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The fastest way to build your personal brand

Worried that your bio is falling flat on Instagram or that no one really knows what you do or maybe you just keep changing your bio over and over and over again because you just can’t lock in on something that feels right?

Okay, so with the limited character count on Instagram and so much to try and say I know it’s really tricky to find a bio that actually works like you know, that doesn’t just help you look good but actually helps you gain followers and clients which is the point right so in today’s video, I’m going to break down the four main areas you need to focus on to make sure your bio hits the mark plus, I’ll also give you one bonus way of sharing way more information without having to speak in emojis!

I know you’re in a hurry to get where you’re going. You have big dreams. Big plans. Lives to impact, worlds to change.

Me too, friend. And I want all of us to get there as quickly as possible. But remember that saying “more haste, less speed?” – we need to talk about what that can mean for your personal brand and business.

I’ve fallen victim to wanting to do all the things at once for fear of slow growth, missing out on opportunities or falling behind. And it cost me. A lot.

In today’s episode I’m going to talk about what that cost really looks like, how to avoid it, and yes, THE FASTEST way to build your personal brand, no matter where you are in your journey.


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You’re listening to Episode 26, the fastest way to build your personal brand. Now, this is not clickbait material. Well, at least I don’t think so. I wanted to create this episode because I know I’m not alone in wanting to achieve a lot in a short period of time, feeling like I started too late in the game, if only I started sooner.

Look at everyone else, they’re doing all these things, and I’m not there yet that person’s got more followers bigger subscriber count, you know more people on their email list or just just making more money, more clients, all the things, okay. And all of that comparison it is can obviously lead to, you know, us feeling a sense of panic or failure and maybe even beyond the comparison, it’s about us in our own expectations of ourselves and what we should have achieved by this point.

So because of those feelings, I happen to know that a lot of negative, negative things can happen as a result of that panic and anxiety and all of that. And when we start to get into that mode, we start approaching our brand building efforts in a different way. So today, we’re not only going to talk about the fastest way to build your personal brand, but we’re also going to talk about avoiding the pitfalls of worrying that you’re not going fast enough. So I guess we should just get into this.

Welcome to the personal branding project. I’m your host Kat Elizabeth, an actor and personal branding coach who is obsessed with helping creative entrepreneurs like you build personal brands that change your life for good from attracting bigger opportunities, more joy and freedom in your life. And the ability to get paid to do the things that you love most. Each week, I’m bringing you inspiration, practical advice and the occasional dose of tough love. So you can stop dreaming and start doing what it takes to make those dreams a reality.

Welcome back. Look at us doing this two weeks in a row. Oh, my goodness. Is this me being consistent again? I hope so. Now, in case you missed the memo, I hosted a free masterclass this week, called How to Become the go to expert in your niche without working to the point of burnout. And it is what prompted this episode.

Now if you missed it, please don’t stress because I am working on a way of getting the whole masterclass packaged up so that you can watch on demand. So just hang tight for that one, I’ll keep you in the loop. But in the meantime, the reason that I’m doing this episode is that there was a lot going on in the chat while I was presenting these master classes, and there was one particular concern that definitely popped up more than the others. I mean, there are a lot in fact, I feel like I need to go back through the the chat transcript, and there’s probably like 10 different episode ideas in there. But so one of the things that popped up was, so what people were saying is, I don’t know which bridge to build.

I’ll explain why they’re talking about bridges. I mean, I feel like I’ve used this analogy before, but I was talking about how we’re, you know, wherever you’re at right now, it’s like you’re on one side of the river, or body of water. And you can see where you may not be able to see but over the other side, that’s where you want to get that’s that’s your your goal for your personal brand. On the other side, I’m guessing there could be accolades and recognition that could be you standing on stages, speaking on really cool podcasts, being in demand, like having a whitelist of people to work with you. Maybe writing a book, who knows, like all of those awesome things are on the other side. And for you to get there, you need to build a bridge. Thing is there are a lot of ideas out there, there are a lot of potential bridges that we could be building to get there.

