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Why failure, connection and community are all crucial parts of being an entrepreneur

Mandy Balak is the founder of Ace, RISE Conference and Date Night YYC. She’s a successful entrepreneur, a connector and a leader — but as you’ll hear from our chat, it’s been anything but a smooth journey to get here.

Like so many entrepreneurs, Mandy has had to experience all sorts of failures, setbacks and disappointments along the way, but has used them to fuel her mission to bring women together and lift each other up.

In today’s episode we talk about:

  • The bumpy (and lonely) road that led her to founding ACE
  • Why in-person events are so important for entrepreneurs (and women in general)
  • How isolation can be costly to both our mental health and our businesses
  • The one thing that all successful entrepreneurs have in common
  • What to expect from this year’s RISE Conference in Lake Louise

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You’re listening to episode 17 featuring Mandy Balak . Why failure, connection, and community are all crucial parts of being an entrepreneur. This episode does feature a little bit of adult language, so if you have kids nearby while you’re listening, I suggest you put your headphones on. Welcome to the personal branding project. I’m your host cat Elizabeth and an actor and personal branding coach who is obsessed with helping creative entrepreneurs like you, build personal brands that change your life for good, from attracting bigger opportunities, more joy and freedom in your life, and the ability to get paid to do the things that you love most. Each week. I’m bringing you inspiration, practical advice, and the occasional dose of tough love so you can stop dreaming and start doing what it takes to make those dreams a reality. Mandy Balak is the founder and CEO of ACE, an organization that empowers women to make a bigger impact in the world through community building, business and skill acceleration and transformational events such as the rise conference. ACE is a reflection of Maddie’s heart and her personal experiences in entrepreneurial leadership. The next rise conference is coming up on April 22nd 25th in Lake Louise at the Chateau Fairmont. And I will be there and so will Mandy. And if you listen right to the end, you’ll find out how you can get access to special rates on tickets and we would love to see you there. But for now let’s get into the interview. Well hello Mandy . Thank you so much for being here.

Mandy: 1:35

Hey girl, hey!

Kat: 1:36

I just did an announcement on Instagram that I was interviewing you and I was like, I’m going to try not to fan. Go and make things really awkward cause I’m obviously like, I am so excited to have you. Oh, I’m so excited to chat with you too. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you and having Yoda at rise and the things that you’re up to is so inspiring too . So should we just like fan girl for each other as we’re recording this and this is perfect Valentines today. So, okay, well let’s just celebrate that. Okay, so here’s the deal. There’s going to be a whole lot of people listening right now that already know who you are. No ACE class and no rise. But then there’s also going to be a huge amount that don’t, partially because they’ve just not heard of it. Partially they’re in different places in the world. So before we get into your full backstory, could you just tell us a bit about ACE class and rise? The context of people know what in the world we’re actually talking about?

Mandy: 2:26

Absolutely. I would love to. So ACE is a community that empowers women to make a bigger impact in the world. We are a base , didn’t Calgary, but we offer events all across Canada and some amazing content and an amazing community of women that is all about rising up in our business, in our careers, in our health and our wellness and in our relationships and the rise conference that we were connected because is one of the things that the ACE community offers. So it’s an incredible immersive two and a half day experience that is like not your typical conference. We break all the rules. It is super fun. And there’s like amazing women there that are all about wanting to be the best version of themselves and leveling up. So , uh , whether it’s our events, our podcast , um , our online content, our membership offering or our conference, we are all about just rising higher and reaching for more in our lives and supporting other women to do the same.

Kat: 3:25

I love that. And you , you lead by example and I think that’s what’s so important is like you have set the whole tone of what it means to actually be a woman in business and not even in business. I mean I’ve met people that are members of ACE that are, you know, they have Korea’s , but they’re just looking for that kind of connection and to be able to be supported and to lift each other up . And I think it’s just something that is unfortunately, it’s still a little bit rare. It’s not that easy to find community that isn’t all about kind of, I dunno, like there’s always the gossip and the judgment and the behind the scenes stuff going on with you guys. It’s like it’s 20, 20. Right? Like there is enough room for everybody. Hundred percent. Actually you know

