What's the most powerful and yet underrated lead generation tool for personal brands?

A. Cold DMs, baby. I love the thrill of being ghosted!

B. A PDF checklist just like my competitors. I play things safe.

C. Who needs a lead magnet? Isn’t the promise of my newsletter enough?

D. A quiz that establishes your authority while segmenting & qualifying potential clients!

Not your grandma's lead magnet

What if there was an unfair advantage...

A way of standing out in a crowded newsfeed…

Differentiating yourself from a sea of competitors…

Establishing you as an expert in your niche…

Building know/like/trust with your audience…

Filling up your email list with potential dream clients…

And doing it on autopilot, while you’re busy working on more important things like SERVING your clients (or sleeping. That’d be nice, right?)

Good news: That thing I’m describing exists. It’s called a quiz! 🙌🏻

Better news: They’re not just for gurus & celebrity coaches (although as a side-effect, they may help you increase your expert status) – as a quiz strategist and copywriter, I’m here to help you bring one to life for your own brand.


Powerful messaging in disguise

Before you start imagining one of those fluffy, Buzzfeed-style quizzes that are all click-bait and zero impact, lemme stop you right there. The kind of quiz we’re talking about right now is something different.
We’re talking about something that infuses your messaging and consumer psychology into a fun – even addictive – package. Not only are your results page strategies works of art, full of storytelling and authority building content, but even the questions & answers are formulated to prime the quiz-taker for action.
And here’s what makes things even more impactful: through the segmentation of results they receive, you get to speak to them in a way that makes them feel seen, heard, understood and – if you want – called out. Messages like “OMG it’s like you’re in my head!” will likely follow.

Quizzes are also...


Fair question. Let's talk about the method behind the quiz magic.

First thing’s first: a high-converting quiz that warms up your audience and segments them in a way that makes selling to them so much easier and more effective… it doesn’t happen by accident.

Whether we’re co-creating a quiz together or I’m building the entire thing from scratch, my process is thorough and driven by strategy.

Market research, deep-dives into your client avatars, a client journey map (a sales funnel but from your client’s perspective!) all take place before the quiz concept is decided and any writing begins.

Then comes the title, careful design of the questions & answers, value-packed results pages and as many emails as it takes to get your quiz takers toasty-warm.

Not gonna lie. By the end, I’m exhausted! 😅

PS I do all the training so you don't have to.

It takes a ton of study and experience to make this stuff look easy. And because I want this quiz to generate epic ROI for your business, I’m pairing my 7 years as a marketing professional, qualifications as a conversion copywriter, thousands of hours of content creation and years of entrepreneurial experience to make it happen.

Oh, and I’m even an Interact Certified Consultant (the quiz platform of choice) which means not only do I have their seal of approval, but also a juicy discount code to share exclusively with my clients.

But before we get too carried away, you should know:
quizzes aren't for everyone.

Yep, even though they’re my favourite lead generating tool on the planet, there are certain signs that tell me you’re the perfect candidate for a high-converting quiz funnel (or that it may not be the right time).

Quizzes are ideal if you:

But not so great if:


Ready to get this quiz party started?

There are 2 different ways we can work together to create this magical lead-generating machine. The first being quiz co-creation (perfect if you’re on a tighter budget or simply love writing your own emails) and the second being complete done-for-you quiz funnels where you won’t have to lift a finger (other than clicking “join meeting” for our kick-off call!)



Quiz in a Day

A one-day intensive where we’ll map out your entire quiz + funnel strategy, build the quiz together, outline your results pages and then I’ll provide you with a beautiful pack complete with email templates + tech tutorials, and for 2 weeks after the session, you’ll have on-demand access to me via Slack so you have everything you need to prepare to launch your shiny new quiz to the world.

3500 USD



The Quiz Shebang

Let me take the entire quiz funnel off your hands by mapping out our strategy, doing the market research, designing the quiz, writing the emails and even setting the entire thing up in Interact so all you need to do is add the emails to your email service provider and hit go.

Very limited availability – booking now for February 2022 and by application only.



The Magnetic Monthly Marketing Plan

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