And what happens is we’re like, well, I don’t want to pick one bridge, I want to I want to try lots of bridges to increase my chances of getting over there. And so we start building so many bridges, like a lot laughing because I’m like one of the worst culprits of this. And I will explain a little bit more of what this is, you know, looks like and how it’s affecting my business and my choices moving forward now. But basically, we need to build a bridge. And we have limited time we have limited resources. So let’s say in a year, we have enough resources to build one bridge.

What happens if we start building five bridges? Well, we get to the end of the year, and we have five unfinished bridges, obviously, and none of them are getting you to where you want to go. And what we’re talking about today is the fact that we do actually need one bridge. In fact, this is this is everything. I’m already giving away the ending but the final Way to build your bridge, you’re, here we go.

Meaning to build your bridge, the vast is way to build your personal brand is to pick one bridge, and finish building it so that you can, you know, walk across it or drive across it. But when I was talking about this analogy in the master class, that chat was like, Oh my gosh, like, there were so many aha moments of like, oh, gosh, I’m building too many bridges. And we’ll talk like, I want to break down a little bit more of you know, what can happen when we’re building all the bridges. But the thing that kept getting said over and over again, it’s like, I don’t know which big bridge to build. I’m so worried about choosing the wrong one I can’t enjoy.

I can’t choose just one I’m stuck in like, I’m stuck in overthinking mode, I’m overwhelmed. I’m not even building any bridges right now. Or Yes, I’m building 12. So that kept coming up over and over again. So that is why we’re talking today. So let’s first talk about, like, go a little bit deeper, like beyond this whole, you know, getting to the end of the year, and having five unfinished bridges. There is another concept that, you know, I was only introduced to not I mean, I kind of knew about it, but I wasn’t fully introduced to it properly until more recently. And it’s called context switching.

Basically, like they said, I mean, you’ve probably heard this before that every time we switch tasks, it can take like 20 minutes for us to get fully focused again back in the zone to focus, you know, to work on this next task. So that is a thing.

They’ve done a lot of studies on it, I’m not going to go into all the details, like you can go do what go to a Google search after this episode and look into it more if it interests you. But basically, what they were saying is that, okay, so when we choose one task, or one, you know, let’s say we’ve got one thing to work on in a day, like we’ve got 100% of our time available, if we choose one task or one project to work on, it is able to be you know, take up 100% of our time, when you introduce a second project or focus or task, whatever you want to refer to it as it’s not that we then divide the time in two, we also actually lose 20% of our time to context switching dead time, like we’re not productive, we’re not focused, we’re just not doing anything.

So instead of having two, lots of 50%, for these two different things that we’re working on, we have two lots of 40%. And then there’s 20%, dead time. And then it gets worse and worse. So as you add an extra thing, the dead time increases, like the percentage increases, which means suddenly, we have left less time leftover, like, let’s say now that there’s this 40% dead time, that leaves us with 60% of our time, divide that by three, only 20% of our time is getting dedicated to these three different things like Ah, so do you say that, like, holy Dooley, like, this is not just slowing us down in the way we think it is like, okay, you know, if we do two things, it’s going to take us twice as long, it’s going to take longer, and it’s a bit of a tough pill to swallow.

Because most of us when we hear this go, or deer, like look at your calendar, look at your project management system, look at your inbox, how many things are you currently trying to achieve? How many projects are midway through? Like for me, oh my gosh, it’s bad. It is really bad. I, so I have this extra layer of like, you know, I’m talking about the FOMO. And they’re looking at other people and what they’re doing want to speed things up. Like there’s all of that. But for me, it’s also been that I like to be my own guinea pig. Because I’m teaching so many different things.

