Learn how to do natural makeup like a pro

and put your best face forward – no matter your age, budget or skin type.

(Without spending hours in the bathroom, buying tons of expensive products, or looking cakey, clown-like or overdone)

If you’re sick of feeling like a 6 year old that broke into her mum's beauty case when you try and do your makeup, you already know it's time to learn what to do.

And if wearing makeup seems to just sit on your face like a mask, makes you feel like a clown, or still involves the same routine you had when you were 17, you don’t need to me to go on a rant about why you need to finally learn this skill. Because a lack of wanting was never the issue.

After all, any time you know you have to get in front of a camera, present at an event, go to an interview or even pick up the kids from school, you’re reminded that your makeup skills could be getting in the way of your confidence to feel like you’re showing up as the best version of you.

You’re also very aware of the fact that your current attempts at makeup could be doing the exact opposite of what you hoped — making you look more tired, older than you are, and even less professional.

But like just about anything you’ve ever wanted to do, you’ve had to add this to a list of “non-essentials” because you’re always going to put other peoples needs before yours — whether that’s your clients, employers, family or friends.

And to make it worse, when you have thought about taking action, the options out there are pretty depressing. These supposed “beauty gurus” all look about 18, have perfect skin, and are more interested in selling products and attracting subscribers than actually teaching you how to do your makeup. 

Oh, and how about when you’re forced to finally go into a makeup store for supplies? The sales people seem to treat you differently because you’re not sporting 2 inches of foundation and the perfect smokey eye. 

Here's what you might not know

about how being better at makeup can change the game for you.

1. Save precious time

Whether you wear makeup every day or once in a blue moon, not knowing what you’re really doing means wasting so much time in the bathroom – time that could be better spent on countless other things. Once you learn makeup application, you’ll know it for life, and you’ll dramatically cut-down your getting ready time, whether you’re going for a no-makeup-makeup look or preparing for a special event.

2. Look like you on your best day - every day​

When makeup is done right, it can be barely noticeable, meaning you look fresh and natural (yet healthy, well-slept and rocking a youthful glow, no matter how tired you are) every day. Cakey and badly blended makeup in the wrong colours does the exact opposite — highlighting the wrong features and making you feel like “an old clown hag” (an exact quote from a past student of mine).

3. Stop buying (and wasting) the wrong products

There are WAY too many choices out there when it comes to makeup. With all of the fancy advertising claiming miracle results, what’s a gal to do except buy it all and hope for the best? The problem is that half the time you’ll try it out and realise it looks ridiculous or doesn’t suit you. But when you understand your skin type, product formulations and how they need to be applied, you can stop buying (and throwing out) products you don’t need, and only buy the essentials that work like a dream.

4. Look & feel more professional and confident

Come on, who doesn’t like to look their absolute best when they’re getting headshots taken, video conferencing with a client, going on a date or to a friend’s wedding? Learning how to do makeup like a pro means you have complete control over how you present for each occasion and can dial up or tone down your look as you need.

5. Save money on makeup artists

When we’re getting desperate and just want to look amazing at a special event, we tend to either invest in additional products (that look fancy, but we have no idea how to use) or if all else fails, hire a professional to do it. If you have the time and money, that’s great, but for those of us that don’t, this can really add up — plus there’s no guarantee you’ll actually like the final result as each makeup artist’s style is going to be different.

Even though the reasons to learn how to do makeup are obvious, figuring out where and how to learn it is anything but.

Learn makeup? Yes, please.

But where in the world do I start?!

Maybe in the past, you’d decided that enough was enough and that you want to finally learn how to do makeup.

You might have done a Google search, watched a YouTube tutorial, or joined a Facebook group for makeup lovers.

If you were extra determined to make it happen, you may have even booked in for a makeup application at Sephora, MECCA or M.A.C. and asked the makeup artist to give you some tips as they go.

But what usually happens is that before long, you realise it’s going to take more than a YouTube video or two to really teach you what you need to know, and not knowing where to go next, you put it back in the too hard basket for another few years until you repeat the process all over again.

