Hi, I'm Kat Elizabeth

And I believe we’re all creating a business that not only pays the bills, but also lights you up, supports your dream life and makes the world a better place. Sure, I’m an idealist, but I’m also living proof.

Back in 2013 I had what I call my quarter life crisis. Due to crippling anxiety & depression, I gave up my ‘dream’ career in musical theatre and promptly had the rest of my life fall apart. Divorce, bankruptcy, nearly dying. You name it, it happened that year! And yet when everything came crashing down, I was given the opportunity to re-write my story.

I don't believe we need to settle.

The world might be telling you you’re lucky just to have a job and food on your plate, but I happen to know you are meant for more. And by staying stuck in a day job you hate (or that underpaid, overworked prison of self-employment you may have created like I did), you are selling yourself short and robbing the world of your brilliance.

If reading this gives you that little niggling feeling in your stomach (or chest – that’s where I get mine!) then I’m really glad you found me. Because building a personal brand saved my life and now I’ve made it my mission to help you do the same.

Without the right kind of support or guidance, it can be a long, messy road (not to mention costly!) but a customised roadmap, a cheerleader – who also knows how to dish out tough love when needed – and the tools you need, it’s actually really fun and way simpler than you’d think.

Core Values

I might not believe in settling, but I do believe in the following list to my core and use them to guide my own life & business as well as serve my clients.

“Working with Kat is the best thing I have done for my business.”
Before working with Kat I really struggled find the right words to explain what I do. I always felt stressed that my brand messaging was unclear and how that would impact my positioning online. She helped me create clear and consistent messaging across my entire brand. With her support, I not only feel more confident but am getting so many more conversions in my business.



Fair question. Here it is in a nutshell:

While my job is to help you communicate all of the magic that is you, I don’t rely on magic to help you do that. I follow a framework that I call The Magnetic Brand Blueprint.

It breaks down into 4 pieces, the first being Magnetic Energy where we dive into what you do, why you do it and what makes you so darn brilliant at it. Magnetic Offers comes next which is about designing a client journey and irresistible win/win offers that turn clients into superfans. Now we get to nail your Magnetic Messaging, to create that “omg are you in my head?” effect with dream clients. Then we’re ready to amplify your brand with Magnetic Marketing that gets you seen, heard and – of course- paid by clients who see YOU as the go-to expert they need.

All of this not only means you’ll see epic results, but also that you’ll be showing up as the most authentic version of yourself and owning your strategy from the inside out.

PS I put my money where my mouth is

Let’s be real. You want a coach who not only leads by example (has successfully run a service based business, launched courses & podcasts, attracted hundreds of thousands of eyes to her content through SEO, and has worked with clients all over the world) but also brings training and a diverse skillset to the table. 

Copywriting, course creation, evergreen funnels, selling from stage, YouTube SEO, podcast marketing… I’ve studied it all and applied it to my own brand so you don’t have to. My mission is to provide you with the information, tools, resources and training you need for where you’re at today so you can avoid overwhelm and focus on taking the action steps that will lead to huge results.


Looking for personal brand strategy?

Depending on the stage of business you’re at, the goals you’re wanting to achieve and the budget you can dedicate to bringing them to life, there are 3 ways we can work together to build your personal brand. Here’s a quick snapshot of them!


Seen, Heard, Paid Academy

The step-by-step program that shows you how to develop the self-belief, strategy and support you need to build a brand that gets you to get paid to do what you love by clients who adore you.


Brand Strategy Intensives

If you’re done DIYing and want brand strategy in record time, 1:1 Strategy Intensives for brand, marketing & sales foundations are where it’s at.


The Magnetic Brand Accelerator

A 6 month 1:1 coaching experience that gets you access to me as a coach, strategist and copywriter so you have the plan and the support as you implement it.


The Magnetic Monthly Marketing Plan

Ready to create a marketing plan so simple you actually stick with it long enough to see meaningful results? 👇🏻

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