A Personal Brand in Progress

You’re amazing at what you do, the clients you have love you, but you know you have the potential to reach more people, make more impact and increase your revenue. 

First up: well done! You’re no longer invisible, you’re finding some confidence in how you show up, and all that work you’ve put in so far is starting to show. Being a Personal Brand in Progress is a really exciting part of the journey so I want you to fully enjoy it (which can be challenging at times).

Yes, ENJOY it. Because I know this stage. I know the impatience, the frustration, the perfectionism, the imposter syndrome.

Your brain is often your worst enemy and it can be easy to get sucked into “if I just work harder, I’ll get there faster” mode… working crazy hours, downloading all the freebies, trying 17,345 different strategies and wondering why you’re exhausted. I’ve lived all of it and as embarrassed as I am to admit it, I tell you this because I hope you can do things differently than I did. 

You’re currently in a magical place full of growth, exploration, learning and evolution. And because you’re a human who is constantly changing, your brand will too (if it doesn’t, you’re not fully embodying it!) – this is a wonderful thing. 

So give yourself time and space, know you don’t need to have all the answers today, but also know that if you want to avoid some painful lessons and wasted time: I got you. Keep reading 😉

Let’s run a quick diagnostic.

You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t already doing so many things right. So let’s highlight what’s working well right now and what to focus on in order to get to your next level.

What you're nailing:

Where you need help:

“Umm… Kat? You’re assuming I actually CARE about taking my personal brand to the next level.”

Oops. I tend to get over-excited and put on my coach hat before getting permission. Sorry ‘bout that! 😅 Before we go any further, let’s have a quick peek at what establishing yourself as an In-Demand Brand could mean for your business (and life!)


If you want to land paying clients, you need an audience and they need to be the kind of people who have a problem you can solve. A visibility strategy + content that positions you as an expert will make that happen. 


No one is paying the big bucks for a jack-of-all-trades but when you establish yourself as an expert in a specific niche, you can charge a premium and they will happily pay it because they trust you!


When you’re worried about where the next leads will come from, you say yes to everything (including crappy clients, misaligned projects and painful discounts) but when you own a niche, none of that is a problem


When you build a personal brand, your audience becomes loyal to you as an individual and they start to tell all their friends about you which means free advertising and a steady supply of leads.


Podcast interviews, collaborations, features in publications, brand deals, speaking on stages… building a personal brand gives you the chance to do things you may never have dreamed of!


After feeling invisible and like just another number when working for someone else (or hiding behind a biz brand), personal branding means you get to own all of the incredible work you do

Long story short: better clients, more money, amazing opportunities – plus if you want, the chance to have an impact on the world. 

If you couldn’t care less about any of those things, then feel free to stop reading…

But if you were all “me want!” then please continue.

Let’s start with where most people get stuck or off-track…

There’s no question you’re at a really exciting time for your business and I am cheering you on like crazy. But being the caring coach I am, I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t flag a couple of common mistakes I see from PBiPs (Personal Brands in Progress) like you.


Shiny Object Syndrome

When you’re not quite confident in your ability to succeed, it can be easy to get tempted by the countless “foolproof” strategies the gurus are filling your feed with. Every day there are more webinars to watch, freebies to download and courses to buy… but think of it this way:

Let’s say you have exactly enough time and resources to build one complete bridge from A to B in a year.

If you were to start 5 different bridges at the beginning of the year, how many bridges would you have at the end of the year?

Yep. Nothing is more important than choosing a strategy and sticking to it. And the good news is there there is no single strategy to see the results you want, so you can ditch the FOMO and commit to something. Oh, and don’t think that a few weeks is long enough to know if it’s working or not! Your meaningful results will come from playing the long game.


Right Task, Wrong Time

Because we’re constantly bombarded by experienced entrepreneurs clogging up our feeds, it’s near impossible to avoid comparisonitis. 

What’s more damaging is that we see them doing certain marketing activities (being on 3 different social platforms, creating courses, creating evergreen funnels, using Facebook ads) and assume that because it worked for them, it’ll work for us.

Remember that these people are at a different part of the journey to you. They have different resources (huge budgets and team support in particular!) and are focusing on scaling something they already have.

Trying to do what they do at the early stages of your biz is unrealistic and will unlikely lead to positive returns. Instead, focus on laying the foundations for your brand and trust that the time for scaling will come. And it’ll come faster if you stop trying to skip ahead 😉


In-Demand Brands don’t just “happen”

As much as you may hear the gurus say to “just be consistent” or “just be yourself”… those things on their own won’t get you to where you want to go. And they certainly won’t get you there quickly!

But the fact that you’re reading this right now tells me you’re ready to do the work that takes you to the next level. So I’m going to quickly give you a snapshot of the framework I use when working with my clients then give you a custom plan for where you’re at today. 