Speaker 2: 4:06

funny that you mentioned that because I think that one, this community has been 100% built on things that I needed at one point in my life. But to the evolution of ACE over the last three years has been really crazy because when we first started, like I started by doing our brunch event and the intention at that time was to remove the barriers that exist for women supporting one another. That’s where I started and I recognize that I didn’t actually have strong female communities and people I could be real with them, people I could connect with. There was this sense of like competition or like you know outdoing each other or whatever instead of coming together. And I remember that first brunch that I did and I shared that mission of like hands up if you have ever been intimidated by another woman, hands up if you have ever made feel, felt , felt less because of another woman and the entire, and like every one of the events put their hands up. And I did that across the country for like a year and a half. I talked to like 6,000 different women and all of us said like, no, women are mean to each other. And now that is, that’s the brass tacks. Like that’s , you cannot come to our event if that is even on your mind because that’s like, that’s like saying you have integrity as a core value. Like you have to have integrity as a core value. Um , so the evolution of ASIS started from like, okay , let’s get women to support each other and to come together. But the evolution is out . Like, okay, no, we already agree we’re supporting each other. How do we do that and how do we all go to that next level together? How do we cheer each other on and hold each other accountable for those big dreams and things that are important to us.

Kat: 5:53

Oh, that’s so good. And I mean, I don’t know about you, but do you think that, I mean, so many people are becoming entrepreneurial these days and they’re self employed, but we tend to get stuck behind a computer and all our contact often comes from social media. And I know that that can be really triggering for me because we as seeing the perfect exterior and we’re like, Oh, she’s kicking so many goals. She’s so much further ahead than me. And it’s not even that you want to , um , pull people down, but you are feeling so insecure about your own story because you don’t see what’s going on behind the scenes. Like, do you think that’s why in post and events , a way of breaking that barrier? Is that part of it?

Mandy: 6:29

You know what I actually, yes and no. So that’s not the intention of why we do in person events. The reason we do in person events is because connection is key, right? Like strengthening that inner circle, those people that are going to support you, like you have to consistently level up the people that are in your life. And sometimes, you know, especially for those new entrepreneurs and people that are just going out and carving their own path right now, like what, what the people in your community know about you, you now will completely change and they may not understand and they may not be able to support or you know , relate when you are having dinner and you’re trying to explain about yeah, I spent 24 hours trying to figure out how to build a website last night. And they’re like, you are speaking Chinese to me right now.

Speaker 2: 7:13

Right? Like you know, so that’s where the connection piece comes into play. And there’s another thing that happens through connection and it can happen on social media as well, but connection is sort of the, is where that like acceptance, growth, belonging, like all that stuff happens. And as soon as one woman shares, Hey, here’s what’s real for me and here’s what’s going on for me, then the other woman can be like, Oh my God, I thought I was alone. Your Instagram is perfect, your life looks perfect. I had no idea that I wasn’t the only person in this. Right. And you know that part is important, but it can also happen online when used appropriately. And I think that social media is a very powerful place. But if you are someone that has a platform, you have the responsibility to use that platform in a way that inspires and is real. We’re not creating these fake identities and fake lives about our selves. We can use that as that opportunity to connect as well. And when you strengthen that mindset about you know who you are and knowing that you’re not alone and you feel connected and you feel supported, then you can look at anything in your feed and whatever and acknowledge that you know, if your head starts to take you down this like negative story or you know this self worth deprecation or whatever, that’s so many women like we all do it, you know when to stop it because you knew you can acknowledge it. So it’s really just about strengthening that mindset, which comes with being a part of awesome communities. Connecting and having those really positive influences that can happen online. Offline. Yeah , for sure. And I’ve definitely noticed that. It’s amazing how it starts to snowball.

Kat: 9:00

Like just from like my experience, and we’ll talk more about rides later, but like my little tiny taste of rise last year, the amount of people I met in that one moment that ended up becoming friends or mentors or even coaches, it like led me to down all these different rabbit holes where I was like, Oh my gosh, like this person led to this person. And then more confidence and then more results and more community. And it’s amazing how it’s almost catching, which is so exciting. It is. It’s that ripple effect, right? Yeah. And that’s my super power is connecting strong women and something I’ve been , um , I’m really proud of is that I actually can identify who’s real and who’s not real. And I try and collect all of the real ones and I’m like, no, no, you come, you come share your story. Do your thing.

