I tried a DIY home teeth whitening kit and it actually worked

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I was given the opportunity to try out a home tooth whitening kit and it was kind of perfect timing because I’ve seen some comments coming through asking how I get my teeth to stay so white and I haven’t even gone there because I knew I’d have to give you guys the full scoop, but I’m giving it to you today.

So, I grew up and had really white teeth, loved my teeth. I was so proud of them, but they were really patchy. They had this white build up that, I don’t know, apparently it was excess of fluoride or something like that. So, what happened was as I was getting older and drinking coffee and red wine and things, a lot of my teeth started to go darker, off color, you know, classic, just yellowed. But the patches stayed white and it meant that my teeth looked really patchy and I was getting really insecure about it.

So, I spoke to a dentist about it and I actually got my first bleaching treatment from the dentist where they take the mold of your teeth, you bring it home and then you put the whitening stuff in each night with the thing in and all of that. Worked great but really expensive, and also the drama of getting the mold of your teeth made was hideous. It was really unpleasant. So, I used that kind of on and off for awhile.

But the issue now is that I’m living in Vancouver, I don’t have private health insurance. I can’t just go to the dentist, it’s so expensive here. And I was starting to notice that my teeth were becoming off colored again because coffee and wine, and it was really perfect timing that I got in touch with SmilePro Worldwide. This is them. And was able to try out one of their home whitening kits, which was a little bit exciting. Honestly, the timing couldn’t have been better.

The kit came with three tubes of the whitening gel. It also came with the mouthpiece, which attaches to the little whitening device I’m going to call it. And all you have to do is use … You basically use half a tube of the whitening solution each time you do the treatment on your teeth. So, it means you’ve actually got six rounds that you can do of the whitening, because you do it gradually.

If you tried to bleach the hell out of your teeth in one go, it would not be good at all. So, basically, you try it every day-ish for about six days and basically all you have to do is just put the gel inside the mouthpiece and you put it in your mouth and then you turn on the light and it stays on for 10 minutes at a time. You’ll hear the timer go off and you start it again.

I tested out my tooth color before I started and I was sitting at about a four and a half to five at the worst bits of my teeth. I went away and I used the kit for the first time today and I used it for 30 minutes only. I believe you can use it for longer if you want, but I was just testing it out and I’m impressed. It was a little bit awkward to use. I had to get used to it because obviously it’s different to when you’ve got the teeth mold completely made to fit your teeth, but for the convenience of just being able to do it at home and not go to the dentist, it’s totally worth it.

So, I left it in 30 minutes and I tested my color before and I’m now definitely sitting on the four, which is amazing. I’m going to use it a few days in a row this week until I’m happy. I reckon I could probably get it down to a three, which is really white, because as you see, it actually goes up to a 16. So, I’m already on the lower side of the scale, but now it’s getting better again.

Really excited to have found this. I’ve got links to the details below. It’s not an affiliate link or anything, so I’m not bribing you to try these out. I’m just letting you know that it works. I’ve tried it. I do get sensitive gums but using it today I did not feel a thing and the solution definitely felt like the one that I’ve had from the dentist in the past. It really did feel like that bleaching treatment, so it feels like the real deal.

Apparently it’s medical grade, and they’re really affordable when you look at the price of what it would cost to go to a dentist and do this. If you are worried about your teeth not being white enough, especially if you’re an actor, because I mean, these are our moneymakers, I would highly recommend checking them out and just giving it a go. And if you do just report back and let me know how it was.

Anyway, thanks as always for watching. Make sure you like this if you got something out of it and subscribe so you don’t miss out on any future videos. I look forward to see you guys next time. Bye!


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