Here’s why most women wanting to know makeup never actually learn:

You might be a whiz at multi-tasking, famous for your determination and resourcefulness when it comes to your career, but there are only so many hours in the day.

Between family commitments, juggling your job, business, side hustle and/or creative pursuits, mental and physical health, social life (the list goes on!) the thought of adding yet another thing to your never-ending to do list makes you feel slightly ill.

And even if you wanted to, where would you go to learn this stuff?

Let’s be real here. 

YouTube is a depressing minefield of teenage girls (and boys!) with perfect skin and an endless supply of products. 

The people at makeup stores only seem to want to judge you for not already knowing this stuff.

And just about everyone seems to be more interesting in selling products than teaching you the basics.

So until now, the choices were to either learn from someone who’s never had to worry about crows feet, hooded eyelids, sunspots or deflated lips…

…take a gamble on a sales assistant and hope they can be objective enough to help you in a way that suits your skin, lifestyle and budget (ha!)…

…or do nothing and continue either avoiding makeup completely or wearing it in a way that makes you feel self-conscious, overly done up and… old.

But here's the good news.

Despite what the beauty gurus, cosmetic companies and bitchy sales people will tell you, makeup application is easier than it looks.

It doesn’t require fancy products. 

It doesn’t require an artistic eye or steady hand. 

And no matter your age or skin type, it can look fresh and natural on you, highlighting all your best bits and hiding over the bits you’re self-conscious about.

All it takes is for someone to teach you the basics, and once you understand which products you need and how to apply them, you’ll be doing makeup like a pro, feeling like a million bucks whether you’re posing for headshots or doing the school pick-up.





(Or knowing how to properly prime the skin for makeup)

If you were going to paint the walls of your house, would you grab a tin of paint and just start slopping it on, over cracks, dirt, dust, spider webs and dead bugs? (’Scuse the gross analogy!) Or would you first clean the walls thoroughly and put down a lovely base coat so it’s primed and ready for the new colour?

Makeup can only work with the canvas you’ve got, and if you’re not looking after it, chances are it’s going to sit on top of your skin, looking cakey, exaggerating fine lines, and sliding off within a few hours.

The good news is that it doesn’t take much to look after your skin. Sure, we can’t help the damage that we’ve done in the past, but with the right combination of makeup removal, cleansing, moisturisation, SPF and primer, your makeup will be able to apply smoothly and look natural all day.



(Or buying the right products but in the wrong colours)

With too many option available to us, being bombarded with conflicting information, and the fact that our skin is constantly changing — it’s not easy to know which makeup products to buy.

So many women stick with what they’ve always used and wonder why, 10 years later, they no longer look so great. Others get overwhelmed with all this talk of undertones and overtones, they spend a fortune on beautiful foundation only to wonder why it makes their skin look sallow or too pink.

And most of us have been tricked by fancy marketing at some stage, buying a product that promises to make us look like the model on the poster, only to realise that it’s just another jar of something we neither need (and don’t know how to use).

But when you understand how to find the perfect foundation match, choose the colours to make your eyes pop, and what all of those formulation buzzwords mean — shopping for makeup stops being stressful and instead becomes a simple, and even enjoyable, activity.



(Or owning them and having zero idea how to use them)

Most of us know we need makeup brushes to be able to apply our makeup, but how in the world are you supposed to know which ones and how to use them? An instruction manual would be nice!

Despite what you’d think, makeup brushes don’t require artistic ability, and in fact, help make your application foolproof, where using those horrible sponges that come with your makeup make it near impossible to apply smoothly.

While you don’t need to spend a fortune on a set of professional makeup brushes, owning a handful of quality ones that suit your budget (and then learning how to use them) will immediately take your makeup application to the next level.



(Or how much to apply and in what order)

The final and most obvious issue – which obviously ties into all the others – is that most of us were never taught how to apply our makeup. 

We don’t understand the difference between cream and powder products (or that they need to be applied in a specific oder). 

Or how to apply enough foundation that we look flawless but not so much that we start to look cakey and wrinkly.