Speaker 2: 9:47

Like I just want to be the vessel that all these amazing people can come together at and we can like all rise up together. Yeah. So good. Okay. So we need to talk about you for a second because you all like, I look at you and I’m like you all one of these women, like there’s a reason people are drawn to you because you just, you have this incredible energy and your mission is so clear and you was so real. Like you really are leading by example. But a lot of people coming in to see you now are going to be like, Oh well clearly she just knows what she’s doing. She’s got it all together . I’ve heard your backstory before and I know it’s nothing the smoothest pass to get here. Can you give us a little bit of an idea of like what you had to go through to actually get to this point where you did create a platform that was able to make such change? Yeah, absolutely. Thank you for your kind words. This is not easy. It’s not even in a place yet where I can say I was over here and now I’m super successful and I have it all figured out. Like even if that’s what it looks like on the outside, like, yes, I’ve done the work. Yes I have created things that matter. Yes, I’ve created impact. Like there’s lots of awesome things and it is still hard and I’m still doing the work and I’m still committed to doing the work. Right. But the journey that I have taken to get here has been, it’s been a windy one. Like it has been. Um, it’s been really challenging and I guess I’ll start , uh, I will start from when I actually moved from Vancouver to Calgary in sharing a little backstory because I think a lot of people can connect with that sense of like being an adult and not, and going into something completely new or starting fresh, whether that’s starting fresh in a new city, a new career. Um, you know, leaving a friend group, leaving a relationship when your life takes a big shift like that. Like I don’t think I knew what to brace form, but when I moved to Calgary, it was originally to follow a relationship, a long distance relationship. And um , I packed up my bag and I literally sold all my stuff and I piled in my Honda accord and I drove 10 hours from Vancouver to Calgary and it was summer at the time and it was stampede and it was super fun and awesome for a bed. And , and then the snow started to fall and it was negative 30. And , um, the , the guy that I had moved for our relationship started to suffer because I was actually really codependent on his life. I had moved , uh, I had left all my friends behind. I was traveling back and forth from Vancouver to Calgary. This sort of like numb the pain and the void that I had of missing my family and my friends instead of investing time in building relationships in Calgary. And I, you know, it probably took me two years living here before I felt connected to a single person. And , um, and that was really, really isolating and it took a toll on my relationships. And that was the first time I really feel like I didn’t , um , I didn’t belong. I’m a natural community builder and so not having community around me is , um , that was a really challenging time for me. And then I went back to school and I did my commerce degree at UFC and this is where I became an entrepreneur. So it was 2012 and I had a business for a company that was about making relationships better because I was in a space in my life where that was my thing. Like everything I create is always a something that’s true to my heart. And um , so I remember pitching the class that day on my business and it was a company called date night that’s still alive and well today in Calgary. And uh , it was like put everything in the city in one place and let’s all go on better dates and have better relationships. And I won the business plan competition, then they put my head down and I invested in doing the work. So I quit my job. Um, I raised a little bit of friends and family money, but honestly, like I was maxing out my credit cards and my student loans and Googling how to start a business off my living room floor. Um, I broke up with the guy the day that I launched my, the day that I launched that actual business. And , um , I remember getting to launch day and I was like, you know, you kind of have those , uh, those visions in your mind of like traffic’s gonna flood and everything . Like , yeah, there was like five visits . One of them was my mom. Like, no, nothing happened. And like I was like, okay . So I started this business and I was like, I was 25 years old at the time. My expectation was skewed. Like I would just, I didn’t, I was naive and I, and I thought it would be easier. And that’s when the journey really started. I started pounding pavement and Calgary, I knocked on every single door in the city, literally walked up and down the streets to make my first sales. Uh, I ended up starting to do events so that I could pay my rent. And , uh , I started running speed dating events back then , uh , which are still going