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Why You Need to Start Sooner + Dress for the Life You Want to Create

If you’ve ever felt like maybe you’ve been playing small, hiding from the world, or waiting too long to do the thing you’re destined for, this episode is for you.

Trish Taylor is a talented stylist but her talent goes beyond helping women dress well. Trish’s mission is to give entrepreneurial women the confidence to show up and stand in their future CEO selves so they start to do and attract the things that’ll take their lives and businesses to the next level.

Some episode highlights include:

– How Trish went from celebrity stylist to coach & course creator
– How to prepare yourself to go all-in with your side hustle or dream
– Why you need to stop hiding & get on camera (even if it terrifies you)
– Ways to up-level your outfits even on a tight budget
– Tips for dressing on camera so you look & feel amazing
– Plus so many other nuggets of wisdom

While Trish might just dress entrepreneurial women these days, this episode is relevant no matter what you do or how you label yourself. The fact is, we ALL need to take bold action to create the life we want, and looking the part is a huge factor in that.

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Read the transcription 👇

You’re listening to Episode 20 Why you need to start sooner and dress for the life you want to create. Featuring the incredible Trish Taylor now as well as being a beautiful person inside and out. Trish is a very talented stylist who got her start actually as a celebrity stylist dressing people like Ariana Grande day.

I know how cool is that, that these days, she actually works with entrepreneurial women in particular, because she’s found that we really need extra help in figuring out how to dress ourselves in a way that we feel confident and want to show up in our businesses because the fact is, we are not going to get anywhere if we want to keep hiding. So She now works with coaching clients, she has online programs, and she is just a bundle of joy and really practical advice.

So with no further ado, I’m really excited to dive straight into the episode. Welcome to the personal branding project. I’m your host Kat Elizabeth, an actor and personal branding coach who is obsessed with helping creative entrepreneurs like you build personal brands that change your life for good from attracting bigger opportunities, more joy and freedom in your life. And the ability to get paid to do the things that you love most each week,

I’m bringing you inspiration, practical advice and the occasional dose of tough love. So you can stop dreaming and start doing what it takes to make those dreams a reality.

Well, hello, and thank you so much for being here.

Trish, I’m so excited to have you on the show.

Trish Taylor  01:39

Me too. Thank you so much for having me. I have been a super fan for so long. And it’s so exciting to finally be face to face chatting here and talking to your audience because man, you just give them some magic. And I’m excited to be a part of that. Thank you

Kat Elizabeth  01:53

So much. So I mean, I said that I was trying to remember how we actually met. I feel like we’re in so many of the same circles online.

Trish Taylor  02:01

I think that we first met in my style challenge. So I think it was my very first launch style challenge last February now. Oh my goodness, yeah. And it was just a pleasure to get to know you in that setting. Because even, you know, being my first challenge launch, that was my big first launch online.

And that’s scary, right. And like you said, we follow all these people, we hear all the podcasts, all the success stories, and I had a mentor myself coaching you through the process. And actually, you know, launching and doing the thing feels scary.

So it was so beautiful to have women like you like minded entrepreneurs who were just growing and learning. And it was just a very genuine, beautiful experience. So I’m grateful to you.

Kat Elizabeth  02:48

Oh, it’s actually I had no idea that that was the very first launch, like I wouldn’t have known and it’s so funny. Like if I had no I mean, I went through my first big scary launch in July after that happened. And I now know what you are going through at the time.

Like it is absolutely terrifying. And you put your heart and your soul and blood sweat and tears into it. And so much feels like it’s it’s resting on the success of that one launch. And I guess, in the month and I was gonna say in the years following it, it feels like yes, I found that Oh, actually, the key to success is knowing that you’re going to keep launching over and over and over again. So but let’s let’s rewind because I,

I would love to know a little bit about the journey of what actually led you to that launch, like, Where did you start having your own personal brand and business?

