, what is that external impact that we start to have an experience, when we are fully in alignment and owning who we are?

Cat Skreiner
I think one of the biggest things that people notice is that things feel easy. And they feel like they flow. So you feel like you it’s easy for you to generate content ideas, it’s easy for you to sit down and write that program, it’s easy for you to find the time to do X, Y, and Z you don’t find the excuses. There’s no more roadblocks, energetically, you’re literally flowing. So it’s very, I think, if you’re struggling, and you feel like you’re constantly kind of hitting an energetic wall, and everything on paper looks great. But if you literally can’t make it happen, which is what happened with me with my previous business, that’s one of the biggest red flags is that there’s something not right, and you really need to kind of look at, is it what you’re doing? Is it the products that you’re trying to launch? Where are you getting stuck? And does it feel? Does it feel good to you? So for me, when I get excited, that is my kind of my key. But for everyone, it’s going to feel slightly differently as well. But anytime you feel like you’re pushing and literally pushing up against something like a wall, or an invisible force field or something, that that’s when it’s not right, but when things are right, you won’t have these blocks with creating content for social media, you’ll, you’ll sit down. And I think, I think when it comes to creating content, particularly, it’s so individual, and a lot of, you know, the generic advice is, do X, Y and Zed you know, create content themes, then you batch and then you you know, and then you post and for someone like me, that doesn’t necessarily work because I need to work kind of in the moment, almost moment to moment as well, which can be a bit challenging, because obviously getting organized and having a content, you know, even an overarching content strategy is very important. But the moment in which I’m actually creating the content may change. So for some people, it will work for them to have some time scheduled. But that time needs to feel really good. So if you’ve got that time scheduled, and you sit down to write the content, but nothing’s coming, don’t force it, get up, move around, do what you love, just get out of your head, get into your body kind of really get grounded, and try and in some of my work with clients, we kind of do this work around connecting to your signature theme and having these signature moments so that you are connected with that feeling for your Kat, it would be a feeling of success. For me, it’s those feelings of satisfaction and peace, what makes me feel at peace, what makes me feel satisfied. It’s like having those moments where you kind of can instantly connect to that feeling. It’s going to really kind of take you back into your body because so often we are just Yeah. We’re we’re we’re not grounded were off out in the world. But ultimately, when you’re in alignment, things should feel easy. They should feel fun. They should feel playful. Yes, there are always aspects of our businesses that are not fun and playful. Some of the admin bookkeeping, you know, for many energy types, outsourcing as much as that stuff as possible is going to be really beneficial. And, yeah, that that place of ease and flow and things, ideas coming to you clients coming to you. They’re all signals that you are very much in alignment and doing the work that you should be doing.

Kat Elizabeth
Yeah, okay, that’s really good. And yeah, I’m glad you were talking about that place of like creating content from almost a place of lack and resistance and just the push because I mean, I’ve tried to do it. And I’ve realized now I think thankfully, I’m finally more tuned into when my body’s saying no when my energy is saying no. And so I’ve had to completely and trust me when I say this has not been an overnight like I’ve been working on this for a while now. And it’s it’s baby steps, but I’ve had to completely redesign my week and make it so much more flexible. So that on the day I can sit down now and know, okay, it’s a copywriting day, let’s do this and 1000s of words will come pouring out. But if I sit down on a day when I’m not feeling it, and I try and write those words, maybe I’ll get them out, it’s going to feel horrible, it’s going to take me 10 times longer. And are they? Is my energy going to be really kind of like, pumping through those words? Or is it just kind of pretty words for the sake of it? So yes, it’s a scary thing to let go of that control. Because I think so many of us want to feel like okay, well, this is this day. And this is this day. And well, I committed to doing this by now. And it doesn’t, depending on who you are, that’s not always going to work. And that’s the key, always bring it back to, to who you are. Because how I’m going to approach my work is, is obviously different to how you do and Cat and to nearly everyone listening is going to be unique. So yeah, you’re just giving yourself that permission to just look at it all. As much as that could be scary.Pull the thread.