Or have a clue about how to blend eyeshadow.

Or know where the blush stops and where the contouring powder begins.

Or how to set it in a way that it lasts all day.

The wonderful news is that makeup application is a technique that can be learnt. And once you know how to do it, it goes from being a stressful, disappointing experience, to an enjoyable, mindful and even creative activity. Or at the very least, a drama-free 5 minutes that helps get you out the door on time and looking fresh!

Shhh... I’m going to let you in on a little secret

Makeup application isn’t rocket science.

It doesn’t require years, months or even weeks of study.

And it doesn’t require special skills, professional tools or an artistic eye and steady hand.

Anyone can learn how to do natural looking makeup – and even the fancier stuff like smoky eyes, bold lips and how to put on false eyelashes – and once you know it, it’s skill you have for life.

Yep, no matter how your skin changes, if you really understand makeup and how to apply it, you can make it work for you, no matter your age or skin type, the season or the occasion.

And if you’re up for it, this is what I’d LOVE to teach you how to do.


The only makeup lesson you'll ever need.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learnt from my 20 years of makeup application experience (15 of those for my career as a stage and screen actor), my professional makeup artistry training and thousands (thoooousands!) of dollars in trialled products to create a comprehensive, step-by-step online makeup course that not only teaches you how to apply makeup, but also how to…

…care for your skin

…choose the best brushes

…find the perfect colours 

…and pull it all together to create natural makeup looks that really suit you.

Yes, you’ll get the complete makeup look tutorials, but more importantly, we’ll get into the nitty gritty on how to use each brush and apply each product in bite-sized lessons so you can go at your own pace and learn to customise looks that suit your individual skin type, colouring and face shape.

The end result: The ability to choose the right products and apply them to create professional looking makeup looks to suit any occasion – for the rest of your life.

Makeup Made Easy


Helps you create an effective, low-maintenance skincare routine

Learn how to make the most of your canvas, remove your makeup safely, and prime your skin for makeup application with budget-friendly products in just a few minutes each day.

Teaches you how to choose the best products for your skin (and budget)

Understand the makeup buzz words, get the lowdown on how to perfectly match your foundation, choose eyeshadow colours that make your eyes pop and lipstick and blush colours that make you feel fresh and gorgeous rather than like an ageing clown.

Explains everything you need to know about makeup brushes

What do each of the brushes do? How many do you really need? How much should you spend on them? And how do you use them like a pro? All of that and more will mean makeup brushes become the favourite part of your kit and you’ll wish you made friends with them sooner.

Teaches you makeup application step-by-step with no jargon or product pushing

No existing knowledge is assumed and zero artistic skill required. These bite-sized lessons walk you through every step of the makeup application process from base, concealing and setting powders to contouring, eyeshadow and lip options, all in a way that allows you to customize the products to suit your individual features and the desired look — from invisible through to red carpet ready.

“This course has changed the way I see myself, and how I think and feel about makeup. Decluttering my current makeup kit was a liberating start, and I committed to really listening to Kat and taking her advice on board. I have learned that the right product is important, but more than that, understanding your face, your skin, how light and shade works, the effects of ageing, and how you apply your makeup is everything.

I don’t feel any more like I have that middle-aged woman clown face going on. Other people would tell me I looked fine, but I didn’t believe it… now I’m confident I look the best I can.

Kat Elizabeth knows her stuff. She’s warm, genuine, encouraging and honest, and has a lovely, engaging way of connecting through the video classes. A friend did the course at the same time, and it was great to share the experience and shop for new product together. So, grab a friend, sign up, and prepare to love your face again.”


Here's how it all breaks down.

Let's take a little walk through, module by module:

First we need to start with the absolute basics: getting your skin in the best possible shape in as little effort possible.

In this module, I’m going to walk you through my tried and tested daily and weekly skincare routine as well as talk about optional extras for targeting specific skincare challenges. You’ll also learn about a few different makeup removal options and finish by diving into primer, why it’s such a game-changer, and how to choose the one that’s best for your skin type.