Trish Taylor  03:36

Mm hmm. So it’s been a long and winding journey just like every other entrepreneurial story. I think it’s the the bits and pieces that lead us here to entrepreneurship that make us who we are as a coach or service provider, or like that integro piece that gives us that special secret sauce that no one else quite can do just like you. And so I have a big funny background.

So I used to style celebrities for the red carpet. I did national ad campaigns, I styled celebrities like Ariana Grande de and Kerry Washington for their red carpets and interviews and music videos. And it was wonderful and amazing and exciting and so glamorous. But I was missing that connection, the human connection, the transformation that I know, you as a coach, as a branding expert, as your listeners and audience know, that you can help your clients achieve. And so I was missing that little, that little fulfillment piece.

And so I went back to school and I had a Bachelor’s in psychology at the time because I really liked people and getting to know what was underneath it all. So I went back to school to get my degree in counseling. And I was like, What am I doing? I love styling. How can I bridge these two worlds together and I’d always been a personal stylist on the side done them both simultaneously.

But what I found is that I didn’t really love working with everybody, I could do it, right, we can help everybody with your gift. But it’s so much more fulfilling when you can niche down. And so following all the wonderful people that we follow, I followed their advice. And I started niching down, and it took a long time. In fact, my first year in the online space, I thought that it was going to be like a piece of cake, right?

I’ve gotten my process down. I was like, okay, so I know exactly what to do. So let’s turn this into an eight week program, I’ll get people through it, I’ll teach them how to dress, how to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.

And it will be just so easy. It’s not

Kat Elizabeth  05:48

a weather alert.

Trish Taylor  05:50

But you know, the beautiful thing through all the trial and error is I did meet my ideal client, I just didn’t realize that I was allowed to niche down even more. So what I do now is I am a personal stylist and competence coach. And I help entrepreneurs and service providers, online professionals use style as a tool in their business.

So they can align what’s on the inside with what’s on the outside, create this magnetic marketing and actually like what they see in their branding photos. Because what I realized is I could fail the heck out of my clients give them a wardrobe that looks beautiful, but they’re still scared to show up on camera, they’re still nervous, right to be visible.

And as an online entrepreneur, as a coach or service provider, that is how we attract our soulmate clients into our vicinity. This is how we grow our business. And so being a total introvert myself and a behind the scenes type of girl thing, getting out in front of the camera was so hard. So I can understand. I can coach women through that. And then I help give them style and confidence through their wardrobe.

Because it’s just a tool. So if we take the scary labels of size and brands, and that store doesn’t work for me, or I haven’t shopped in years, or I just want to wait till I lose 10 pounds, if we take all of those limiting beliefs away the things that are standing in the way of you getting on camera, then we can start to grow and flourish and attract all of our people to us. So that’s how it all kind of started.

Kat Elizabeth  07:29

I love that it’s such a good story. And I love that what you’re talking about about your own struggle to actually become visible and have to get over certain blocks is exactly how you’re able to help your clients now because I think that is kind of our job as as any sort of coach is to have lived it in some way before our clients. And often we’re only a few steps ahead. And we just keep sharing everything we learn as we go.

But speaking of the visibility, I would really love to know what that look like for you of what you had to go through mentally. to actually go right. It’s time I need to put myself out there. I don’t like the camera, like what was going through your head and how did you force yourself to become more visible,

Trish Taylor  08:09

so much, so much that’s going through my head. But because it was years and years of like, trying to reframe, I mean, it starts young. And I’m sure that you know that you feel that as a woman yourself. I mean, I think I was as little as 12 years old when I decided that I cared what other people thought when I showed up or what I looked like was really important. And then I went off to fashion school, right out of right out of high school. And I came from a small town and I went to this big big city and went to school in Los Angeles. And it’s very cool school FIDEM and all the girls were Uber stylish and so skinny and I felt like I was overweight.

I felt like I did not belong, that I was not valuable. I was shy and insecure and nervous. And it kept me small. And mind you, I was like a size two at the time. Like I’m a tall woman like I’m five, seven, I was a size two, like I was very skinny. Like I don’t know what, you know what it was where it all started. It’s just it is what it is. And that’s what that’s what so many of us are dealing with.

