Your audience needs you.. but can they even find you?

The fact you’re even reading this means you know you have something special to offer the world. Your knowledge, expertise and unique skillset has the power to transform lives. And yet you’re probably so busy trying to help others, you’ve neglected your own brand.

It’s a vicious cycle that happens to so many of us. You start saying yes to clients and opportunities in order to keep the lights on, but pretty soon all you’re doing is working – more than likely undercharging – and the thought of trying to market yourself and establish yourself as the go-to expert in your niche sounds so exhausting you could cry. So you get stuck. Invisible, overworked and frustrated.


It's time to get seen, heard and paid

Working this hard for so little can feel noble for awhile. But did you ever stop to think about how much more of an impact you could make if you were earning more, spending more time in your zone of genius, and reaching a larger audience? As a personal branding coach, that is exactly what I want for you.

“But Kat, I barely have time to each lunch. How am I supposed to find time to grow my business?!”

I’m going to let you in on a secret. The money, the visibility, the impact… it rarely comes from hustling harder. Sure, there’s work involved, but we’re usually making it more difficult than it needs to be. (I would know!)

Yes, we need strategy. But what most sales & marketing “gurus” aren’t teaching is that you – your thoughts, your energy, your self-belief on an identity level – are the real key to success. In fact, it’s about an 80/20 split. And the good news? That work doesn’t require hustle.


Let's pair strategy with self-belief for 4 transformational months

It’s time for you to get unstuck so you can start enjoying the freedom and fulfilment you deserve. And as a formerly stuck service provider with no personal brand and no end in sight, I wanted to create something special for you. A program that wouldn’t take over your life, involve pulling all-nighters or having to sell your soul to slimy sales tactics. I call it Seen, Heard, Paid.

For 4 months, we’ll work together 1:1, combining coaching and strategy to remove those limiting beliefs keeping you hidden, small and underpaid, then building out a personal brand profit strategy to make sure you get compensated for your brilliance while making the world a better place.

And while you won’t need to give up your limited free time to complete this program, you will be asked to get uncomfortable. We’re going to go deep into things like imposter syndrome, fear of being seen, money stories and all that other stuff you no longer have space for. We’re also going to go back to basics with things like your positioning, ideal client, messaging, offering, pricing and visibility strategy. In other words, work that has a huge ROI but gets ignored when we’re too busy looking after our clients.

Time to let go of...

So you can welcome in...


The 5 pillars we'll be focusing on:


From brand & business goals to clarity around your niche, ideal client and even your own story, we’ll be getting clarity & laying strong foundations before creating a growth strategy.


Next, it’s time to stop hiding and start building your audience, whether it’s your own platform or getting featured on others. This means strategy + tackling the fear of being seen.


Now it’s time to embrace the fact that you’re a thought leader & spread your message with the world. We’ll be developing your expert topics while building confidence to share them.


People who pay pay attention. So it’s time to soulfully sell to your audience who desperately need your help. We can tackle offers, pricing & build a profitable client journey/sales funnel.


The life-changing results happen when we keep showing up day after day. So we’ll build a plan to ensure you stay consistent and continue optimising using both data and intuition.

“It was time for me to take my business to the next level, perfectionism had set in and I was stuck, completely unable to move forward.”

I was really surprised at how quickly Kat was able to get inside my head and start making sense of everything I had been feeling. I felt heard and seen through the entire process which is so important when you’re working on something as personal as your brand.

Not only did Kat help to create some kick-ass messaging and a plan to roll it out, but she helped me to remove the blocks that were preventing me from moving forward, shifted my entire mindset to get me back into the creative space I needed to be. Working with Kat as my personal branding coach is one of the best investments I’ve made in myself and my business.



What you'll get access to:

INVESTMENT 4500 USD (payment plans available)

Working with Kat has given me the tools to not only understand my precise niche and audience, but she’s armed me with invaluable confidence to position myself in my market and know exactly how to find leads and convert them into paying clients. Today I’m booked solid because I’ve established myself as an expert in my niche and it’s hard to believe that not long ago, I was trapped in a soul-destroying (and horribly underpaid) job. 

She is honestly the best personal branding coach there is. 

How it works

Instructions on what to do next


Places are limited and by application only, so fill yours out and let me know why you believe you’re the perfect candidate for Seen, Heard, Paid


If your application is successful, I’ll send you an email to book a time for a complimentary Seen, Heard, Paid alignment call to make sure we’re a good fit


We’ll be meeting on Zoom (video preferred) so make sure you have strong wifi, a quiet space to focus, plus a willingness to talk about your dreams & goals


Common questions I get about these sessions

This particular program is best suited to service providers, coaches, consultants, educators and course creators – essentially anyone building a personal brand around their expertise. The key is that you provide your audience some sort of tangible transformation (making their life or business better in some way).

While this is something we can absolutely work on together (it’s one of my favourite things to do with my clients!), this coaching container isn’t optimised for course creation and launching. Instead, I would recommend a custom consulting package that allows for more hands-on support from me as well as building in milestones that break up a big project into manageable pieces. See my consulting page for more information on how I can support you and if you’re interested, fill out the application form to book a complimentary strategy call which will allow me to provide an accurate quote and high-level outline of how we’d approach the project together!

If paying in full isn’t possible (or doesn’t feel aligned), I have both 4 month and 6 month payment plans available with a small markup simply to cover additional bank fees.

Option 1: $1000 deposit then 3 monthly payments of $1200 beginning 1 month after deposit is paid (for a total of $4600)

Option 2: $1000 deposit then 5 monthly payments of $750 beginning 1 month after deposit is paid (for a total of $4750)

My clients come from all around the world (including many in the US) and I’ve found that USD is the most “universal” currency to charge in. However, if you’re an Aussie (Australian tax resident), get in touch before you book and I can send you an invoice in AUD + GST.

This is an intensive style program and is designed to be completed over 16 weeks in order to properly build momentum. However, if you have a vacation booked, I’m happy to pause for up to 2 weeks or we can skip a few weeks and do a couple of weeks with double sessions later in the program. All sessions must be completed within 18 weeks or remaining sessions will be forfeited.



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