Even if you have limited time and budget for skincare, you’ll end up with a low-maintenance, affordable routine that actually works — and gives your makeup the chance to apply smoothly and last throughout the day.


  • Create a fuss-free daily skincare routine that doesn’t break the bank
  • Develop a weekly skincare routine that feels like a DIY facial without the cost or effort
  • Review some optional budget-friendly products that can help with both the appearance and feel of your skin
  • Learn how to remove your makeup effectively and safely in little time
  • Learn about the different kinds of primers and their benefits
  • Choose the perfect primer for your skin type

Before we start putting anything on your face, it’s time to figure out exactly what products you should be using and which you should avoid.

To do this, you’ll start by getting a Makeup Theory 101 crash course where you’ll learn about colour matching, complementary colours and how you can use light and shade to shape your face. Then it’s time to declutter your kit, getting rid of anything out of date or unsuitable as well as learning to clean your products to keep them safe to use for as long as possible.

Next you’ll move on to product formulations and deciding which base products are best for your skin, how different concealers correct different kinds of discolouration, choosing between powders and cream products, picking eyeshadow, blush and lip colours that flatter your natural colouring, various eyeliner options to suit your confidence level, and mascara and brow products that are tailored to your desired look.


  • Get the nutshell version of makeup theory and use it to choose the best products for you
  • Learn about makeup expiry dates and declutter your kit to remove anything that doesn’t suit you (or isn’t safe to use)
  • Quick + easy ways to clean your makeup products
  • Decoding makeup formulation buzz words
  • How to find the perfect foundation match (without worrying about undertones)
  • How to choose colours to make your eyes pop
  • How to choose flattering blush & lip colours
  • Download colour cheatsheets for when you go shopping
  • Download my epic guide to cruelty-free brand recommendations to suit any budget

Despite what you might think, your makeup brushes are the real key to natural makeup application. You can have fantastic products, but if you have poor quality, the wrong kind or – worse – NO brushes, your makeup doesn’t stand a chance.

This module will demystify makeup brushes for you once and for all, running through each product and its purpose, other tools + disposables you’ll need for your kit, plus how to wash them all and store them safely to extend their lifespan.


  • Learn about each kind of makeup brush, which products they work best with and a quick overview of how to use it
  • Learn about Beauty Blenders + other game-changing makeup tools + disposables for your kit
  • Choose the essential brushes for your kit based on what products you’ll be using
  • Learn how to wash and store your brushes so they last for years
  • Find out where to buy the best cruelty-free brushes to suit your budget

And now it’s the moment you’ve been working towards — you’re going to learn how to put all those carefully chosen products and brushes to good use and learn how to apply each and every one of them step-by-step.

Nope, we’re not throwing you in the deep end with those confusing, fast-paced tutorials you see on YouTube. We’re going to start with the absolute basics and learn how to apply each product individually (including variations to suit your skill level, desired look or product formulation) in a foolproof way.

Yes, this includes demystifying contouring and highlighting, putting an end to eyeshadow anxiety, and conquering your fear of eyeliner once and for all. Once you’re done with this module, you’ll have everything you need to create a natural, flattering makeup look just like the pros do it.


  • Learn how to apply every single makeup product with ease and control so you can look as natural or as glamorous as you’d like
  • Make the most of concealer to cover up dark circles and hide spots without looking cakey
  • Finally get comfortable with eyeshadow, creating a perfectly blended look that opens up your eyes and doesn’t look harsh or overdone
  • Discover new ways to use eyeliner that provides definition without requiring steady hands and years of practice
  • Learn how to use subtle shading and highlighting tricks to accentuate your cheekbones, sharpen your jaw and give your face dimension even under harsh lighting
  • Tips for getting your makeup to stay in place all day

Now you’ve done all the “hard” work, this is where you get to have some fun and experience the fruits of your labour.

You’ll be walked through a variety of tutorials – from the most invisible low-maintenance look to a full face of professional yet natural-looking makeup – that allow you to start experimenting with how many products you use and which colours work nicely together.