We don’t see ourselves the way others do. And so I never posted on social media, I always felt like who who even cares what you’re doing. So it took a long time to even, you know, Bring this bit this vision for my business into fruition. I did it as a side hustle for a long time because I just didn’t have the courage to get out there in front of it. So what ended up happening is I just I was working man 26 hour days like on set it wasn’t too And I was commuting because I live in Orange County about two hours outside of LA.

And so I was commuting like two hours every morning to get in and then leaving late at night. And it was just this horrible cycle of feeling burnt out, not really doing what I loved. And so I really looked at myself and I was like, how can how can you make this happen?

Like, you’re the only one standing in your own way. And I think so many of us come to this point in life where it’s like a reckoning, you’re like, well, I can keep going through this, like heartbreaking cycle of just hustling, pain, or maybe this one time, I could try something a little scary. And so I booked my first photographer, because I do not have an Instagram husband, he is a horrible photographer.

We have tried, it’s no good. And so I knew that I needed to get out there, I needed to start posting on social media, I needed to create my website and really stand strong in the belief that I could be what I wanted to be be the woman that I wanted to be. And so those first pictures, they were awful. You could tell I mean, they were they were pretty, right, he did a beautiful job, the photographer was great.

It was not his fault, I was not comfortable. And you could tell. But I didn’t. And it wasn’t so scary. So the next time, they were a little bit better. And then after that, I started to get in the groove of creating the content that I needed to create, and then getting on a schedule of putting it out. And I started using social media as like a platform for growth.

So I was almost journaling through what I was going through what my clients were going through, because like you just said, so geniously, we’re speaking to a former version of ourselves, someone who’s just a few steps behind us. And so I was able to cultivate relationships with people in that way, because they felt the same way. It was hard to get visible. And so now fast forward, right, taking all these baby steps.

I’m now able to go live, I film videos, just because I took that first scary step. And all of the firsts are horrible. They really are awful. And they should be scary. It’s a new thing you’re putting yourself out there. But once you do it a couple times, it doesn’t get so scary. Just like being on a podcast interview. The first one was so scary for me.

And now after that, it’s just like seeing a friend for coffee. So every time you dip your toe, it just gets so much easier.

Kat Elizabeth  12:40

So well said I totally agree. So I would love to know so many people that do listen to the podcast and of my clients. They’re at that point of time where they’re coming up to a bit of a crossroads, where maybe they’ve been trying to start building up this side hustle their brand, you know, on the side in their free time, they know that the day job is starting to just crush them. But it’s that scary point of like, when do I actually make the leap?

Like, how did you actually know when was the right time to go all in? Like had you been strategic building your business on the side completely? Or did you kind of take a massive break from work? And they go right, and starting from scratch?

Like what? What did it look like for you?

Trish Taylor  13:23

Yeah, so I had a few of those big breakaway moments. So way back before I was a celebrity stylist before I took that plunge. I worked in sales. And so I had a huge, a huge, like a big income that I was trying to replace.

Because when you work in commission sales, that like how hard you work is how much you make. And so that was a really big reframe to me coming into this entrepreneurial space, because right away, I did not see a return in my time and energy.

And that was a really hard success mindset that I had to shift. So I’m sure that if you aren’t taking this big leap, you might be somewhere there too. Because in the traditional work space, we’re rewarded for how much hard work that we put in. And sometimes it’s the strategy behind and like really listening to how you work best that what gets you that that’s what gets you the most momentum.

And it took me a lot of time to figure that out. So I took the first leap from my sales commission job, and I just left like clean break, I was fortunate enough to have saved up enough because I knew that I was I was not happy there. So I left and I went right into celebrity styling and that took off very quickly.

I was very grateful for that. And then as I was building my celebrity clientele, I was also building my personal styling business simultaneously. So I did I left the celebrity once I was able to replace my clients with my personal styling clients and then Then once I felt comfortable in that space, I started to move into the online world, how could I create more impact and work? Like less frantically?