these days. So Calgary , I don’t run them myself, my team does, but , uh , that’s part of the night. And , um, and then I started, I, I started to hear a lot of , um, a lot of nos and a lot of naysayers about the business that I was creating. And this was 2012. And so no one thought that Facebook would be a good thing to invest in and social media wasn’t going to do anything for us. So funny. Um, and I listened to the nose . I’m so dumb. Like if I could go back, this is the moment where I actually really developed that inner critic that was like, you’re not good enough. This is shit. You shouldn’t do this. This is a bad idea. And I gave up on myself before I even started. Now, you know, the end of the story, which is this business is still alive and well, but, but what I did is I took that as a , a challenge to start something new. And I got distracted and I started another business that I was , um, I was chasing, I was chasing respect and I was chasing credibility. And so I started a magazine and it was a publication that kind of competed with my other business actually. And it was more storytelling and like the people behind the city. And , um, it was this beautiful, beautiful magazine, like gorgeous cover. Like I’m, so I am still so proud of the work that we did. Um, and so that was 2014 and I now had two startups on my hands and I was pounding pavement again. All those people that told me no, I went back and I said, okay, you told me no before, but you said you wanted this and , and here you go. Traditional print media. Are you going to buy your page in the magazine? And those people bought their pages in the magazine. And um , I had a burn rate of about $50,000 a month to pay for rent, to pay for people and to pay for the magazine to actually go to print. And I never paid myself a dollar and I killed myself like at like at like I killed myself and I , it was very unrewarding work because the day that the magazine arrived at my doorstop and it was like 20,000 copies arrive in a crate, literally was the worst day because then that was the day I had to face all of my mistakes, all of the punctuation that was wrong or the ads that we put in the wrong place or whatever. And so I was doing this thing like, I don’t know if I thought I was mother Teresa or whatever for the city, but , um , I ran really hard for two years and then I had to shut it down. And the shutdown is really where ACE started. This is where it all began. And I was, that was the hardest day ever for me because I had to make a decision to go in and let go of a team that I called family. I had six girls working for me at that time and we did, I had no other life outside of work. So these were my people and I had to get the courage to walk in and say this, this dream that we’ve been dreaming up is no longer a thing and effective today. Like it’s all done. And never that day they all rallied around me and they all put their arms around me and they said, we got your back, we love you and we, you worked as hard as you could. And we sat there and we all opened a couple of beers and had a good cry and talk through it all that night. And every single one of them showed up for me in the shutdown. They supported me and I went into complete isolation after that. So I was like, I am, I’m just going to hang out at home and I don’t want to answer my phone. I went from sort of being on every VIP list to not being able to answer my phone overnight. And it took me about eight months to really look myself in the mirror and say anything to myself that wasn’t, you are a failure. Which was like, you know, if only I had the tools that I have now, like my magazine failed. I did not fail. Like I did everything I could. And um, and it was, it was when I realized that I couldn’t have any real conversations with people in my life about how I was feeling and the vulnerability and what was really going on in my head that I realized I needed to do something else about it. And I created the first ACE brunch out of a desire for more meaningful connections, more meaningful relationships. And that truly, you know, that first day in January when three years ago we filled the room with women that were like, what is this? I don’t know, but this, this feels good. There’s women coming together and sharing in this, you know, this is amazing speaker. And I told the speaker, you have to speak from a place that is real. Like I want to hear about how you built your business and you got to this place. But the resiliency that it took to get there, and that’s where ACE began. That’s like a really long backstory. But those, those, those key points of , um, belonging, acceptance, isolation, a desire for more like those live in the values of, of what I do and the values of how I show up for myself and my life. And that’s fueled us to get this far three years later with ACE and rise. And , um , and the community that we’ve built is, is based on all those bumps in the road. They’re just part of the journey.