With these walk-throughs and a little creativity, you’ll have what you need to create signature looks for yourself for all occasions – whether that’s doing a grocery run, going to a picnic, presenting to a client or going out with the girls.


  • The 5 Minute Face – look fresh and natural with a low maintenance look using minimal products that are barely visible
  • The 10 Minute Face – for when you want to look pulled together but don’t have much time
  • Polished + Professional – pull out all the stops for when you want to look your best but without looking overly done up
  • Sweatproof – for when you don’t want to go sans-makeup but know you’ll be in high temperatures or humidity or sweating it out
  • Day to Night in 5 – simple tricks for taking your natural daytime look up a notch in minimal time

You’ve graduated from all the basics, so now it’s time to be wowed by the magical ability of your makeup.

If you’ve struggled to know what to do with your makeup because you wear glasses or have hooded eyes, rosacea, large pores, thin lips or extreme dark circles, this is the module that will change the game for you.

With one lesson dedicated to each one of these common complaints, you’ll finally know how to use your makeup to truly flatter your features without drawing unwanted attention to the areas you feel self-conscious about.


  • A step-by-step tutorial on how to wear makeup with your glasses, depending on whether they magnify your eyes or make them look smaller
  • A what to do + what NOT to do when it comes to doing eye makeup on hooded eyes
  • The complete guide to colour correction (and why it won’t always be necessary)
  • How to hide very dark circles under your eyes
  • How to make thin lips look fuller
  • How to minimise large pores and lines

While the natural look is the goal, sometimes it can be fun to get totally dolled up for a special event — and even more fun is not having to fork out the cash for a makeup artist.

This very module won’t just walk you through those extra techniques that make you feel like a movie star (smokey eyes, bold lips and false lashes) — you’ll also be taken through two complete red carpet tutorials so you have the exact paint by numbers guide you need to look and feel incredible every time you get ready for something special.


  • Learn how to pull off a bold lip without feeling like a clown
  • Unveil the mystery of the smoky eye and make it work in any colour combination
  • Learn how to apply false lashes with relative ease
  • Learn a complete “Classic Hollywood” look step-by-step
  • Learn a complete “Modern Hollywood” look step-by-step

This very special bonus allows you to watch me apply all of the techniques I’ve shown you onto 7 different women with different skin types and face shapes so you can further understand how everything you learnt in this course will apply to you.

I’ll explain what I’m doing as I go, why I chose particular colours, how I customised the look to flatter their features, and reference the products used so you can pick and choose anything that looks particularly suited to your own face.


  • Watch me apply complete natural makeup looks to 7 different faces
  • See how colours are chosen to flatter their skin tones and eye colours
  • Watch each of the techniques you’ve learnt in action
  • See how the amount of product used and how it’s applied can be adjusted to suit each individual
  • Learn more about shaping the face and eye shape in a subtle way
  • See how different products and colours look on different skin tones

If you’re worried you’ll need some hand-holding while you work through the course, don’t fear. On top of the ability to leave questions within the course platform (I’ll always respond within 48 hours), you’ll be invited into a private Facebook group where you’ll have real-time access to me.

This group will be a safe space for us to discuss products in more depth, share photos of products you’re testing for feedback, share selfies of your makeup looks for both constructive feedback and high fives, plus I’ll hop on Facebook live each week to answer any complicated questions in depth.


  • 6 weeks of real-time access to me via a private Facebook group
  • Weekly in-depth Q&As via Facebook live
  • Ask for feedback on colour choice while you’re shopping for products
  • Request product recommendations for your specific skin type, budget and lifestyle
  • Post selfies of your makeup efforts to request constructive feedback (or to celebrate your wins!)


I'll be straight with you.

Makeup Made Easy is the most comprehensive, step-by-step makeup course for real women with unique lifestyles, budgets and experience levels and the only one that takes you all the way from skincare right through to complete tutorials while demonstrating on a range of faces and providing hands-on support from start to finish.

And since I’ve compressed 20 years of experience into 7 hours of videos and 6 downloadable guides, you are going to have a lot to take in when you get started.

