The Go-To Expert In Your Niche

You’ve made a name for yourself, you’re growing an audience of superfans and you’re attracting some pretty awesome opportunities… but you’re ready for more.
I sure hope you’re feeling proud of all you’ve accomplished, because I know that didn’t all happen overnight. Where you’re at right now takes years of work, a bucketload of patience and an ongoing commitment to personal development. Congratulations!

Chances are, however, that rather than celebrating this epic journey, you spend most of your time thinking about what’s next… beating yourself up for your “failures”… feeling like you should be further along than you are. 

And I get it. You’re a powerhouse capable of ANYTHING. You have so much to share with the world, so many brilliant ideas, and you should absolutely be recognised (and paid accordingly) for that.

So if you’re up for it, keep reading. Because I’m going to do my best to help you become an In-Demand Brand.

Let’s run a quick diagnostic.

You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t already doing so many things right. So let’s highlight what’s working well right now and what to focus on in order to get to your next level.

What you're nailing:

Where you need help:

“Umm… Kat? You’re assuming I actually care about taking things to the next level”

Oops. I tend to get over-excited and put on my coach hat before getting permission. Sorry ‘bout that! 😅 Before we go any further, let’s have a quick peek at what establishing yourself as an In-Demand Brand could mean for your business (and life!)


Forget about winning potential clients over one-by-one. We’re talking about attracting and even qualifying dream clients on autopilot, while you sleep.


When you’re in-demand, you get to price yourself for profit. And with a growing list of clients desperate to work with you, people are happy to pay for the privilege.


Forget offering services that make you miserable. You get to niche down as narrow as you want so you spend the majority of your time doing work that lights you up.


Being an In-Demand Brand means your audience of superfans just keeps growing and just by raving about you to their friends, you have a steady stream of qualified leads coming your way.


Podcast interviews, collaborations, features in publications, brand deals, speaking on stages… the sky’s the limit when you’re owning your awesome as an In-Demand Brand.


With all that demand, you’ll be able to think about scaling to an audience that’s ready to buy, whether through courses & digital products, publishing a book or selling merch.

Long story short: as an In-Demand Brand, the world is your oyster.

So… wanna know what it’ll take to become one?

Let’s start with where most people get stuck or off-track…

There’s no question you’re at a really exciting time for your business and I am cheering you on like crazy. But being the caring coach I am, I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t flag a couple of common mistakes I see from Go-To Experts like you.



The more research you do, the more you keep finding competitors or leaders in other spacers who seem to be killing it (and yet working less hours than you?!) 

Chances are they’re all humble bragging about the strategy that got them to 6 or 7 figures and you start wondering if that’s the strategy YOU should be using. So you either try and reverse engineer it or sign up for another program that’ll teach you how to do it… all the while neglecting your existing strategy.

Spoiler alert: You don’t get the results. Because now instead of pouring 100% of your energy into one thing, you’re pouring 50% into two. Or 33% into 3. You get the idea. My advice? Equip yourself with what you need to maximize your existing strategy and give it time to succeed. Oh, and maybe unfollow anyone who triggers you.


Getting Complacent

When you’ve been doing this a while, it’s easy to start finding a rhythm that not only makes your life easier… it also feels nice and safe. Whether it’s the weekly emails you’re sending out, your un-changing Instagram strategy or the formulaic videos you keep putting out.

So when the results seem to plateau or even drop, you may want to blame the algorithm. Because after all, these things used to get a way better response. But the tough pill you’ll need to swallow is that your audience is probably getting a little bored of what they’re seeing from you.

Platforms change, audience sophistication levels increase, trends come and go. The world is constantly shifting, so why isn’t your content? 😉

The fix? Set a monthly date for yourself to audit your accounts and review all your metrics so you can nip these issues in the bud. The occasional audience survey can help remove some guesswork too!


What got you here won’t get you there.

The fact that you’re reading this right now tells me you’re ready for the next level. When I work with my clients, we focus on 3 key areas that are all required in order for you to build an impactful and profitable brand. I call this the In-Demand Brand Blueprint.

And those 3 different areas work together in order to help you become an In-Demand Brand.

Let’s break them down, then we’ll dive into some custom recommendations for each area based on where you’re at today:


You ARE your brand, so if you have stories running through your head about why you’re not good enough or you’re terrified of putting yourself out there, even the best brand strategy will be useless. 