Kat: 20:08

Oh my gosh. I love hearing you share this because it’s so relatable. Like it’s just crazy. Like I can look back over, like it’s probably been about seven years that I’ve like where I started my entrepreneurial journey and it has been a mess. Like there have been so many dark times and times when I had no idea what I was doing, how I was going to get out of what I was getting out of. But now I look back and all of those moments are gold because are how I connect with people. It’s how I teach them. It’s how I learned what to do. Right. Cause sometimes you just have to learn from the mistakes. You don’t learn from other people wanting you.

Speaker 2: 20:44

It’s like, I wish we could, you have to go through it. Yeah. And that’s the thing. You just got to , if you’re going through shit like people that are watching this right now, like if you’re in it, notice what the lesson is. Like, notice what you will take from this and not do again. And I had to unfortunately learn my lessons multiple times in the row. Uh, you know, whether it was like get it in writing, like get a condo . Um, I’ve had bad business partner disputes. Like it’s happened more than one time. And , and, and when it happens the second time, it’s like, Oh , shame on me because I already learned this and I knew better. So if you’re in, if you’re in it right now, I know it doesn’t feel like a lesson. I know. It doesn’t feel like good at all. It’s , I know, I know, but it’s , um, but it will mean something and take note of it.

Kat: 21:37

I mean, you would see, I mean, you meet so many people every single year. Like it blows my mind, like the connections that you’d be making. I’d love to know like are there a few really common struggles that you see that other things that you know are warning signs that Oh, if this doesn’t get taken care of, you’re not going to stay in business?

Speaker 2: 21:56

Yeah. A couple things. Like one, isolation is a real thing and it does not matter where women are at in their career. It does not matter if you are just starting out. It does not matter if you are, if you’ve got a baby and you’re at home trying to figure out your business while taking care of raising a human, it doesn’t matter if you’re a VP in corporate, it doesn’t matter. I hear the same thing from women all over that feeling of isolation. I’m alone. I can’t be real. I can’t talk to , I don’t, I can’t say it right. And it’s that fear of looking bad. Um, if we can’t, if we don’t have community, we don’t have the support around us to hold us accountable to cheerlead to have that phone, a friend lifeline when you’re like, Hey, I’m going down negative town right now. Like I’m having a bad day and I think that I just need to get a job at home Depot. Like, I shouldn’t do this anymore. Like, you gotta have those people that you can call that know how to show up for you. Like one that is really important when you have, when you can step out of isolation and into community, you can find more success in your life. 100%. Um, the second thing is the money stuff and people are like, we don’t, we’re afraid to talk about it and it’s a sh we need to deal with it on day one. Like, hire a bookkeeper on day one. If it’s not your strength contracted out right away. Like, get a Ninja to support you. Um, understanding your numbers, understanding where you’re at. Like, if that’s not happening, you don’t even know when your ship is falling apart, you know? And , um, I know we , we re I need to teach you are connected to Selena gray from uh , from rise and she was one of our speakers and she’s been one of the most phenomenal humans that I have met. And she talks about money in such a beautiful, beautiful way. Uh, but we need to get comfortable with talking about money and we need to get comfortable with talking about our worth and we need to get comfortable with making, with our businesses actually being profitable and making it because we are not volunteers and there is a difference between a conversation people will have with a woman about their rates, their services, whatever versus a man. It, we have a long way to go there. It’s still a thing and I get people emailing me every single day saying, can you donate this? Can you whatever. I’m like, when’s the last time you walked into your dentist’s office and said, can I just have a free root canal? Like when I, so how we can show up for our sisters in that is like help our sisters know their worth. Also got a friend in business, like buy their services, buy their stuff, buy tickets to their event.

Kat: 24:47

Oh I’m so glad you said that cause it is, it’s something that we just don’t talk about enough. Like it’s almost, you get a surprise when you’re like listening to a podcast and finally someone talks about money and you’re like, Oh what? I mean if we do not have money, we do not have a business. Like we have a hobby.

Speaker 2: 25:04

Yeah. 100%. And that’s another thing too is like the optics of being successful versus the reality of getting things done. Uh, that’s another thing that I see a lot of early stage entrepreneurs do is like addicted to the phone gotta be on social media and need to show up, need to do this, need to do this. You need to do real work. Like you need to do real work. Like carve out time that you need for your networking. Make your content calendar, be efficient with that because yes, it is important, but you need to do the real work. Like what are you actually doing to move the needle? Is is the question, right? It’s like we can talk about it all day. We can have tons of followers, we can have tons of brand credibility online. But like I like do the work.

Kat: 25:50

No, absolutely. Okay. So let’s do the flip side. You also rub shoulders with some of the most incredible inspirational and successful people on in every sense of the word because you attract them to your events. What is it that you’re saying that they have in common that is actually making them that successful considering they have such different backgrounds and business models and everything. What brings into

Speaker 2: 26:12

yeah, their mindset mindset. Okay. So I have been doing content like you should see the floor of my office that you can’t be on this. It’s so funny cause I’ve been doing interviews for the last two weeks solid from all of our rise speakers and I feel like I’ve got about 20 hours of coaching in the last two weeks from wow . If you’re specifically, cause I’m interviewing that we’re , we’re about to release this really awesome like rise masterclass. It’s a free online thing where people will be able to get like a mini coaching session with all of our speakers and the common thread between every single one of them and the common thread between every single one that has been on our rise stage before is their mindset. They all meditate, they all prioritize their morning routine and they all know how to talk themselves out of a spiral shitstorm that is going in their head of that negative voice, like pages and pages and pages on every single one of them. Is that like mindset?

