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How to Build a Personal Brand in 2020

Wanna know what it really takes to grow a personal brand in 2020 and beyond? Watch this video right and download your free Personal Branding Blueprint!


Do you want to know what it really takes to build a personal brand in 2020? Then watch this video because I am giving you the no BS answer to this question and it does not involve hacking the algorithm, getting crazy numbers of followers or anything else like that. And I am here to tell you that anybody can actually do it. So keep on watching. Hello, welcome back. Or if this is your first time here. Hi, my name is Kat Elizabeth and I’m not gonna waste your time. I just want to get straight into this topic before we dive right in. I actually have a gift for you. So I have a free workbook called the personal branding blueprint. You can download it via the link below and if you grab a copy now, just pause me and come back. You can actually follow along and take notes and start filling out the workbook as we go.

So it all just goes hand in hand. But otherwise you can download it later if you just want to binge watch this. Now, I truly believe that having a person brand basically means that you stand out, that you’re memorable, the people know you for something, the thing that you’re best at doing. And hopefully it means that they will also sort of not only recognize you for it, but eventually pay you for it or give you opportunities where you’re paid to do that. So let’s just dive straight into the five pillar framework. So I call this the personal branding blueprint. Yes, I made it up, but I based it on my own personal branding experience as well as following people that I highly respect, that have built incredible personal brands of their own. Step number one is clarity. So you need clarity around who you are, who you wanting to serve.

So who is your ideal client, customer, employer? Who is that person that you’re really trying to impress with your brand? What is it that they are struggling with? So they probably have a problem that needs solving in regards to what your offering is. And then you need to know how you can solve it for them. So essentially that is where the clarity piece comes in. You also need clarity around your values and your personality because those things are going to help you communicate properly with your audience and it’s going to help you just be really true to yourself as you grow your brand. If you don’t have those core pieces in place, then things can get a little bit chaotic and confusing and probably ineffective. Number two is all about confidence and I like to look at this from two different ways. So you need to have confidence in your own ability.

That is so important. I truly believe that a lot of personal branding comes from the inside out. So it’s about your mindset, it’s about being grounded. Sure. Of who you are, how you can help people, you know, being really true to yourself at all points rather than people that get carried away chasing the numbers, the likes, anything for attention, happy with 15 minutes of fame. Someone that has their mindset in the right place is playing the long game. And so part of that is just having the confidence that what you are working on is going to work, that you were prepared to play the long game, that this, there’s no timer going that you were like, okay, like I’m investing in my personal brand for life because this is going to help me create the life that I want. But then the other side of confidence is making sure that the person that you’re trying to serve, now I say serve, but when I say serve, I mean you’re trying to help them in some way by solving their problem, which could be an employer, it could be a casting director, it could be your customer, it could be your client.

It doesn’t matter. So when I say serve, just know what I’m talking about there. So they need to have confidence in you. And there are so many ways we can do this. Some of it obviously is just our ability to show up and show our expertise. But then other ways are using things like testimonials. Like what are people actually saying about you? What if they could look at other people that you’ve helped and look at the results of that work, like how did you help solve the other people’s problems like this? And they’re like, Oh cool, well she’s, she’s done that once before. She can probably help me too. You could do this in the form of a portfolio. You could do this by creating content around your expertise. So we have to build up that confidence over time and it gets easier and easier.

But the most important thing is to actually start doing it today. Trust me when I say I didn’t know what I was doing when I started this YouTube channel. Really, I didn’t know. I just knew I had some, some things that I wanted to share, some lessons that I wanted to teach, and I knew the kind of people I wanted to help and as people started to find confidence in me because I just kept creating content that was helpful. Hopefully it was helpful to a lot of people, but it wasn’t helpful to you. I’m sorry, is what I’m saying is you have to be there. You have to be visible and you have to show off what you do because one of my favorite quotes is you can’t sell a secret, so there’s no point in doing all this work if you’re not going to actually put yourself out there like you literally cannot build a brand if you’re hiding.

Coming into point number three and we’re talking about communication now, there’s really obvious communication like what I’m doing right now, conversations that we have, but communication, obviously there’s verbal and there’s non-verbal, so we have to make sure that every touch point our audience has, and when I say a touch point, I mean them seeing you on Instagram is one thing. They’re meeting you in person receiving an email from you, maybe getting a text message from you, seeing you on YouTube. All of those are different touch points, different experiences that they can have with you. You have to make sure that all of the messages that you’re sending out or just what you’re saying, but what you’re doing, how you look, you know what you’re wearing are all communicating the right message, like the values and the personality you have. And really connecting with the ideal audience that you want to reach.

