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This isn’t your typical useless PDF with nothing but pretty graphics. As well as breaking down my signature 5 pillar framework for personal branding in this worksheet you’ll…

'Kat is honestly the best there is'

Working with Kat has given me the tools to not only understand my precise niche and audience, but she’s armed me with invaluable confidence to position myself in my market and know exactly how to find leads and convert them into paying clients. Today I’m booked solid because I’ve established myself as an expert in my niche and it’s hard to believe that not long ago, I was trapped in a soul-destroying (and horribly underpaid) job.


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Hello, I'm Kat

When I quit my 9-5 in advertising 5 years ago to become a copywriter, I thought I was about to welcome in a life of freedom to earn what I want and spend my day how I want. However, I quickly figured out that wasn’t something that’d happen by accident! After a few years of slogging away, saying yes to everything, working crazy hours and feeling resentful about my clients, I realised something. I needed to build a personal brand or I’d be stuck in this hamster wheel forever. It didn’t happen overnight, but when it did, it changed my life. And now I’m on a mission to help other purpose-driven entrepreneurs like you do the same.

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