No matter how motivated, resourceful or experienced you
are, sometimes
you just get stuck.

You realise you’re sick of trading time of money, competing on price, and having to chase people to hire you, interview you or buy from you.

You know you’re capable of playing a bigger game. Of becoming an authority in your space. After all, you see people with WAY less experience, professionalism and knowledge than you absolutely killing it in their business.

But for some reason, you’re just not levelling up, despite working ‘round the clock, reading all the books, listening to all the podcasts, showing up at all the events.

It’s exhausting.

Don’t worry, nearly everyone in business has experienced this at least once. And what I realised after experiencing it myself (first as an actor, then as a service-based freelancer, then eventually as an entrepreneur) is that they tend to be symptoms of one thing…

Your personal brand isn’t working for you

It may be that your audience is misunderstanding your message. Or that your value isn’t coming across in what you’re putting out there. Or that you simply aren’t visible enough.

Whatever it is (there’s a good chance it’s a mix of all three), this is what I’m OBSESSED about helping you with. 

By creating a personal brand that perfectly aligns with who you are, who you want to serve and how you can serve them, you unlock the potential of your business. 

Then as you amplify your message and start to become visible, that’s when you see the results start to roll in.

 You can go from begging people to hire you to having people beg you to work with them (sometimes within just minutes of discovering you!)  – without having to offer discounts + incentives.

…But you know that already. That’s why you’re here, right?  

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur who’s spent most of her life juggling multiple careers, starting and dropping side-hustles and struggling to demonstrate my value to a world that values specialists over unicorns, I know how you feel. It took me a REALLY long time to finally understand how to create synergy between all the things I love and am best at.

Thankfully I never gave up! Because now, as well as using it to create a life and business I love as well as opening up opportunities I only ever used to dream of, I’m now using my skills and experience to help YOU. Sales, copywriting, photography, makeup artistry, marketing, acting, video creation… all of these once “random” interests are now my personal branding superpowers and I’m here to share them with you. 

If you’re interested, that is.

So let’s talk about what you actually need.


You need to get crystal clear on who it is you’re trying to reach and what they need help with. You also need to know exactly how you plan to serve them and what makes you different to everyone else selling the same thing.

Even though this is the simplest step in technical terms, it usually provides the most frustration and paralysis by analysis which is why it’s SO much easier to have someone objective helping you through it.


This is a big one. Confidence is a two-way street. You need to make sure you have confidence in your own ability to serve your audience so they feel confident in your abilities.

Just feeling confident isn’t enough either, you need to make sure that confidence oozes into every single piece of content you put out there and every form of communication you have with your audience – AND that you have the social proof to back it up.


You need to learn how to communicate your personal brand in all of the obvious ways (website copy, emails, social posts, physical products or digital downloads, photography, colour and font choice) as well as the less obvious ones (the way you dress, wear your hair and makeup, body language, website UX, customer on-boarding, auto-responders, customer service… the list goes on).

Why so nit-picky? Because every experience your audience has with you is an opportunity to strengthen their perception of you and your brand — even if most of it is subliminal. And trust me when I say that you don’t want to leave that up to chance.


Just like one amazing workout or super healthy meal won’t get you fit, one amazing Instagram post or gorgeous headshot won’t build your personal brand.

It takes having a plan and then implementing it, day in, day out. This is where content strategy and scheduling come in. And effective goal-setting (or as I call it, goal ACHIEVING). Aaand that little thing called accountability. Because despite what they say, it’s not just the thought that counts.


Last but not least is a step that most often gets forgotten because it’s less “sexy” than the rest.

Tracking the results you’re getting (yep, that means facing the dreaded analytics!), surveying your audience to check you’re serving them to the best of your ability, then adjusting based on everything you’ve learnt.

You’re also going to use this phase to set new goals (revenue, launches, products, team growth and more) and create action plans that help you create the biggest results with the lowest amount of effort and stress. In other words, more joy, less hustle!

Action createS results.

So you know the what and the why, let’s talk about the how. 

For 90 days I’ll be the Alfred to your Batman, the M to your Bond, the Charlie to your Angel.  

In other words, I’ll be here to the provide strategy, support, accountability and encouragement for you to be able to go save the world. 

And just like all of those partnerships, you’ll be the hero of the story. The face of the operation. The one doing most of the heavy lifting. Because, hey, this is YOUR brand.  

Here’s the deal, however: Promise me you’ll do the work, you’ll implement what I recommend, and that you won’t give up… and I promise you that I will have your back and will do everything within my power to help you succeed.

  Give me an inch, I’ll run a mile.

You feel me?

So here's what our 90 days together will look like.

The audit.

I’m going to send you a “pre-work assignment” to record for me so I can understand your goals, the work you’ve done so far and any mindset blocks (or practical limitations) that might be getting in your way. Then I’ll go through your entire online presence (plus any printed material you might have) with a fine-tooth comb and create a document on my findings, both from the standpoint of your audience and from my own as a professional marketer.

The kick-off call.

We’re going to spend an hour together discussing your personal brand assessment and then mapping out a detailed plan of attack for our 90 days together. You may be given some homework to do before our first call in the form of a journalling exercise, a mini course to complete or something else.

The coaching calls.

We’ll meet for 10 x 30-minute sessions on Zoom (video) over the 90 days to review your progress, work through any mindset blocks and then create an action plan for you to follow before our next call. Every single call will be recorded and shared with you so you have it for reference.

The resources.

You’ll be given access to my entire resource library during this time (although only as needed as I don’t want you to drown in information overwhelm) which includes courses, tech tutorials, templates, swipe files, videos, podcast & book recommendations. All so you have absolutely everything you need to succeed WITHOUT having to sign up for yet another online course! 

(Nothing against them, they rock. But they can lead to serious content overwhelm and what you probably need right now isn’t more content to consume but instead to start turning theory into action!)

The wrap-up call.

This is part is pretty awesome. We’ll schedule another 60 minute call to run another audit of your online presence (but this time together so you’re learning to do this objectively for yourself), celebrate your wins, assess where you might still need extra work, and map out a plan for your next quarter.

The Bonus.

To give you even more motivation, energy, fun and support, you’ll receive 12 months access to The Personal Branding Collective (my monthly membership) including the training, challenges and community. This normally costs $47 CAD per month, but for you, nada 😉

In other words, you’re in for a game-changing 90 days and I can 👏🏼 not 👏🏼 wait 👏🏼

Buuut... you also need to know what ISN'T included.

Teaching you how to improve your skills on what you’re trying to sell (I’m assuming you’ve got that stuff covered or we wouldn’t be working together in the first place!)

Doing all the work for you (nope, I’m here for guidance, support, resources, accountability and cheerleading but the actual heavy lifting needs to come from you, my friend)

Financial and legal advice (or nitty gritty on how you should be structuring your business/company), I’m NOT trained to do that and those things need to be handled by qualified specialists

Your Investment

The 90-day program is a CAD3997 investment 

or 3 x monthly payments of CAD1375

or 6 x monthly payments of CAD725


Receive lifetime access to my premium online courses, Video Made Easy ($497 CAD) and the next enrolment (happens twice per year) of Brand Messaging Bootcamp ($997 CAD).

Click the button below to complete your application

If it’s approved (you’ll know within 2 business days), we’ll hop on a free 30-minute discovery call to chat in more detail and you can decide if it’s the right program (and I’m the right coach) for you.

Serious enquiries only. Every application is subject to a screening process and may be declined.

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