So like just a couple of other ideas. So the colors and the fonts we use, the photos that we share, like the actual language, the tone of voice that we’re writing in the way we speak, like using very technical or formal language versus using really casual or slang language. All of those are forms of communication. Believe it or not, even just like how long it takes you to write, reply to an email or if you’re running late or you’re early, that’s still communicating something to your audience. So make sure that everything that you’re doing is consistent and it’s giving out the right message. Number four is consistency. I am obsessed with this because I’ve seen it work in my own life. I’ve seen it work in everybody else’s. All of the other stuff is going to be wasted. All the other effort, the choices, the strategy mean nothing.

If you’re not consistent, going to the gym once and killing yourself there is not going to give you your dream body. It’s showing up day in, day out for who knows how long. We don’t even know sometimes how long it’s going to take us to achieve our goals, but we just know that we’re going to keep showing up until we get there and then we’ll probably keep going because we know what’s good for us. So you need to see personal branding in the same way. This is not a short term thing. This is not a sprint. It’s a marathon, it’s a lifelong marathon. So you need to get ready to start implementing really good habits of like how you can keep showing up for your audience consistently and making sure that all of what you create is consistent too. So there’s the consistency of showing up, being on time, like always knowing that, okay, I do this many posts a week.

Every week I bring out an amazing piece of content. Every week I email my audience. Uh, but then you’ve got the other side, which is making sure the content is consistent, your tone of voice is consistent. The way you dress is consistent because consistency does actually build trust. People want to know what to expect from you. And if you confuse them or throw them one time, they can be like, Oh, okay, I wasn’t expecting that. I might need to watch a little bit longer and see if you know, if he does anything else to surprise me. Number five, and this is the, the big final one, and it is probably the most technical, but it’s not as difficult as you think. They’re with me compass. So this is about actually looking at all the work that you’re doing, having a look at what worked really well, what’s not working and why.

And then making tweaks so that you can double down on the stuff that’s going really well and try and improve the stuff that’s not working. And that if you try again and it’s still not working, maybe you stop even trying to do that. So this is especially relevant when it comes to your content, the things that you’re trying to sell. But you could even, even as an actor, you could do this with your additions of like, why didn’t that, what in that audition goal as well today? Like, what was it about it? How can I make change? And then the other part of compass is making sure you have the countability and mentorship built into your day to day. It is so important. You cannot do this by yourself. You can try, it’ll be lonely. You’re going to make way more mistakes, it’s going to be more frustrating and you’re more likely to give up.

Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ve gone through periods where I haven’t had that help. I haven’t had no one to go to. That was sort of had done it before me that could provide that wisdom of having already been there and it was so brutal and I did want to give up. Whereas these days I have accountability but also friendship and that support that I need with peers. So I find like minded people that are sort of trying to achieve similar things to me. But then I also am making sure that I’m always signing up for new training and constantly up-skilling and I have that kind of guidance to stay on top of what I’m doing. But then like the stuff that’s really been the game changer for me, that where I’ve seen the biggest changes in the shortest period of time is when I’ve brought on a coach, someone who has already been there, has created the success, is modelling a life and business that I would really like to have.

So I’m trying to learn from them to speed up my progress because maybe I could eventually get all of the things that they have, but maybe it’ll take me five years instead of one year. So just try, whenever you do, find someone right now that can at least start to hold you accountable that you can share with and then hopefully eventually start building in some mentorship, like get some coaches or teachers or something to really help you step up your game. You know, you can learn from their mistakes, you can streamline things quicker and hopefully start seeing bigger results. So that is the personal branding blueprint. Now don’t forget that you can download a copy for free down below. It’s a workbook so you can fill it out and start really diving a little bit deeper into each of the things that I’ve just talked about today. I really hope you found it helpful. Leave me a comment below and give me your biggest takeaway, and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on any other videos like this one. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time. Bye.


Kat is a copywriter, brand & messaging strategist personal branding coach and the founder of The Personal Branding Project whose mission is to help you go from best-kept secret to in-demand brand.


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