And I want to be able to give my my clients all of the strategies, but like from an educated standpoint, like someone who doesn’t just like have the theory, like I want to have tried the thing myself before I give a recommendation and say yes, I think this is the right strategy for you. Or I think you should avoid this. I like to give the why behind it. Well, I’m I don’t like to give the Why just from a place of Oh, I read this article that says Like, I’m doing it. That is why I’m here talking on my podcast. It’s why I’m over there on YouTube. It’s why I’m over in the Facebook, my free Facebook group. It is why I’m on Instagram and I just started a LinkedIn group like I’m in many many places. And I’m doing this because I really want to be able to educate you know, like from experience so that has meant that I have been just do juggling so many things.

Now, if you’re listening to this right now, you’d be like yeah, but you know, like you’re getting that like I’m listening to you right now you’ve got this business like you’ve got a good following blah, blah, blah. Yet like thankfully, thankfully, I’ve somehow managed to break my bank. Thankfully, I have been breaking my back for the last few years with the content creation with course creation with one on one.

Coaching work with copywriting work like it’s Like, I’ve been running three different businesses. And it got to the like, it got to the point of like, where I was starting to resent the work that I was doing, where I was like, hold on, why am I doing this? Like, I don’t know why, but like, I’m not feeling it anymore. Like, it’s, I’m just almost numb. Because I’m so busy all the time, I’m locked in a prison of my own making basically, my work paid off. But it it did add like a cost to me. So number like the first cost was obviously my my energy, my mental health, my physical health. So I’ve really been neglecting looking after myself during this time. And so that that’s not good. That was the first cost was like mental and physical health. But another cost was the the speed of growth.

I have been growing, you know, steadily I will say across all like, everywhere that I’m putting my efforts. But instead of like picking one thing, and just blowing it up as fast as I know, it could blow up. If, you know, if I poured everything into it, it’s like I’ve just been doing the bare minimum everywhere. Like, I really feel like, you know, my content on YouTube could be about 100 times better if I was pouring all of my energy into that, like my channel would blow up. You know, if I was way more invested in my email marketing, like I could be like, I want every single email to be like an email, we’re like, oh, my gosh, this was awesome. When I sit down and I put my energy into that, I get people replying, saying, Oh, my gosh, this was awesome. But then I know, I’m sending out like half hearted emails, or I just like go, I go blank, like I go silent for a little bit because I have to pull my energy somewhere else.

So that that suffers as well. And so this has happened across every platform that I’ve been on. And because I’ve been on them long enough, and I still have been consistent enough. And because I do feed each other. It’s not to say that every one of these things that I’m doing is an island and they don’t help each other. Absolutely. They help each other grow. Because often people will find me on one thing and then go to another on another.

So you know, the email list grows, you know, the Instagram account grows? Well, ironically, it kind of stays the same because I have so many people unfollowing me from you know, years ago of like, where they like what is she talking about now? Like, this is not what I followed her. But anyway, that’s an aside. So yeah, long story short, it’s not that I have suffered in a way where I haven’t been able to build my brand and build my business. But my goodness, it’s felt painful, Lee slow, especially when I look at the people that did go all in whether that was on like just one program and blowing it up and making crazy money or, you know, one person who just decided to go all in with a podcast, and now it’s like, it’s a chart topper. I’m here just like I can do all the things.

I’m fine. Like, I’m superhuman, it’s not good. It’s not good. And it’s not how I want to continue. So and I and I don’t want this for you, either. I am hoping that this message is reaching you earlier in your journey. I mean, I know it might not be I’ve spoken to some of you, I know that like you listening right now we’ve got people, you know, just starting out or not even started yet just getting some inspiration and figuring out what to do. And there are some people that have been entrepreneurs for a very long time. So wherever you’re at, I hope this helps but especially like because I wish I could go back in time. And just give give younger cat a few tips. You know, and those tips would be start sooner.

Pick one thing, go all in. Those are the things that I would tell her so I can’t do that. So I’m telling you in the hopes that this is your past self hearing this and then future you is like Oh, thank goodness cat gave me that advice. Anyway, this is becoming very “rambley”. So we’re talking about bridges, those bridges, eventually you’ll finish them. But it’s going to take so so so much longer than if you can just go all in and finish a bridge. But I know I know that feeling of panic of like but which is the right bridge. So again, this is this is why we’re talking today.

