Instagram Coaching

If you’re reading this right now, I probably don’t need to convince you of the power of Instagram. 

You know that a large majority of your potential clients or customers are creeping you there before they even visit your website. You also know that Instagram is where you get to know the influencers you follow and use it to determine whether you like their personalities and if they’re leading by example.

Your own Instagram profile has the potential to change the game for your business. You can use it to teach, inspire, demonstrate and connect in a more genuine way than on any other platform. You have the ability to reach a large audience and yet build meaningful 1:1 relationships with them. And you can use the platform as your most cost effective lead generator.

But none of this happens by accident. 

Instagram requires intentional strategy and consistent action. You need to understand who you’re trying to reach, what kind of content they’re going to respond to, and how IG fits into your overall marketing strategy. Then you’ve also got things like your aesthetic (filters, colours, fonts, image styles), bio optimisation (are you searchable and does your bio explain what you do then encourage action?), profile image choice (is it on-brand and a reflection of the rest of your feed?) and more.

Whew. That’s a lot!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with this stuff when you’re in the middle of it. After all, we’re emotionally involved with what we do meaning it’s super challenging to stay objective. Which is why it can be incredibly helpful to bring someone in to help. 

My own Instagram account has helped me to connect with total strangers and get them onto my email list. It’s attracted speaking opportunities and brand collaborations. And what I hear from everyone who visits my profile is that it is always on-brand. In other words, it always looks, sounds and feels like me, and there’s no confusion about what I do.

I’d love to help you achieve the same with your own Instagram profile, so I’ve put together a couple of cost effective packages for us to whip yours into shape and give you the clarity you need to map out a content strategy moving forward.

Instagram Makever

A budget-friendly way to instantly improve the aesthetic of your profile as well as get your bio and profile image up to scratch and develop a high level content strategy that will appeal to your dream audience.


► Questionnaire for you to complete so I can understand your goals

► 60 minute video coaching session where we will…

‣ review your account together

‣ workshop your bio including call to action

‣ set guidelines for your aesthetic

‣ outline a high level content strategy (content themes)

► Complimentary profile review within 7 days of the call

Instagram Deep Dive

Get an objective assessment of what you've been doing so far (what's working, what isn't and why), get hands-on help in getting clear on the purpose of your account and how to communicate your brand and value, and get an actionable content schedule to follow.


► Questionnaire for you to complete so I can understand your goals

► I’ll run an IG audit (pre-session) and give you a document with my findings

► 90 minute video coaching session where we will…

‣ map out your ideal client avatar

‣ workshop your bio including call to action

‣ create a visual mood board for your account

‣ create tone of voice guidelines for your account

‣ create a content strategy with weekly posting schedule

► Complimentary profile review within 14 days of the call

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