Because I don’t want to run around the mall anymore? Right? So I was trying to figure out, how do I bridge the gap. So I think it was a lot of strategy in the beginning, and now as I’ve grown my business, it’s more feeling into where I want to go. And that took a lot of like nervous action to move forward in that way to really, like, let the mindset work sink in. And I know that if they are talking to you, and they’re listening to you, then they know that mindset is a huge part of running an online business.

And that feels weird coming in from a traditional space. So I think that’s the best, you’ve got to combine the strategy. So you’re working in the time that you’re off of your, you know, corporate or nine to five, hustle, you’re being strategic about that time.

And then you’re also really listening to the things that are going to propel you forward and listening what’s to what’s right for you. I didn’t listen to what was right for me, I followed all the experts. And there’s nothing wrong with that, except that it feels really hard. When you’re following a strategy that doesn’t feel good to you, that doesn’t align with your personality, your values or beliefs.

It’s like you’re running like an uphill battle, or you know, you’re What is it swimming upstream? And so it’s hard. So I think that’s the best way is just to lean into what feels good for you.

Kat Elizabeth  16:37

Oh, my goodness, you tapped on so many good things there. Like, is it one of the things that you said is yet totally right. And I think it’s something that so many of us do very early on, sometimes we keep doing it for a while, but you see other people doing the things and being really successful.

And if they’re teaching how to do it, you’re like, great, I’m just going to follow this by the book. And I that’s exactly what I did with my first launch. I was like a little robot going like, yes, so yes, sir. And just trying to do everything exactly as I was told.

But because I didn’t trust myself, I didn’t trust my intuition. I brought so little of myself to the launch. And not only were the results, horrible compared to what I was really hoping they were going to be.

Trish Taylor  17:18

You’re right. It’s the feeling, it feels hard. It’s exhausting, and it feels out of alignment, you feel weird. Every time you put a piece of content out, you might be questioning whether it’s really you. And I think that’s a really important lesson.

Like if anyone listening right now is feeling like that, I think, stop yourself and take a moment to actually assess where you’re at and go, why am I creating this? Is it coming from the heart? Is it coming?

Because I really believe my audience needs this, or am I just doing it because somebody else told me to, which is, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Kat Elizabeth  17:51

I think you’re hearing from two people who have experienced that way. And now they’re seeing the other side. So

Trish Taylor  17:57

it’s true. And especially if you are, you know, a service provider, and you are trying to bring your business to a different type of format, it can be tricky. And so you really have to trust your gut. And that’s like, that’s a tough muscle to build me. You’re in the right place. Keep it to listening and learning.

Kat Elizabeth  18:18

Yeah and I think something else you said, like you were saying how strategic you were, and you really did make sure that you were trying to do the work that you could while you were doing something else. But you also like when you’re making those transitions, you try to prepare yourself financially.

And I think that is a really smart thing. I think we’re told like just go all in just take the lead. But the reality of that is that if you don’t have any financial backing for yourself, you immediately get stressed, you immediately kind of put yourself in a place of scarcity, which means you start creating content for the wrong reasons.

You start getting desperate, freaked out and you’re not going to do your best work, you’re not going to show up as your your best self. And so I think that’s something to keep in mind. It’s different for everyone, obviously, but no one should be in that like, starving artists mentality of like, oh, like I’ve got to like create to live.

I think it comes from a very different place when we know that we’re going to be okay, and we can play the long game.

Trish Taylor  19:14

hmm Yeah, that’s so beautiful. I mean, that energy is like palpable. When you are coming from it from a scarcity mindset, and you’re creating content in that way, you can feel it, you can read it, it doesn’t feel inviting.

And so you’re really I feel not attracting the clients that you probably want to work with. Or maybe you’re not attracting anybody at all. And so it keeps you in this loop of feeling.