That feeling of panic that leads you to either not picking a bridge like it never actually building any bridge, okay, or starting 10 different bridges because you’re so worried you’ve made the wrong choice. Both of those things like that’s that’s bad. Do not do that. Okay. What I want you to do is choose one and here is something that not many people are going to tell you there is no right bridge. Okay, so we’ve got out there we’ve got this person saying podcasting is the bridge someone else’s saying Instagram, someone else’s swearing by LinkedIn, Facebook groups, you know, and some people are saying Oh, high end coaching is the thing.

No membership. So the thing No, evergreen courses are the thing like because They’re selling that one thing. And this is, this is where I’m a little bit different, where I’m not selling one thing, what I’m selling, is the fact that I believe there is a strategy that’s right for you that is completely unique to you. That involves you building that one bridge, but not having to follow some, you know, some step by step one size fits all plan that someone else is, is selling you right now, I want you to start to really do a little bit of soul searching, let me say Now, obviously, when I work with some like there is strategy to this as well.

It’s not just about soul searching, there’s there’s two layers to this, this process that we have to go through one element of it is obviously it is soul searching about really understanding you, yourself, because this is what I truly, truly believe. If you are if you fully believe in the thing that you’re doing the thing that you’re creating, if you, you know, if it allows you to be in your zone of genius, with your best communication style, having this direct line of communication, where you’re just like, you’re authentic, you’re real, you’re flowing, like it’s all happening, then it will work. And it actually doesn’t matter.

Like it can be on LinkedIn, it can be on a podcast, YouTube, it can be a blog, even these days, if we are so consumed by all of the the questions, and we don’t actually you know why that we choose something that doesn’t feel good? Because someone else was like, No, no, this is this is a better option for you. And you don’t trust your own instincts. And you just go Oh, okay. And then you show up on that platform that, like I’m saying, if you choose to build one bridge, but it’s the bridge that you don’t really sold on, then it probably won’t work for you, even though it’s the only bridge you’re building.

So there has to be this, you know, there has to be this element of, you know, the inner compass, which I talked about a lot like I, I built this into my program where it’s like, yes, we can talk about all the data, all the analytics, doing the like market research and all of that. But also, we have to bring in our inner compass, how intuition, because it’s just amazing how much I’ve got, already can tell us before we do all of that other research.

So what I want you to know is that you probably have a lot of inner wisdom, and you probably already have this gut feeling about what you should be doing away, you want to spend your time and like don’t ignore it just because other people are telling you it’s the wrong thing. Okay, but then this other element is knowing your audience knowing where they are and what they want from you. You know, I mean, I’ve mentioned this once before, but I was on YouTube for quite a while. And I get great feedback over there.

But I had a whole bunch of people that were like, I really struggled to watch your YouTube videos like but if you had a podcast, I’d listened to it because I can listen to it in the car or when I’m cleaning or on public transport. And because I’m you know, slightly unhinged, sucker for punishment. I was like, Yeah, cool. I’ll do a YouTube channel and a podcast even though I don’t have a production team doing any of this like, just so you know, guys, my friends, I hate Sorry, I’m trying to stop saying guys, because I know that’s not it’s not correct. Friends, right at this moment, this episode that you’re listening to, I don’t currently outsource any of the production for my YouTube channel or my podcast, which is also why I’m here to tell you that if you’re a “solopreneur”, or if you’re DIY and everything, building too many bridges is going to kill you.

Okay? Like I am. Blessed/Coach with the ability, like I’m good with tech. And like, I actually enjoy doing all these things. Like I’ve always done my own design, my writing, my editing, my publishing all of that, and I enjoy it. But it’s still a lot, it’s still a lot to do as one person, which is why i know i know that i’m trying to do too many things. I’m spreading myself too thin. So this is why we have to come back to this one thing. So this is a very 10 gentle Is that even a word episode right now, I apologize, because it’s been a very, very long week.