Kat: 27:09

No one wants to hear that cause they want the simple answer . They like it don’t just, I need to grow my Instagram or I just need to be better on video. No, you need to get your mindset right

Speaker 2: 27:19

because it’s key. Like, okay, so if you’re not showing up online, why, if you’re, if that’s something that is a part of your business, why are you not doing it? Is it because you’ve got a voice in your head that’s being like, Oh no, I wants to watch my stuff. Oh it’s not good enough. Whatever. Like probably I’ve held myself back from being like, Oh, I should get on and I should do this interview or I should talk to people about this. And I’m like, Oh , like I, I haven’t done my hair today. Like I should probably not do that. Like no one wants to watch whatever or if you’re not going after the meeting, if you’re not going after the client, if you’re not making the pitch, if you’re not adding them on LinkedIn, if you’re not showing up in the reception’s office, like waiting for them to come out. Like why? It’s your mindset. You’re telling yourself that you shouldn’t.

Kat: 28:04

Good. It’s good. We need to know this. Like it’s, it’s, sometimes it’s a tough pill to swallow, but I think once you figure it out, that’s when every single thing changes. I mean, I mean so may like the mindset journey. It’s for everybody. It’s a lifelong thing. You never just have it figured out. But I think like now coming back to rise, the power of rise is bringing like the fact that you have so many incredible people that upbringing . It’s funny because the underlying themes that are always the same, like everyone is, has their thing that they talk about, whether it’s money or love, like relationships, boundaries. But underneath you’re still being kind of told the same thing about self-worth, about loving yourself, accepting yourself and showing up in a really big way for everybody around you. Like I feel like that kind of sums it up. And for me, even though I was doing all the work when I showed up at rise last year and I didn’t know what to expect at all, I have to say like I went along for the ride, like your Tang got in touch and go like, do you want to be an investor? I’m like, this looks incredible. But like I know so little about it. I’d been following ACE but not the rise conference. And I walked in by myself that day, like kind of a bit freaked out and I was like, that’s cool. And going with an open mind and like was just greeted by like joy and this incredible energy. And then when people, like it was Danielle LaPorte that did the first like big keynote and I was like, this is, this is what I’ve been waiting for this whole time. Like, and I kind of realized how much I’d been missing out on by not showing up at these kind of events and not really like immersing myself, the genius of all these other people is it like it gives you the biggest wake up calls and ANSYS came to me that I’d been looking for for so long on something I shared with. Um, I bumped into a friend there and she was like, what was your big takeaway from today? Cause like there was a lot, like I think I took about 25 pages of notes. Like it was pretty good like that. I was like, I feel like the , the big message that I got today, especially from Danielle and a couple of others , speakers was like, slow the F down. You know what you need.

Speaker 2: 30:13

Yes. I love Danielle so much. And yeah, her message is really strong. And her message at rise this year was about enthusiasm also. So it was like low down and like find stillness and space, which you need stillness and space. If you’re going to see the results of your work. If you want to really expand, you can’t be just like hustle, hustle, hustle, meeting, eating meaning thing after thing after thing. Book after book, workout, workshop off the workup . Yes . If you don’t give yourself some space to breathe. Um , but her message around enthusiasm was very much so like if it doesn’t light you up or you know, the way I say it , like it’s not a fuck yes, it’s gotta be a note. And uh , and , and deciding like, like you said it too , like, you know what’s whispering in your heart, you know what’s getting you out of bed every day . And um, if you can, if you can show up for yourself in a bigger way, do it. Like it’s a cloak of broke that stuff inside of you. And rise is just about creating the environment for you to do that. Right? That’s where we’re just the facilitators of what you already know. And like sometimes it’s just about getting the cobwebs out of your head or removing the barriers that exist from our day to day normal lives.

Kat: 31:22

Yeah. I think we learn all the things. Like everyone’s doing the work, you know the ones that really want to do it, we are doing it. But then showing up in person and being surrounded with the energy way . Like you’ve got like 160 plus people who will all there for the same reason who are just as excited. Like the energy was actually electric. It’s not something that I’d ever experienced before, but it just like suddenly I was like where are the events at ? Like I need to start showing up more. So I mean I’d love to hear like what is, do you have like an underlying theme that you’re trying to go for this year? Like what is, what is it that you’re most excited about? About the like ,

