If you're ready for your next level of impact, visibility and revenue, you're in the right place.

Following someone else’s strategy, trying to get it “right” and hustling harder than you have in your life may have got you this far, but things are about to change. If you’ve been wondering if there’s an easier way. A way that allows you to get paid the big bucks just to be you (without requiring Insta-guru perfection or to give up your weekends)… 

The answer is yes. And I’m here to show you how.

World-changing, legacy making, profitable brands all have one thing in common (and no, it's not a fancy website or full-time marketing team!)

It’s magnetism. That potent mix of being deeply connected to their mission, believing that they’re capable of changing lives, and knowing they’re worthy of epic compensation. Paired with a brand + marketing strategy that allows them to…

→ get found by the people who need them

→ communicate in a way that calls out their dream clients

→ stand out in a crowded newsfeed

→ effortlessly sell their (intentionally) irresistible offers

Believe it or not, we’re all born with that magnestism. Problem is, life often makes us think we’ve lost it.

Often, the more we try to “do” (more, better, different), the more our natural magnetism starts to get hidden. Between to-do lists, imposter syndrome, comparisonitis and our fear of getting it wrong or being disliked…

Not to mention trying to market yourself in a way that feels fake or forced…

Creating offers just like everyone else’s because they’re “proven”…

…And being so scared to put your prices up or set boundaries that you end up overworked + underpaid.

So we wake up one day, crushed under the weight of our own expectations, the business we thought we were supposed to build, or the feeling of failure because all of that overwhelm stopped you from even starting… and wonder if we’re just not cut out for it. 

After all, everyone else makes it look so easy. 

No, I’m not a mind reader. I’ve just been there. And there’s something I need to straighten out. 👇🏻


There's nothing wrong with you.

Imagine how difficult it’d be to drive from Boston to New York if all you had was a map of Texas. And a bicycle.

Slow. Uncomfortable. Full of wrong turns. Always wondering if you’ll ever reach your destination. 

That’s what building a brand is like when you don’t have a roadmap.

I’ve spent close to 7 years and 6 figures – in coaching, training and expensive mistakes 😬 – trying to find said roadmap. I wasn’t impressed with what I found. They were either over-complicated, full of gaps, or forcing me to take roads I was hoping to avoid (aka telling me to use tactics that felt gross and inauthentic).

So I stopped bothering and instead focused on building my own. And now I’ve dedicated my life to sharing it with others (and helping them to make it their own so it get them to where they want to go in their vehicle of choice!) I call it The Magnetic Brand Blueprint.

I’m a Personal Brand Strategist and though I had been working offline for the last 2 years when it was time to build my presence online I had difficulty articulating how I help my audience in one sentence and attracting the right clients. Not only did Kat’s training help me nail my brand positioning statement, with the support from Kat I was able to get an increase in enquiries and leads and attract my first high ticket client. The content is amazing plus the support from her is of tremendous value. But most importantly she cares!

Shermalyn Sidonie-John

Meaningful results come from strategic action

Action without strategy is busywork. Strategy without action is overthinking.

I’m here to help you find the sweet spot that focuses on simplicity and working smart so you get maximum impact with minimal effort. No, this doesn’t mean it’ll be easy… but it does mean every action you take will count.

The way we do this is by working on the 4 non-negotiables of your brand, one by one, using each as a foundation that feeds into the next. See it like your branding ecosystem. And here’s how it breaks down:

The Magnetic Brand Blueprint



Uncovering your why, the unique value you bring to the table and removing any limiting beliefs so you can become the person your dream client wants to work with. This is also where we tap into the self-belief needed for you to be ready to be truly ‘seen’.



Connecting the dots between who you are and the clients you’d most love to serve then using that to develop an irresistible offer suite + client journey from freebie to high-ticket that provides epic results for them while generating profit (and plenty of joy!) for you.



From market research through to creating your unique frameworks & branded process plans, we’re going to craft the messages that position you as an expert, help you stand out and make your dream clients feel understood while building demand for your offer.



With all of this in place, marketing is simply about amplifying your awesome and ensuring you’re being found and heard by the right people at the right time. Most importantly that you’re showing up as YOU. Strategy + your energy =  the ultimate client magnet!

The Magnetic Brand Accelerator

A 6-month 1:1 hybrid program that combines brand strategy, coaching and copywriting support along with exclusive resources, training, feedback & accountability.

In other words, your ticket to bringing the biggest boldest vision for your brand to life. Attracting dream clients, creating massive visibility, increasing your revenue and helping you step into the most magnetic version of yourself so you can get paid the big bucks to do what you’re masterful at (while reducing the overwhelm, wheel-spinning & expensive mistakes!)


With 2 x 90 days sprints together, we can achieve some epic outcomes – totally customised to your goals. Whether that’s building (or re-building) your foundations or choosing a couple of areas of focus (i.e. visibility + client journey) and doubling down on them. My experience and skillset means I can support you with any of the following…


For the next 6 months, you’ll have high-level access to me, combining my expertise as a coach, brand strategist and copywriter. This means you’ll be supported from ideation through to implementation so you’re making constant progress (and actually ENJOYING the process!)

The key touch points:






Here's the full scoop

This Accelerator is a high ticket investment designed for service-based entrepreneurs (coaches, consultants, course creators and DFY providers) who are obsessed with what they do and 100% committed to taking it to their own next level – whether that’s going from passion project to profitable business or 1:1 services to scalable group programs.

Expect to pair strategy with intuition, data with woo, fun experimentation with next-level commitment to show up. Most importantly, we’re going to make sure you’re taking the action steps needed to bring your brand vision to life, and doing it in a way that feels amazing.

This means our work won’t just be on the external (the brand your audience sees), but going inward and looking at the beliefs you have and the stories you’ve been telling yourself that may be blocking your magnetism and ability to move forward. Long-game, CEO mindset stuff.

If that sounds like you’ve been exactly what you’ve been looking for, I would love to chat with you and see if we’re a good fit.

It was time for me to take my business to the next level, perfectionism had set in and I was stuck, completely unable to move forward.

Not only did Kat help to create some kick-ass messaging and a plan to roll it out, but she helped me to remove the blocks that were preventing me from moving forward, shifted my entire mindset to get me back into the creative space I needed to be. Working with Kat is one of the best investments I’ve made in myself and my business.


Meet your coach + STRATEGIST

Hi! I'm Kat Elizabeth

I’m a brand strategist, copywriter and personal branding coach who is obsessed with helping stuck serviced-based entrepreneurs and expert businesses become in-demand brands.

As well as spending years as a copywriter helping other people get seen, heard and paid, I built my own brand from scratch using the strategies I now share with my clients.

As well as getting almost 1,000,000 eyes on my content, I’m regularly being asked to feature on other peoples platforms, all because I was able to position myself as an expert. And now I’m ready to help you do the same. 


The Magnetic Monthly Marketing Plan

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