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Kat breaks down personal branding in easy to understand AND excite actionable points. She is articulate, knows her space and shares with honesty leveraging her own experiences. She also took the time to respond to my DM and answer my specific question for which I’m grateful. She values her followers, and will teach you how to make your own!


Complete ‘branding’ beginner here – trained and work as a scientist. Wasn’t sure what to expect, now really enjoying the blend of practical, thorough advice (especially all the basics laid out in the early episodes) as well as Kat’s engaging style as a presenter and ‘coach’. I’m getting inspired to take small steps and actions in this new arena! Highly recommend.

– JJ


After listening to the first few episodes, I’m looking forward to hearing more from Kat. She gives a great perspective on personal branding and how it can benefit all types of individuals, from entrepreneurs to artists to traditional employees. It’s a bonus if you love a good Aussie accent! Thanks for sharing your knowledge via the podcast.

Meet the host

Hello, I'm Kat!

Personal branding changed my life (thank goodness… because things were looking pretty grim 7yrs ago). It allowed me to build a business I adore, opened up incredible opportunities & introduced me to amazing humans. Some days I have to pinch myself to believe it.

So in October 2019, I decided to finally launch the podcast I’d been dreaming about, so I could reach people around the world who all had aspirations like I did — to get paid to do what they love while making the world a better place. Happy listening! 🖤

I’m on a mission to create a personal brand for myself and I stumbled on Kat’s podcast channel and oh em gee, she is the bomb dot com! She knows her stuff, her voice is authoritative yet humble and I really related to her story.

– Frankie

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