Cat Skreiner
And yeah, pull the thread, absolutely. But also be really aware of your body and how you actually feel because I think a lot of things that we do a little bit on autopilot, particularly if we’ve been given advice. And we know we very much want the the outcome, the transformation, whatever it might be. So we follow the advice to the letter, you know, dot the i’s, cross the T’s, and then we’re like, oh, but it didn’t work. And then you kind of like kind of having to kind of retrace steps and redo work. And really, you know, when it comes particularly back to the copy example, I know that when I have an idea for a post, when I’m really excited about it, when I kind of find, you know, five minutes to write the post, create the Canva graphic and post it, those are the posts that go gangbusters. The ones that I’ve over overly engineered, I’ve over I’ve thought about it too much, or there’s too much agenda behind it. Because for me is a manifesting generator, having an agenda is is again, not a good thing. Like I can’t, I shouldn’t, you know, my design is not supportive of doing something to get a particular outcome, I need to do it because it lights me up, I need to do it because I want to, like I want to, when it comes to content I need to share because I just want to share this with my audience. I’m so excited about it, you know, then that feeling as opposed to, I’m going to share this because then it’s going to get me this number of people, you know, engaging and then, you know, the agenda thing is a big thing for any one with a defined sacral.

Kat Elizabeth
Oh, my goodness, this has been amazing. I feel like I mean, I could talk to you for hours. But we’ll start to wrap things up. And I guess what i’d love from you is I’m sure at this point we have we’ve like lifted up a lot of stones. And we’ve explored a lot of things. And some listeners may be like, Okay, what do I do with this information? Like it’s all great. In theory, what do I do next? What would your recommendation be to simplify this and to just start somewhere that’s going to get them the biggest, I guess, internal impact, that hopefully, will eventually lead to some external shifts as well.

Cat Skreiner
Absolutely. So definitely start with getting your free human design chart. Kat’s gonna put some resources in there. But to of the sites that I like to use, one is geneticmatrix.com. The other one is myhumandesign.com. The second one, my humandesign.com provides quite a lot of detail in just the free version. So it’s a really good starting point. Then looking at your energy type, obviously, your strategy, you’re going to then see your kind of your signature and nonself themes. So those kind of the green signal and the red signal that you’re in or out of alignment. The other thing that we didn’t really talk about in any detail with authority, but that’s also really important because that’s your decision making process. And there are seven different types of authority. So really understand how your designed to make decisions can be very, very impactful. Even if you just learn those basics. A lot of the time when you start to dive down the rabbit hole of Human Design, you will hear people talk about strategy and authority, strategy and authority. And if you only ever learn those, and if you keep coming back to them and you were very, you know, kind of enthusiastic and diligent about experimenting with strategy and authority, then you can have huge shifts. But ultimately, it’s an experiment and it does give you the permission to experiment to try things to try. You know, to experiment with the advice that you’re given to try business in a different way to try business in a way that feels good for you and see what happens. Obviously you don’t want to be gambling with you know, anything too serious. But there are so many things that as a business owner you are in control of even if you start with you know the way that you approach your copy and your you know your batching of content. Whether you feel like that’s actually correct for you or not, does it feel good to sit down and batch content? Does it feel better to do it in the moment and to really be kind of inspired by the things around you, and then writing about those things. So you know, really, really anchoring into how your body actually feels and responds to what’s happening around you that awareness is kind of everything. So awareness and experimentation are a good places. So get your chart, start to learn some of the basics. And then, you know, perhaps seek out a reading from someone because having someone else’s interpretation of your energy is really, really, really beneficial. Every time I have a reading, done by someone different, it’s, it’s always amazing, because again, everyone brings a different perspective to, to Human Design there, there’s just so much information that is contained that you know, you can dive deep on so many different areas. So find someone that feels aligned to give you a reading, some will specialize in different things, it might be business, it might be personal, you can then do charts for you know, relationships, and you know, all sorts of things. So then, you know, the reading is the next kind of step, I would say. And then if you’re really kind of interested in really deepening that work, and seeing how you can make those biggest shifts, then finding a coach or a mentor to kind of work with on an ongoing basis or for you know, for a specific kind of length of time is really helpful, particularly if you feel like there’s a lot of kind of deconditioning work to do shadow work. There’s a lot that you need to kind of unpack and some things that you really want to kind of shift in your life or your business, then working kind of more in a on an ongoing basis with someone is probably going to be helpful as well.