Now here’s the deal.

During your first 21 days in the course, you’ll have access to all 6 core modules as well as the Facebook group and in-course support.

This means you will have learnt all the basics, covering everything you need to choose the right products and brushes and apply them to create a number of natural looks.

If within 21 days, you don’t feel like you’ve learnt what you need to create a natural makeup look with newfound confidence, simply get in touch with us, show us you’ve completed all the work and given it a good shot, and we’ll refund your investment.

Join Makeup Made Easy
today and get...

The complete Makeup Made Easy program

($938 value)

You’ll get lifetime access to 6 core modules containing 5.5 hours of video lessons as well as downloadable guides to give you everything you need to start applying natural makeup like a pro.

  • Cut through all the noise about skincare and makeup products so you finally understand what your skin actually needs
  • Walk through each of the brush types so you can figure out which you’re going to use, how to use them, and how much to spend on them
  • Learn the trick to applying every product in your kit, even if you’ve got zero skills and are a total beginner
  • Pull everything together with customisable complete looks right from “no makeup makeup” through to “polished and professional”
  • Complete handholding as you work through this comprehensive course so once you’re done, you never need another makeup lesson 

Plus these special bonuses:

“Getting Fancy” Bonus – $97 value

Love the natural look but want to know how to pull out all the stops at your next special event? In this bonus module, I’ll walk you through false lash application, liquid eyeliner, bold lips as well as 2 Hollywood inspired full face tutorials.

“Real Women, Real Faces” Bonus – $147 value

Worried all these techniques won’t work on your face because it’s too “something”? Watch me apply makeup onto 7 unique faces, covering all shapes, skin tones and ages and see that no matter what you’re working with, the rules are the same.

Private Facebook Group – $197 value

Need a bit of extra moral and practical support? You’ll be invited into a private FB group for 6 weeks after enrolment where I’ll hold weekly live Q+As plus you can share your selfies or colour swatches to get real-time feedback and advice from me as you practice and shop for new products.


3 monthly payments of USD
$ 77
  • Complete Makeup Made Easy program
  • All downloadables + bonuses
  • Private Facebook group


1 payment of USD
$ 197
  • Complete Makeup Made Easy program
  • All downloadables + bonuses
  • Private Facebook Group

Here's what my students were saying

before they said HELL YES to learning makeup with me

Ohhh I hear you!

Life is too short to spend it wasting hours on makeup. Which is exactly why it’s crucial to learn it properly, once-and-for-all, so you stop wasting time trying to get it right and start approaching your makeup routine with purpose.

Once you learn how to do makeup, you’ll be able to create a signature look for yourself that can take as little as 3 minutes of your time. All it takes is knowledge, the right tools and some practice.

You’re not alone, my friend!

Every year we get older, our skin continues changing, and for those of us who were lucky enough to enjoy great skin as teenagers, we will never stop missing the days when we could slap on any old product and have it look fantastic.

HOWEVER anyone can look fantastic – and natural – in makeup at any age. It’s about choosing products that suit your skin as it is today and learning how to apply them, then adjusting them over time as your skin changes.

In Makeup Made Easy, you’ll get to understand product formulations and how they respond to your skin meaning you can choose products appropriate for your skin type for the rest of your life.

Yes, makeup can be expensive, and it’s easy to go overboard buying a lot of products if you don’t know what you need, however, there are some fantastic, budget-friendly brands out there, and once you complete Makeup Made Easy, you’ll learn that you can create a natural makeup look using as little as 3-5 products if that’s what you need!

You’ll also get access to a Makeup Made Easy exclusive downloadable guide to my 15 favourite cruelty-free makeup brands which includes affordable drugstore options right up to high-end. This means no more makeup shopping overwhelm and no more throwing out products that didn’t work for you because you’ll be an educated shopper.

Makeup is so easy to apply when you know how to do it. You don’t need a steady hand or artistic ability — it’s like paint by numbers (except it’s easier to stay within the lines!)

Whether you’ve never touched makeup your entire life, or have been dabbling in it since you were a teenager, this course will give you what you need to start applying it like a pro.