The In-Demand Brand Blueprint

And those 3 different areas work together in order to help you become an In-Demand Brand.

Let’s break them down…


You ARE your brand, so if you have stories running through your head about why you’re not good enough or you’re terrified of putting yourself out there, even the best brand strategy will be useless. 

We need to make sure you fully own your worth, see your value and confidently show up as the best version of yourself so you become a client and money magnet.


Now you’ve started to own your identity as an In-Demand Brand, we can build out a strategy to increase your visibility, establish your authority, and turn superfans into paying clients.  

This is a 5 step process I created called “Get Clear, Get Seen, Get Heard, Get Paid, Repeat” and allows you to custom design a strategy that feels easy and aligned so you actually stick with it.


This is not a journey you should be trying to tackle alone (unless you enjoy overwhelm, anxiety and burnout!) so at each stage, it’s important to create a support system designed to get you to your own next level knowing that we’re all different and one-size-fits-all solutions don’t work.

Support comes in all sorts of forms – from the training you need to up-skill and coaches to speed up your progress through to friendships and the team you’ll build.

All making sense so far?

Awesome! Now we’re on the same page, here are my recommendations for each area that will help you go from Personal Brand in Progress to Go-To Expert in Your Niche (and beyond!)

Your Self-Belief Focus:

Identify what’s keeping you stuck

When most of my clients start working with me and tell me they need help, they usually assume it’s their strategy that’s the problem. And then when we dig in, it turns out they’ve got a pretty solid understanding of marketing. 

And yet, they rarely follow-through on their ideas. If they do, they’re inconsistent. And on the off-chance they have been showing up consistently, we’ll often discover they were sabotaging in some other way… like never mentioning what they do to their audience, avoiding anything that resembles selling, or simply giving off an energy of “I’m not worthy of your money.”

Limiting beliefs will cost you more than anything else. So if you’re pouring precious time and resources into your brand, business and marketing strategy, you’d better match that with the inner work.

Figure out what stories are running through your head and keeping you from showing up big and showing up consistently. What excuses are posing as perfectionism or something else?

When we truly believe in ourselves and what we have to offer the world, we naturally become magnetic. So if you feel like you’re working your butt off, have nailed tips 1 and 2 and STILL aren’t seeing results… it’s time to go inward.

Your Strategy Focus:

Increase your visibility

Forget about making an impact if you’re your industry’s best kept secret! And you can bet you’ll quickly run out of clients to work with if you only work with friends and family. 

Even though success has almost nothing to do with vanity metrics (the number of followers or subscribers you have on social), you still need an audience full of qualified leads.

The good news is that for coaches, consultants and service providers, we often don’t need a ton of clients to become booked out. So rather than aiming for a particular number of followers, focus on steady growth.

To do this, you don’t need to be on every platform. In fact, as a solopreneur, the more platforms you’re on, the slower you grow! Instead, choose 1 platform to focus on for your high-value content and 1 social media platform to support it and build your strategy around that.

Your Support Focus:

Accountability + Feedback

You’re going to be tempted to try all sorts of strategies out as everyone in your feed is promoting foolproof plans, growth hacks and more. But staying in your lane and seeing your strategy through to the end is what will get you the results you’re looking for.

So make sure you have support in place that provides accountability to help you stay focused, feedback for when you’re not feeling confident in what you’re putting out there, and of course, encouragement to cheer you on while you’re having to play the long (and sometimes painful) game.

And when it comes to up-skilling, choosing a program or course with a singular focus and outcome is going to be more helpful than a membership that gives you teaches you a tiny bit about everything but increases your overwhelm.

By the way… have we met?

Hi, I'm Kat!

I’m a personal branding coach + strategist, copywriter and closet nerd (from comic books to productivity software, I love it all).  

From being a professional actor in commercial musical theatre (yet feeling like just another number) to working as a freelance copywriter and being too scared to up my prices… it took me way too long to realise that I needed to build a personal brand if I wanted to create a life and business I love.

I’ve now spent the last 5 years dedicating every waking hour (and dollar in my bank account) to learning everything about personal branding, trying the strategies out myself, and teaching thousands of entrepreneurs and creatives what I learnt. 

Not just through giving you the brand & marketing strategy, but by also helping you work through all those limiting beliefs so you find the confidence to be seen and heard, and the self-worth to get paid a premium for what you do.

So if that’s what you’re hoping to do, you’re in the right place. Here’s to getting seen, heard & paid!

– Kat

PS: We're just getting started

I’m not gonna just dump you with a bunch of tips, tell you personal branding is where it’s at and then leave you hanging. I’m here to help you make your dreams a reality.

Keep an eye on your inbox cause I’ll be coming at you with more of my best advice, resources and tough love so you can become an in-demand brand (aka total client, opportunity and money magnet) without all the stress, overwhelm and exhaustion.


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