You know, like you’re not worthy because you’re not getting the people that you need. So like you said, setting yourself up for success in the beginning, however, feels good to you. So for me, I like the security of having a little bit of consistency coming in as a stylist. It’s It has been up and down over the years, right? Because there’s maybe not a campaign happening or award season isn’t right now.

And so there’s a lot of feast or famine time. And that’s where this idea for online business came from, for me to create this kind of sense of security and stability. And so I think, really feeling into what you need, as a person as an entrepreneur will set you up for that success.

So maybe you don’t need the same security that I needed. But maybe there’s something else that you can tap in, maybe it’s emotional security, so you need your partner to support you along the way. So whatever that is, that’s going to help you in this transition to, Uhmm. Absolutely.

Kat Elizabeth  20:40

So I think I’d love to bring it around to visibility, and also this feeling of worthiness. Because I think it is such, it’s such a huge thing, especially for women. I don’t want to say exclusively to women, though, because I think anyone moving from being an employee to trying to make their own way in the world, they can often be this thing of like,

Who am I to do this, who’s going to want to look at my content, who’s going to want to work with me, and I would love to know what your process is to help your clients because I think early on dressing the part and actually feeling like you just look worthy of being an entrepreneur or being at whether it’s an actor or an artist, like I mean, it’s so many different things.

I feel like we need to believe it, and clothing and the way we show up is a huge part of that. So I’d love to know how you work your clients through that process of kind of assessing where they’re at right now, versus the life that they want to live and how you start getting them to dress and then feel that way.

Trish Taylor  21:40

Oh, yeah, absolutely. I think that’s really important, too. So this is, it’s just a tool style is a tool to feel more comfortable and confident, to dress for the woman that you want to be, or the man that you want to be I work exclusively with women, because I just have more fun with our accessories, honestly.

But, and that’s the beauty of your business, you can create it however you want. So for my female clients, and men who are showing up in this beautiful space, having this confidence to be who you are, is scary, right? Because we’re attracting people that we don’t know.

So my, my first question that I asked all of my clients is how do you want to be perceived? Right. And that’s a really interesting thing. Because, like, so many times growing up, right, we, we don’t want to judge a book by its cover, we don’t want to be that person who like instantly hands out judgments as soon as you see someone, but it does happen. We’re super visual society. I mean, just think about your own Instagram habit.

So or like social media tendencies. you’re scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, and the only time that you stop is when you resonate with the image that you see whether it’s like words, or it’s a person that has the life that you aspire to achieve, or is doing something in the photo or is evoking this feeling that has you kind of interested, right, so you stop and you look. And it’s because they’re forming some sort of perception in their mind about you, and then they’re curious, and then they want to keep reading.

So because I work specifically with entrepreneurs who are online and service providers, I’m realistic, they probably are going to be at home, most of the time in their Lululemon leggings, or like, you know, super cute sweats.

I get it, you need to have a wardrobe that transitions in and out of your personal professional and like retreat life. What we need to do is figure out how you want to be perceived, and then weave that in, so that you’re telling a story all the time with your clothes.

So not only are the people on the outside, looking in believing that you are the woman that you want to be, but you’re also believing it because every morning when you go to your closet, you pick something out that just feels right, it feels like you There’s nothing that kills this momentum, morning productivity, like your morning vibes.

Then when you go into your closet, and you look and nothing fits nothing that nothing fits your body, your life, your personality, like whatever it is. It just is not working because you’ve had it for 10 years, or you’ve had it since college or you had it since before the baby and now it’s not working.

So what we need to do is change your wardrobe to how you want to be perceived so you can step into this woman that you want to be and start attracting all this magic into your life.

Kat Elizabeth  24:42

I love that that’s so important. And I’ve lived I mean I’ve looked at myself like I’ve carried a closet just full of clothes that made no sense for my life that will probably bought at a different time in my life. And every time I would stand in front of the closet. I was like I don’t know I have nothing to wear even though it was came in with clothes like it was abs, it was so embarrassing.

