Imagine How You'd Feel Knowing that every single piece of content you share is getting you one step closer to becoming a booked-out in-demand brand.

Now imagine spending just 3 hours to map out your entire content strategy for a year, plus having a system that helps you manage every single post, platform and promotion so you never miss a beat.


Each and every week, how many potential clients are you missing out on because your content is either ineffective, inconsistent… or non-existent?

If you’re like most of the entrepreneurs I’ve worked with, a lack of ideas aren’t the problem.

It’s knowing how to pull them together into something that feels simple and clear so you take consistent action (rather than hiding behind your computer over-thinking everything you post).

ON A SCALE OF 1 - 10...

...how confident are you that your content strategy is helping to establish you as the go-to expert in your niche?

Chances are, you have part of this content thing down, but there’s just a piece missing to pull it all together. And here’s what that missing piece could look like…


Has Strategy + Support but not the Self-Belief

You know what to do and even have the systems & tools you need to make it happen… but you’re lacking the confidence to actually show your face. Lots of ideas and planning but no imperfect action, no hitting publish, and therefore, nearly impossible for potential clients to find you.


Has Self-Belief + Strategy but not the Support

You’re actually pretty savvy when it comes to strategy and confidence isn’t a major issue for you, but you lack consistency. When you show up, your energy is 🔥 but shiny object syndrome and overwhelm keep you from building momentum. Sticking with it feels like much too hard work.


Has Support + Self-Belief but not the Strategy

Between your confidence and support system, you probably show up with a ton of conviction, but the issue is you have so many ideas you don’t know what to stick with. You keep throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping something sticks (and may be burning yourself out from doing way too much) so results are minimal.

"I signed two new DREAM clients who truly value what I bring to the table and who I adore working with!"

Kat’s help identifying and overcoming those mindset blocks and limiting beliefs is what has made the biggest difference in my business. As soon as I did the inner work and got to a place where I really believed in myself and what I was doing, I started showing up and marketing myself with this new mindset and confidence. I signed two new DREAM clients who truly value what I bring to the table and who I adore working with!

— Erin Butler


There *is* no secret. But it's easier to sell 'secrets' than the truth.

🎤💥 (mic drop. you got it, right?)

And the truth is this:

Meaningful results come when you have 3 key ingredients 👇🏻

And no number of caption generators, sexy Canva graphics or $27 toolkits will give you the results that come from finally having those 3 pieces in place.

But not many people even try to do it this way because it feels too hard.


But what if I told you that creating scroll-stopping, authority establishing, cash converting content was WAY simpler than you think?

Chances are you feel like you’re not capable of coming up with a strategy on your own and actually sticking with it. That the ideas in one of those caption generators are going to be way better than the ones that come from your brain. I’m happy to tell you that’s not true.

I’m going to show you how by using one simple framework and one system to organise it all, you’ll be able to come up with a year’s worth of content ideas in just a couple of hours. Not fluffy, filler content either. Psychology driven content that turns followers into superfans.

Expert Status Content

Remove all the over-thinking and overwhelm from content creation by utilising a proven framework designed to attract, nurture and convert while establishing you as the go-to expert.

What You'll Learn

This program is designed to be immediately actionable. No overwhelming theory that only confuses you and keeps you stuck. If you want, you can complete and implement what you learn in one afternoon. In other words, give me 3-4 hours of your time, and I’ll give you what you need to create the only content strategy you’ll ever need.


Understand the real reasons we create content

While everyone bangs on about the importance of content, they rarely talk about the role it plays in our businesses. That ends today!

In this module you’ll…


Avoid the most common content mistakes (that mess with your head!)

We’ll break down 5 potential stumbling blocks that result in you losing your confidence, not wanting to show up or sharing content that lacks impact.

In this module you’ll…


Learn the proven framework & start generating ideas

Now it’s time to understand the Expert Status Content framework so you can start crafting your own content strategy (right away!)