But I’m hoping this is still this is still cutting through. So let’s start let’s start to bring it all back to basics. The fastest way to build your personal brand is to go all in on one strategy. And that strategy does not need to be one size fits all it doesn’t have to be the exact thing that someone else has already proven like so one more example and I use this I think during the master class as well is that I had done a you know, a well known influences program that teaches you step by step on how to do something. I followed their strategy down like right down to like the, you know, like I cross the T’s I dotted the i’s I was like, Yes, cookie cutter almost. And it didn’t work, because there was there was not enough of me in it. I didn’t fully believe in it. I didn’t trust myself like it was, it was someone else’s strategy just dumped on my business.

Okay, so there is when we choose our one bridge, we can’t just like, just go, Oh, cool. Here are the plans that someone gave me, I’m just going to build it like we need to stop. And we need to look at them and go, does this really make sense? Is this going to help me achieve my goals? Is this going to get me in front of my audience? Again? Is this doable with the resources that I have right now, today? Not you in three years time when you have a team working for you and money to throw an ads? Like, what can you do now?

Okay, that is the strategy, you should be focusing on the one that you know that even with the limited resources you have today, and because you know, it could be you’re still in a corporate job, even though or you know, any sort of day job and you’re trying to leave to, to go full time in your side hustle. Or it could be that you just have a really limited budget, it could be that you’re looking, you know, homeschooling your kids at the moment. So we have to be real about what you’ve got now, then build a strategy around that, that is still going to be the thing that gets you where you want to go.

And then the fun part, because like I can, I know you like but, but hold on, but I want to be on a podcast, and I want to have a YouTube channel, that’s cool. Okay, eventually, you’re going to be able to build more bridges. Because once you’ve built one, suddenly you’ve got quicker access to the other side, you’ve got access to more resources, things are happening, you can invest in your next bridge and do it. And also, maybe there is a creative way of you doing other things that don’t completely take you out. Like for instance, you know, if you’re like, I just want to be on a podcast, but like, I like we’ll have a podcast, but I just don’t have time. Like, maybe you start by getting on other people’s podcasts.

It’s as simple as that. Trust me, it is as simple as you think you’ve got to start somewhere and it’s, it is doable, you might think you have nothing to share. But if you have, you know, a unique perspective, and something like something to talk about, there will be a podcast that will have you on. So again, I’m just like, I’m going on such tangents.

But I want to encourage you that this is not some prison sentence, choosing one bridge is not the end of the world, it does not mean that you have to give up on other dreams that you have for the future, it’s like what I’m saying is I want you to have the impact that you deserve in the world. Like I want you to be able to do all the things that lights you up, and I want you to get paid well to do it. And from my own personal experience, painful personal experience, trying to do it all at once is the slowest way to get there. And the quickest way to burn out, you’re probably going okay, but again, still like which is the right bridge. Okay?

The right bridge is the thing that you’re most excited about. And you believe that you’re, you’re going to just be really good at naturally or the thing that you’re excited about even upskilling in, you know, and it is paid with understanding your audience where they are, where they’re at the way they want to be communicated with and where you need to take them. Like we still need to meet our audience where they’re at. We can’t just build this like this strategy out for ourselves.

That’s only about us. If you struggle with that kind of thing. I have officially opened the doors to the personal branding collective and this is where I’m basically going to going to help you choose that bridge and design the blueprint for you and then start building it over the course of a year.

And I tend to attract a lot of overachievers and perfectionist and multi passionate who will also have in their heads about what do I do next? What if I put it out there and it’s not perfect and and that is often why I feel like they need the most help there are obviously a lot of answers out there. And what has you know happened for so many people in the past is when you are feeling that sense of panic about what to do you try like you start consuming all of the content like you’re listening to every podcast downloading every Friday you may even be signing up for a whole bunch of courses definitely been there and it just leaves you with like a longer to do list more strategy ideas and then just like complete overwhelmed about which one do I pick?