So, yeah, I’ve definitely found that it’s I mean, it’s an ongoing process as well, I think like that you have to keep coming in and revisiting as well. I mean, what would you say like, let’s say that today someone budget is really tight, but they’re feeling absolutely horrible in what they’re wearing.

And they know they need to do something, but they can’t take big action yet, because we’re working towards the budget to like, overhaul the wardrobe,

Trish Taylor  25:25

Where’s the best place to start. So just make some small changes that make you feel better immediately. I love that, because it’s true. No matter where you are, you should never limit yourself and how you’re feeling and how you’re showing up, it makes a big difference to you and to everyone around you.

So you don’t need to be, you know, at a six figure launch yet Oh, or, you know, at your ideal weight yet, you need to start where you are. So I’m so grateful that you asked this.

What I’d say first is going to your closet and remove anything that doesn’t make you feel good. It shouldn’t be in your closet, I’m not a monster, I’m not going to tell you to throw it all out. But I will say to get it out of your like eyes, like out of your eyesight every day, fold it up, put it in a cute little, you know Tupperware box and bring it out when you’re ready, or donate it when you’re ready.

But get it out of the way. And then you have a realistic image in your closet of what you actually wear every day, right. And you might be surprised to find that it’s probably the same two t shirts, and maybe a pair of leggings and a pair of jeans.

And you may not even have all of that. So what I say is to start with things that you wear the most often, and invest what you can, and you can shop everywhere for these pieces. There’s amazing thrift places. Target has awesome items.

Now, there’s so many different levels and budgets. What I recommend for my clients, when they’re ready to invest is invest in the pieces that you wear often. So if you’re just getting started, you need a good pair of jeans. Right? We need probably like a mid to high rise dark denim that will go with everything. So when they’re going to events and networking, when they’re showing up on live video, when they go get their photoshoot done. Because you’ve got to do it.

You have a great pair of jeans that you feel good in, and I’m talking like, you do a double take in the mirror good like that type of good. And then what you need is layering pieces. So I like like a boyfriend sweater, a kimono a blazer, something that will go over the top of a T shirt. So it will elevate your look without you having to do too much. And then just some neutral t shirts or blouses.

Whatever works in your life right now, if you want to dress it up, make the material a little bit softer and more luxurious.

If you want to keep it casual, do a cotton, right? So it doesn’t need to be a lot or a huge investment. But you need to and you need to purchase things that you’re actually going to wear and like feel good. And that is

Kat Elizabeth  27:58

such good advice. And just thinking back on my earned shopping habits and the things that we often buy I think other things for like maybe our ideal lifestyle, it doesn’t even exist like I used to buy myself clothing for the red carpet. But was I go into red carpets.

No, it was not. So I had so little that I could wear day to day. And I think it does explain the conundrum that we have where we see all these clothes, but we feel like we have nothing to wear. Maybe we really do have nothing to wear, especially if we’re working from home and it needs something so different.

Trish Taylor  28:27

Look, that is such a cliche thing, right? I have a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear. But it isn’t it is the truth. And it is so true. You live. I’m like looking over here because I have I have like a rack of clothes. And I just went through and did a big cleanse for the new year. And I got rid of a lot of things I donate to my local consignment stores.

I donate to local women’s organizations, Does he ever have to feel guilty about you know, saying goodbye blessing release of clothes that no longer work in your life, because they’re going to serve someone else who are in that stage.

And then you can go in and you can refill it, like you said with things that you’re actually going to wear right now. And do it with items that you could like, if your dream is to be on the red carpet, you better have that red carpet dress, we got to bring that into our space. But you’re right, you shouldn’t have like a whole wardrobe full. Because what are you gonna wear, you know, every day on your life.

So that’s not that comfortable. So we want to make sure that your wardrobe has all the things that you need. So I help my clients figure out how to create categories in their life in their business, and then that translates to their branding photos. So they’re actually painting a picture on social media and on their website of who they are. That’s how we bring the outside in or the inside out rather in their branding.