You know what? Standard tutorials don’t work for most of us, because no two faces are exactly the same. While I love watching experienced beauty bloggers do their thing, I don’t love that by end of watching I’m left with unrealistic expectations about what buying their recommended products will do for me and my face.

For makeup to work for you, you need a deeper understanding of it and the ability to tailor your products and application to your individual face, not to mention lifestyle, budget and the occasion.

Makeup Made Easy is about teaching you how to fish so you no longer need another tutorial for as long as you live. And once you understand a few insider secrets, you’ll see that makeup looks can be created to enhance your favourite features and downplay the ones that make you self-conscious — and glasses wearers are no exception!

You can request access to the private Facebook group as soon as you receive your welcome email and the bonus training modules will be released 21 days after your enrolment in the course (after the 21day money back guarantee period is complete).

Let’s make a little deal, you and me, ok?

I’ve poured my heart, soul and everything I know into this course, so I’m pretty sure it’s solid and you’ll love it. But I know how scary it is investing in something new, so I want to give you some peace of mind.

For 21 days I want you to take in all the content from the core modules, test it out and make sure it works for you. If it doesn’t, all you have to do is reach out to me and show me you did the work but still don’t know how to confidently apply natural looking makeup, I’ll give you 100% of your investment back.

For more information, please refer to our return policy HERE

You’ll be getting the complete Makeup Made Easy course – $497 Value with 6 Core Modules, 5.5 hours of video content and 5 downloadable guides.

As well as…

BONUS #1: Getting Fancy (everything you need to apply your own special event makeup) – $97 Value

BONUS #2: Real Women, Real Faces (complete makeup look walk—throughs on 7 different women) $147 Value

BONUS #3: 6 Weeks Private FB Group Support (for weekly Q+As, help choosing products, and feedback on your selfies) – $197 Value

Still on the fence?

Makeup Made Easy is PERFECT for you if:

  • You’re just getting started with makeup and really want to know how to do it properly so you don’t go buying the wrong products or ending up looking like a kid who broke into her mother’s makeup kit.
  • You’ve been wearing makeup for years but it never looks like it should (you could have sworn it worked for you in high school!) and ends up making you feel more self-conscious than when you don’t wear it.
  • You’ve tried the whole YouTube tutorial thing and it was useless and you’ve been waiting to find someone who teaches you the no BS approach to makeup — natural, customizable, and able to work with YOUR products (not just the fancy ones the beauty gurus are promoting).
  • You have no problem investing a half day (or an hour a week for the next 6 weeks) to complete the course – as long as you know that this will be the only time you need to learn this stuff, you’ll be able to spend less time in the bathroom, and you’ll finally know what products you actually need vs ones you can live without.
  • You’re worried that since your skin has matured, makeup can’t look good on it anymore and you’ll never feel as good as you did in your teens and twenties. You may have even thrown down extra cash on makeup and skincare products to try and help with this, but always ended up disappointed by the lack of results.
  • You’re aware of how much easier life will be once you can apply makeup with ease to suit any occasion, allowing you to save on makeup artists and instead rock your own signature look on videos, in headshots, at networking events, the school pick-up, date night — wherever you feel like wearing makeup.
  • You’re excited to learn about makeup from the ground up, including basic colour theory, understanding formulation buzzwords, how to use light and shade and how to apply it all to enhance your natural features.
  • You feel confident grabbing your access details knowing you have 21 days to absorb it all and test it out. It’s simple! Either you do the work and learn how to confidently apply your own natural makeup in the next 21 days, or you can shoot me a message asking me to hit undo on your makeup education journey.

Did you find yourself nodding at some point? If you said “yes” to at least 5 of the above points, I can’t wait to meet you inside Makeup Made Easy.


3 monthly payments of
$ 99
  • Complete Makeup Made Easy program
  • All downloadables + bonuses
  • Private Facebook group


1 payment of
$ 247
  • Complete Makeup Made Easy program
  • All downloadables + bonuses
  • Private Facebook Group

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