I am here if you need extra help if you like I don’t Yeah, I don’t think I can get past this point like I can’t choose a bridge I don’t know how to build a bridge. I’m here to help we inside the the collective you get to entire programs two courses really. One is called the personal branding blueprint where we lay all the foundations and we actually understand who your audience is and who you are and the role you play in their journey and and how we communicate that all those things. So that we can start building out more of a roadmap for what you need to do to then monetize your brand. Because that’s obviously like that’s the next step.

And that’s often what gets a bit tricky. You know, we can have a gorgeous looking Instagram feed and even a, you know, perfect looking website. But if we’re not getting the right traffic through it, if we don’t know how to take them on the next step, if we don’t know how to turn them into clients, or bookings or purchases, then we still haven’t really like we’re not having the impact in the world. As I said, there’s the personal branding blueprint. And then there’s also the profit prescription.

And this is the Choose Your Own Adventure client journey or sales funnel that I try and explain it as, because I’m going to explain all of the potential bridges to you, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, podcasting, networking, referrals, like all of those potential traffic sources. And then you can start to like once you actually understand them, you know how to use them, you choose the one that makes sense for you. And then you start mapping out the rest of the journey.

Like, what’s the next step? What’s the next step? What’s the next step? You know, right until the final phase where we turn our, you know, our clients into actual super fans who start marketing our brands for us, which is when life starts to get a lot easier is when the momentum starts to build. And you start to see that Oh, wow, like I can, I can just like be sleeping and the word is still getting out about my brand. So anyways, long story short, the collective is now open for enrollment.

And I will include a link to all the details in the show notes. And if you ever want any of information on just like what that looks like or want to ask some questions or if maybe you’re wanting some one on Well, one help or something else, you can always just send me a DM on Instagram at I am Kat Elizabeth is actually like a really easy way to catch me because we can voice message because otherwise it might hit my inbox. And it can take me a little bit longer to reply, you know, because all the bridges I’m trying to build. But anyways, I’m going to do a another episode because I’ve already talked long enough about my new strategy moving forward and and how I’m sort of like mapping out my own sort of client journey. And I know this is very inception as well, because I’m talking to you right now about my offerings that I want to show you behind the scenes. And just kind of explain the the journey

I’ve been through since I launched this, this business, which was only really 12 months ago, to what it looks like today. And the number of changes it’s been through both from like an offering standpoint, like the way I’m actually offering my help to, you know, my clients, but also from a marketing standpoint of like, when my strategy has been, where it’s going, and all of that because maybe you’ll find it helpful, I don’t know, let me know. If you found this helpful, and interesting or anything, then I’d love it if you would just take a screenshot and tag me at I am Kat Elizabeth over on Instagram. And if you haven’t left me a review yet, I would be so grateful. As I said, I’ve been I’ve been dead to the world for a while, not on the airwaves.

And I to get this podcast really visible, it takes reviews like that’s all that’s all Apple podcasts actually wants to know that I’m doing a good job. So I’d be so grateful if you could take out 60 seconds out of your day to write me a review just telling me what you enjoy about the podcast and what you’ve learned and that would mean the world to me. But in the meantime, please just try and let go of some attachment you have to the bridges that you’ve been trying to build and pick the one that you’re most excited about focusing on for the next little bit and see if you can really just master that completed before moving on to the next one so that you can just speed up your journey and and start to see some of those results that you know we all want. We all need some validation we need to see. You know, we want to see how follow was increased. We want to see an increase in our bank balance and that’s what I want for you. So I really truly believe if you can find something that you’re going to see through all the way to the end. That is the number one thing that is going to help you so Godspeed. I will talk to you on the next one. Bye for now.


Kat is a copywriter, brand & messaging strategist personal branding coach and the founder of The Personal Branding Project whose mission is to help you go from best-kept secret to in-demand brand.


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