Kat Elizabeth  29:49

Yeah, okay, I love that and was actually just about to ask you because I talk so much about brand photoshoots because I’m obsessed with them. But then obviously also about video too. Are there any just like really simple tips?

Do you have like things that you know, just never work on camera or that people feel tend to feel really like or unflattering? versus, you know, like, what are the general rules?

When you’re planning for a photoshoot? How would you sort of translate what you wear day to day for the camera is there much of a difference.

Trish Taylor  30:16

So if we’re doing a photo shoot, there’s not a huge difference, except that I have, I have a few rules that I share with everybody who will listen because it will make your life so much easier getting dressed. So you want to have if at all possible, of being neck or some sort of V shape in the front of your body.

So I’m talking like a long layered scarf, or a long necklace, a V neck shirt, something that will draw the eye in and up towards your face, this will elongate your frame and make you feel amazing on camera, and every day.

And I like to highlight your natural waist. So whether that be with a pair of denim, and we could do a cute little half tuck with your shirt, that’s really easy.

Yeah, it doesn’t require a lot of thinking. Or you could do a belt, or it could just be that your top has some sort of detail around your waist, that will draw the natural eye in once your eye hits the waist, it will go up to the V and we’ll see your beautiful face. And then I like to say where a layering piece.

So this layering piece allows you in your photoshoots to get twice as many photos with just one outfit, right because we can take the layering item on and off. So if you have a jacket, or a kimono or a sweater, it creates a column like silhouette. And so what people are seeing then is only the bit between the two ends of the jacket, right?

So it creates a more like slim or elongated silhouette. So whatever you’re trying to achieve, it makes you feel a little bit more comfortable and confident having that extra piece you can hold it play with it feel more comfortable on camera when you have just a little bit extra to work with in your wardrobe.

But those are great tips in real life too. Now, when you’re on video, it’s a little bit different. So you don’t want to wear things that have a lot of busy print. So you want to keep it a little bit more neutral. I’m bad at this because I love prints. And I love something that feels a little bit more flowy. So I recently just did a big video shoot for a series that I’m doing.

And I was wearing this really cool kimono, it had it was wide and drapey and beautiful. And it was silk and like I build it burnout. And it looks horrible, like, horrible. On camera, it like it made the width of my body increased by like two persons.

So it just was not very flattering. So I would recommend if you’re on video wearing something that is fitted to your frame, so the shoulders hit in the right place, the seam goes right to the top of your shoulders, you’re wearing jackets and sweaters that fit your silhouette, not things that are loose and baggy and billowy because it will add width on camera.

Kat Elizabeth  33:08

So practical. Thank you so much. It makes me feel better too, because I’m like I give advice out. But then I’m like, I’m not a stylist to my body to talk about this. But that’s a classic. Who am I to do this?

Trish Taylor  33:19

Isn’t that interesting, right? It’s a constant struggle at every level that we get to.

Kat Elizabeth  33:24

Absolutely, I don’t think it ever ends because I hate people that I feel like miles and miles away from where I want to be in and they still go through the imposter syndrome.

So I guess it’s just about acknowledging it when it pops up and then going cool, that’s just reminding me that I’m in a growth period. And I just need to push forward.

Trish Taylor  33:41

It’s true that comparison, it is just kind of creeps in sometimes. And it’s it’s what keeps us hidden behind the scenes.

So if we can do the things that help us learn and grow, or the things that help us feel more confident showing up, you’re really just investing in your own personal development. So if it is style, if you want to invest a little bit in your wardrobe, you’ll feel more comfortable and confident in that way.

Do that for yourself. It’s a gift because you’ll be showing up more competently. So you can talk to people and hopefully, you stop comparing yourself to where someone is maybe ahead of you or what you should be doing.

Because you’ll be able to now step into the powerfulness of who you really are as a person.

Kat Elizabeth  34:27

I love that. Oh my goodness, I could talk with you all day, but I’m very respectful and aware of your time limits. So I want to just finish with one question that I asked all of my guests on the show.