We need to make sure you fully own your worth, see your value and confidently show up as the best version of yourself so you become a client and money magnet.


Now you’ve started to own your identity as an In-Demand Brand, we can build out a strategy to increase your visibility, establish your authority, and turn superfans into paying clients.  

This is a 5 step process I created called “Get Clear, Get Seen, Get Heard, Get Paid, Repeat” and allows you to custom design a strategy that feels easy and aligned so you actually stick with it.


This is not a journey you should be trying to tackle alone (unless you enjoy overwhelm, anxiety and burnout!) so at each stage, it’s important to create a support system designed to get you to your own next level knowing that we’re all different and one-size-fits-all solutions don’t work.

Support comes in all sorts of forms – from the training you need to up-skill and coaches to speed up your progress through to friendships and the team you’ll build.

All making sense so far?

Awesome! Now we’re on the same page, here are my recommendations for each area that will help you go from Go-To Expert in Your Niche to In-Demand Brand.

Your Self-Belief Focus:

Stay in your own lane

It’s time to stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and focus on developing YOUR voice, YOUR strategy and YOUR way of doing things. While paying close attention to the competition may have helped you to reverse engineer some of your success to date, it’s now about setting your eyes on the finish line. 

Whether this means unfollowing, unsubscribing or simply “muting” some of the people that send you down a scroll hole, it’s up to you. As long as you free yourself of all that comparisonitis and self-doubt that’s kept you from playing bigger and bolder, sharing your opinions and zigging where others are zagging. In other words, no more playing it safe.

You’re ready for this!

Your Strategy Focus:

Optimize + Experiment

Now you’ve nailed the basics, it’s time to start optimizing. If you’re not making a habit of checking & tracking your metrics each week, get on it! We can learn SO much from the data and trust me when I say that it doesn’t need to be as scary or overwhelming as you think. 

This is also the perfect opportunity to have fun experimenting with different content formats to see what gets the best results (not just in vanity metrics but in converting to sales). Double-down on what’s working, tweak or ditch what’s not, and if you’ve got the space and systems to support you, you may consider adding an additional traffic (or income) stream at this point.

Your Support Focus:

Fill the gaps + build for the future

If you’re still going solo right now (and therefore feeling exhausted, burnt-out, over-stretched or resentful of any of the work you’re doing) – time to change that. Make a list of the tasks that drive you crazy then turn them into a job ad for your first VA. 

If it’s your results that have hit a plateau and you’re struggling to understand why, this is when getting a coach or strategist to work with you is a game-changer. Often we’re missing what’s right under our noses and having someone come in with fresh eyes and a ton of experience will get you unstuck and flying along again.

Whatever you do next – whether that’s hiring, up-skilling, getting a coach or joining a program – make sure it’s a strategic move based on where you want to take your business next. What gaps do you need to fill in order to hit those specific goals, be it creating an evergreen funnel, increasing your prices, decreasing your hours or something else awesome?

By the way… have we met?

Hi, I'm Kat!

I’m a personal branding coach + strategist, copywriter and closet nerd (from comic books to productivity software, I love it all).  

From being a professional actor in commercial musical theatre (yet feeling like just another number) to working as a freelance copywriter and being too scared to up my prices… it took me way too long to realise that I needed to build a personal brand if I wanted to create a life and business I love.

I’ve now spent the last 5 years dedicating every waking hour (and dollar in my bank account) to learning everything about personal branding, trying the strategies out myself, and teaching thousands of entrepreneurs and creatives what I learnt. 

Not just through giving you the brand & marketing strategy, but by also helping you work through all those limiting beliefs so you find the confidence to be seen and heard, and the self-worth to get paid a premium for what you do.

So if that’s what you’re hoping to do, you’re in the right place. Here’s to getting seen, heard & paid!

– Kat

PS: We're just getting started

I’m not gonna just dump you with a bunch of tips, tell you personal branding is where it’s at and then leave you hanging. I’m here to help you make your dreams a reality.

Keep an eye on your inbox cause I’ll be coming at you with more of my best advice, resources and tough love so you can become an in-demand brand (aka total client, opportunity and money magnet) without all the stress, overwhelm and exhaustion.


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