Speaker 2: 31:58

yeah, this is fresh cause I’ve been talking to all the speakers too. And the theme is consistent with us in the sense where, you know, what we talk about at rise is like how do you get out of your head and into your life? How do you Uplevel your business? How do you like strengthen your health and your wellbeing and how do you improve your relationships? So business, health, wellness and relationships, those are the themes that happened at everything we do, whether that’s ACE or rabbis for specifically at rise, those , that’s kind of the lens. But what’s coming up for me is I’m connecting with all these speakers is like, it’s really about stepping into your magic. And I think that that’s really beautiful based on the space that we’ve chosen. And Lake Louise is being an incredibly magical place just on its own. Uh , it’s definitely the right environment to create that energy and that space, that openness, that expansion. Uh, it’s a castle, like it’s a castle and there’s, the air is different and the energy is different in the mountains. And you know, there’s also something so beautiful about being in the mountains and what it represents. And, and I see it as like, you know, when one woman has the courage to speak up and share her journey and share her truth or like what’s real for her, like a mountain sort of , um , spreads . And then another one does when another woman jumps on and is like, Hey, you did it. I can have the courage to do that too. And to me, being surrounded by the mountains is just like representative of rising. Right. And so we get to rise together.

Kat: 33:31

Oh , it’s so exciting. And just, okay. So for everyone listening, just, just to put some context, like to let you know what a big deal this conference is and how amazing I think it is. So I told my mom that I was going to run , well, that I got invited to rise this year. I was meant to be flying to Australia on those dates for her 60th birthday. And I told her and I told her it’s in Lake Louise and she heard all about the conference last year. She knew it changed my life and she was like, what if, what if you don’t come to Australia? What if I go, I you what? Like I thought she was punking me. Like I was really confused cause we had all these plans in place and she’s like , like Louise is my favorite place on earth and the thought of going to rise with you is like that I could not think of a better way to celebrate my 60th.

Speaker 2: 34:19

I love that. That is so special. Um, my mom will be there again too. So our mom , uh , I’m amazing. Yes. Bring the moms out to rise. Like this is an experience that is so nice. Like you can do it alone. It’s a great place to come alone and you’re going to meet people like 100%. That’s, you know , at the core. But it’s also a place if you want to come together that you’re going to deepen your connection and your bond with whoever you come with because you’re going to open up in a different way. You’re going to have things that are in common about, you know, growth in like tapping into your potential and your dreams and things that are really important to you. And so when you get to go deep with people that you experience regular life with, your relationship changes forever. So whether that’s a coworker, whether that’s your mom, whether that’s your sisters, your friends, like business associates, like whatever, whatever that is, like expect to walk out of this experience

Kat: 35:18

connected official . And I , I mean one thing that I think we struggle with, even if we’re doing the work and we feel like we’re on the right path and doing all the things, is that how often do you actually set aside a weekend or a few days for you for your personal development, for connection, for like to just like treat Yosef but in a way that’s actually going to like shoot you forward in your life. It’s just not just like getting a massage. Yeah.

Speaker 2: 35:42

It’s about nourishing your soul. Right? And especially as entrepreneurs that are listening, like, Oh my God, how am I going to take three days out of my business? Like you can’t afford to not take three days of your business. I will tell you as , as someone who has worked myself out for over and over and over again from just running, running, running fast, taking this time to nourish yourself and to focus on you will help you show up for your business. It’ll help you show up for your family, for your relationships, for your, you know, for your health. And you know, they say it on the airplanes, right? It’s like put your own oxygen mask on . That’s what rises. It is treat yourself. And the Fairmont does have nice bathtubs also. So they’ll use some of that stuff .

Kat: 36:23

Okay. So it takes everybody nice . Well I will be including a link and my code so that if you guys want to join Mandy and me and our moms at rise this year, you can get a special deal and we can just all celebrate and lift each other up

Speaker 2: 36:38

100% and the early bird ends February 29. So it’s the last chance it was released before that, that uh, they’ll be able to capitalize on that early bird special deal. Plus your promo code with your community as well. So, so jump on it. And the Fairmont has really awesome rates for a $200 a night to stay there. So come on out.

Kat: 37:00

Let’s just make this happen. Well , thank you so much for spending this time with us and sharing your incredible story. I’m really great. Thank you for the opportunity cat . And it’s so amazing to have you as part of our community and I appreciate you so much and so grateful that you and your mom are coming out to rise as well. We will be seeing you in Lake Louise


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