So if you had to start again from scratch today, like let’s see all the work that you’ve done on your personal brand new business was going I know track just breathe through it.

Would you start like what would the steps be that you take to like start building again today?

Trish Taylor  34:57

 Mm hmm. Okay, that’s there’s a lot have things

Kat Elizabeth  35:02

like say two or three things that like you just know that you would immediately do,

Trish Taylor  35:06

I would start faster. So I wouldn’t give myself so many conditions or like regulations to get started.

There were so many times that I got in my own way, because I was scared to be visible. years it took for me to get on a video, just because it felt so hard and panicky to press that live button, you know. So I would tell myself that it really is not that scary, like, just get started right now. And number two, I would listen, I would trust how I want to start my business.

And so it took me a long time, following everybody else’s strategy to figure out what it is how I really want to grow my business. And so the way that I see myself moving forward, and the way that I wish I would have started is with relationships and connections.

Because that is what I have the most fun doing coming here talking with you. Just, you know, feeling into your energy is just so much more fun, right than sitting behind the computer trying to figure out the most perfect thing to say. And so I would do that. And I encourage you all to do the same thing. It’s not scary. Just reach out.

We all want to hear from you and talk to you. It’s literally like our greatest pleasure to get a DM and then he messaged you back. It’s the most fun thing. So reach out, don’t be scared, they’re probably going to be really excited to talk to you.

But that’s probably where I would start. And I wouldn’t be afraid to niche down took me a long time to feel like I was worthy of just serving the one person I was an expert at this one thing and feeling like I could make a business out of it.

You can I promise you can do it. It’ll be amazing.

Kat Elizabeth  36:50

Oh, so good. I love that advice. Thank you. It’s so yeah, it’s so spot on. And you’re right. Like I think with the niche thing we again, it comes from scarcity, because like, how could I set myself up as an expert in this one thing a bit going to be enough people that could even work with me.

And the thing is, there’s always enough even in really specific niches because of being online these days, we’re connected to the entire world. So it’s not the same as having a storefront where you’re relying on foot traffic every day, I think we have so much more freedom. So it’s important to actually ask yourself, like,

Who do you want to work with? What do you want to spend your time doing every day?

Trish Taylor  37:27

Oh, my gosh, yeah. So where were you when I started?

Kat Elizabeth  37:31

I always think that like all these things that I know now I wish I had someone telling me them. But Oh, well. That’s why I created the podcasts

Trish Taylor  37:38

thats right! I’m excited, It’s just always 2020. So it’s such a gift to be able to listen to podcasts and connect in this way. Because it’s true. You hear the stories from people that you connect with that are most aligned with how you want to do business.

And that feels a little bit easier to trust and learn and grow in that way.

Kat Elizabeth  37:57

Well said, Okay, so I’m sure that a lot of people listening right now are going to want to start learning from you and get some advice on how to start showing up and dressing that the way they want to be their future selves. So where is the best place for them to find you?

Trish Taylor  38:12

Oh, I would love that so much. come say hello. Instagram is where I love to hang out. Thinking come find me at Trish Taylor styling. hop into my messages.

I promise I will be so excited to chat with you and answer any questions that you might have. Awesome. And yes, I can I can attest the fact that she’s as nice as she sounds. It’s not just her voice.

Kat Elizabeth  38:35

You’re amazing. Well, I’ll link a link to everything in the show notes. Anyway, if you guys have any trouble finding Trish, and I just thank you so much for being here and sharing so generously.

Like you have just so much value to offer and your gift to the world.

Trish Taylor  38:51

Oh my goodness. Can we come talk all the time? Absolutely. We’ll set up. We’ll set up a weekly date. Oh, I love it. Thank you. Thank you for letting me hang out with your beautiful tribe. I can’t wait to chat with you guys soon.

Kat Elizabeth  39:04

Absolutely. Bye for now.


Kat is a copywriter, brand & messaging strategist personal branding coach and the founder of The Personal Branding Project whose mission is to help you go from best-kept secret to in-demand brand.


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