How to quit your day job

PSA: There is a movement happening – right under our noses in fact – and I’d wager a guess that you aren’t even aware of it. It’s not a secret, per se, but there is definitely a rumble in the proverbial jungle and I want to cut you in on the action.

People everywhere are quitting their day jobs. 

Yep! Men and women, just like you and me are ‘growing a pair’, waltzing into that 9-5 life drainer and saying ‘adios!’

I bet you’ve fantasised about that moment, right? You’ve dreamt about those classic movie scenes where our relatable protagonist bursts through the double doors of their workplace (in slow mo, of course). And every co-worker from their meek, open-plan cubicle whips their head and cranes their neck to watch said protagonist strut confidently to the big bosses office, cardboard box in hand. Our relatable hero then delivers that movie magic “I quit” monologue, putting their a**hole boss in their place, then flounces off gracefully into the sunset. 

And never looks back. 

The truth is, we’ve ALL fantasized about that moment. Because at one time or another, we’ve all had to do a job we hated, nay, loathed in order to keep our head above water. There’s no shame in that. It’s called life. 

“Day jobs” are a necessary evil if we want to survive in this world. And it’s very easy to get caught in the cycle of feeling completely powerless and not knowing how to get off the hamster wheel. Or feeling like you don’t have the guts to leave because…

“The money’s too good” 

“I’ll never find something else” 

“My side hustle will never take off…”

or whatever bullshit excuse we give ourselves to stay stuck in a comfort zone. It might be a shitty place to be stuck, but hey, we’ve survived it this long, right?

Enter a podcast that became my audio bible of 2018 – “Don’t Keep Your Day Job” hosted by the incredibly inspirational Cathy Heller. You need to shove this goodness in your ear holes,  stat!

Ever had an experience where you’ve stumbled across a book, a podcast or perhaps even a total stranger and know with every fibre of your being that you were meant to have that encounter? I’m a believer that everything happens for a reason. 

Yep, I’m one of those people. 

But just hear me and my woo-woo out for a second. I do believe that you “stumble” upon a ‘life-changer’ at the right time. And this is exactly what happened to me with Cathy’s podcast. I found it completely by accident. In fact, someone I don’t even know recommended it on a Facebook group that I sometimes frequent. But there are so many posts in that group, it could have easily been lost amongst the masses. 

But I saw it. Just in time. 

I’ve juggled about 16 ‘day jobs’ in the past 12 years while trying to support myself as an actress. And as it goes, the pre-requisistes for an actor’s day job need to contain the following… 

“It needs to be flexible, so I can go to an audition at a moments notice” 

“I need to work nights somewhere that I can earn a shit load of money, but not have to clean, work behind a sleazy bar or dance on a pole” 

“It needs to allow me to have my weekends off so I can spend time with my loved ones who work conventional hours” 

“It needs to be something I’m actually interested in” 

“It needs to be something where I’m using skills I’m already really proficient at…”  And the list goes on. Now, it’s easy to see why I’ve done 16 (maybe more) jobs in 12 years. 

And let me tell you, day jobs are a massive drainer. It’s already challenging enough trying to throw everything into an acting career, let alone juggling another career that earns you actual money. 

It’s tiring.

It’s soul destroying. 

And those voices saying, “What if I never make it as an actor [or insert your dream job here] and will be doing jobs like this for the rest of my life?” suddenly become so deafening that you hastily pull up your ‘big girl pants’ walk into work, quit your job and feel amazing for 5 minutes… but then make the stark realisation that you are now jobless and back to square one. 

image credit: https://schoolofpodcasting.com

News flash: you are not alone.

Let Cathy Heller’s ‘Dont Keep Your Day Job’ podcast be a daily dose of not only inspiration but a resource of incredible guest speakers who actually share with you exactly how they quit their day jobs. There are even links and downloadable PDFs! 

And side note: I hate those vague podcasts where some iconic, awesome person went from living on the street to being a multi-millionaire in two months* time and don’t actually share how they did it.

*time frame may have been exaggerated for comedic effect*

Cathy Heller is someone who will engage with you personally. You feel like she is talking to you. And she actually does. 


Go follow her on Instagram, send her a DM and she will hit you right back. And did I mention this is a woman who not only hosts a podcast but she also

  • runs a household (she’s married with three gorgeous children) 
  • runs multiple businesses 
  • is a songwriter 
  • is a guest speaker 
  • is an author…

and yet she will STILL write you back and point you in the direction you need to go. 

Cathy’s podcast makes you feel seen, heard and most importantly, like you are enough. She offers real tools and insights on how to find your purpose in life and confidently share your unique gifts with the world. 

There are episodes upon episodes that give you a systematic approach to quitting the day job you don’t love and having the life of your dreams. This podcast was my ‘pick me up’ each day to keep going, to keep believing in myself and to take risks to try new things to support myself. I listened to an episode every. single. day. 

The one thing this podcast gave me above all else is hope. Hope that I will get there. And proof that I’m not alone. That so many people around the world are all in the same position as me. 

Cathy urges you not to tolerate a life that doesn’t serve you and poses a radical thought: “What would the world be like if we all stopped giving energy to things that don’t light us up, and instead, really went after the things we were born to do? “

There is truly something for everyone in this podcast. 

And really, it isn’t just a podcast. 

It’s a community, a tribe, a movement. 

Are you brave enough to join? 


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