In this module you’ll…


Customize your Airtable content hub & workflow

Strategy means nothing without implementation, which is why this program comes with a plug and play system (in the form of a custom designed Airtable base) to bring your strategy to life.

In this module you’ll…


Create your first 10 pieces of Expert Status [evergreen] Content

Momentum is everything, so rather than leaving you drowning in ideas, I’ve got 10 specific content ideas I’d love you to start with to build out that high-value content library of yours.

In this module you’ll…

I'm obsessed with organization and systems having all that back end all set up and ready to customize is gold. I really like that it's all strategy driven and systematized, so if you just stick to it, there's no need to get overwhelmed and you'll always have content ideas at the ready.


Nail your content strategy in an afternoon and start creating content that establishes you as your client's go-to expert.

You have everything you need to create impactful content.

So… are you ready to take ownership of your strategy and say buh-bye to vanilla content, overthinking, inconsistency and feeling like your industry’s best kept secret?

Here’s what happens if you decide to click “Enroll Now” 👇🏻 


You’ll fill out your details and choose your payment method (keep an eye out for a special offer too!)


You’ll be shown a confirmation screen with a downloadable receipt (it’s also emailed to you)

Et voilà !

Check your inbox for login details to the learning hub where you can start bingeing the program! 🎉 

14 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Investing in anything new can be scary, so to remove the risk for you, I offer a questions asked money-back guarantee. That simply means that if you’re not happy with the program for some reason, all you need to do is email Erin at support[at]personalbrandingproject.co who’ll send you quick feedback form to fill out before issuing your refund. We do this to ensure we make the program as good as it can be and our marketing as accurate as possible. Fair, right? 🙂

Will Expert Status Content Work for Me?

Real talk time. This is a program that gives you a framework and a system to plug it into. The magic comes where you pair your expertise with your knowledge of your audience and then pour that (with plenty of heart) into your content. Long story short, it’ll work… if you do. But if you’re still not sure, keep reading.



Meet your coach

Oh hello! Have we met?

I’m Kat, founder of The Personal Branding Project. Copywriter turned personal branding coach, and OBSESSED with content strategy that gets you seen, heard and paid.

I know what it’s like to feel invisible. Like you’re just another number. And like you have no power to choose who you work with and how much you charge. It sucks! It’s why I turned my focus to personal branding, first by building myself a platform that helped me attract dream clients, opportunity and revenue I couldn’t get as my industry’s best kept secret… then to building programs that help you do the same.

And this one is the perfect place to start. I’m SO excited you’re thinking about enrolling.

PS I’m also an education-addict who studies aaaall the things to make sure I’m giving you the absolute best.


The regular price of $97 wasn’t a number pulled out of thin air. If you do the work inside of Expert Status Content, you will leave with:


You've got questions? We have answers!

It begins as soon as you enrol and you’ll have lifetime access to it so you can refer back to the training whenever you want! (Plus the bonuses + tutorials, of course!)

As long as you consider yourself a service-based personal brand (coach, consultant, done for you services, strategist or even speaker) this program will allow you to create impactful content that resonates within your audience. (Technically this could work for product based businesses too, but it’s been designed with service providers in mind!)

If you’re not happy, I don’t want your money, but I *would* like your feedback. So we have a 14 day questions asked guarantee which means as long as you email Erin at [email protected] within 14 days of enrolling and request a refund, we’ll send you a short feedback form to complete and then return your investment. Your access to it will be removed and you’ll be asked to delete any files you downloaded.

We’re lucky enough to have a very international audience and USD tends to be the most commonly used currency, so to keep things simple, all our digital products are sold in USD.

Expert Status Content is fully self-paced and has been priced to make it as accessible as possible which means no additional support is included. If you’re looking for more of a hands-on experience, check out Seen, Heard, Paid Academy or Kat’s 1:1 offerings.

Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

We’d be more than happy to answer your burning questions about Expert Status Content or anything else we offer! You can email us directly at [email protected] or send Kat a DM on Instagram at @iamkatelizabeth


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