Kat Elizabeth
Great. And I yeah, I’ll chime in there on for two reasons. So one is the I get to do the shameless plug of you because I have worked with you before in that you’ve done a reading for me, for my mom, I’ve had friends that have done your, your actual coaching program, and I got so much out of it. Like I actually got sort of a business and marketing specific one that was what is it? Is that business by design? Or is it got to do business by design? business? Right? butchering it for you. Yeah. The reading that I did, my mom got a personal one. And we both just absolutely loved it. So I’ll make sure I include a link to Cat’s actual booking page, as she said, it needs to feel in alignment. You know, if this doesn’t feel like the right time, then fine. But I, there’s just so much you can get out of it. It’s a very cost effective way to sort of take your journey to the next level. But there was one other thing I was going to say. And now my mind is a complete blank, I’ll come back to it is that where is the best place for people to connect with you outside of you being in their ear holes listening to this?

Cat Skreiner
Absolutely. So I spend most of my social media time on Instagram. So you can find me at Cat Skreiner creener. So c a t.s k r e i n e r. And from my Instagram profile, you can find kind of all of the options like Kat mentioned, I have a free Facebook group. And that’s a really great place to start with some free resources. It’s probably about four and a half hours worth of free kind of video content and lots of stuff to kind of dive into there. And yeah, I’d love to connect send me a DM chat. All good.

Kat Elizabeth
Perfect. And it gave me the chance to remember what I was going to say and I’ll get you to to wrap everything up. I guess the thing that excites me the most and I hope, I hope will be encouraging as well for the listeners is that I feel like one of the beautiful things about human design is that you get quick wins. And then there’s the long term work that you start to do. So just the awareness and and that, you know, feeling seen and heard and understood and that permission to stop trying to be what you’re not. It’s amazing how it’s like the like the shackles kind of get released from you and you feel lighter and more excited about owning who you are. So you get to enjoy that straightaway. But then also you’re planting these seeds because obviously the deconditioning and all of the crap that we’re trying to get rid of from our parents, ancestors take the time, you know, it gives you some guidance as you’re going along that much slower, but rewarding journey as well.

Cat Skreiner
100%. Yes. So start having some fun with it. And and remember that this isn’t, it’s not supposed to be another box that you put yourself in. The last thing we need. It is absolutely supposed to be the thing that really liberates you. And I think intellectually we all understand that we’re unique, you know, fingerprints, you know the whole thing. In our minds, we know that but this is a tool that will really help you understand just how unique you really are and how special it will remind you of how special you are as well. And all of those gifts and all of those talents that you bring to everything to every situation. And it’s so powerful and so empowering as well. Oh, I love it.

Kat Elizabeth
And on that note to wrap it up with you, thank you so much for sharing all of your your wisdom and your insight with the audience today and I will obviously leave links to absolutely everything that we’ve mentioned. So you can go stalk Cat online, you can you know, start looking into all of your human design things and you can find either of us if you have any other you know, follow up questions. I do feel like we’ll probably need a part two to dive deeper into human design in the future.

Cat Skreiner
I am here for it. Thank you so much for having me and very, very keen to do a follow up a part to a sequel it’s a date. Awesome.

Kat Elizabeth
Bye for now.


Kat is a copywriter, brand & messaging strategist personal branding coach and the founder of The Personal Branding Project whose mission is to help you go from best-kept secret to in-demand brand.


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