The real secret to beating the algorithm in 2020

If you’ve been feeling like social media gets tougher every year, that the effort you’re pouring into your personal brand or business seems to barely make a difference, and that it looks almost impossible to stand out and get noticed in today’s noisy, crowded world… you need to listen to this.

We’re going to cover a LOT. In particular…

  • The truth about the algorithm and how to beat it (or join it?)
  • What I’ve noticed happen to Instagram over the past 2 years
  • What “compound interest” means for building a brand and how you can create it
  • What happened to my YouTube channel while I was on vacation and didn’t plan ahead

And 5 really simple but crucial strategies you need to follow if you want your work to make a difference in your life and business this year — and every year.

If you wanna take your social media (and emails, videos, blog posts, the lot) to the next level, join me for The Social Storytelling Challenge!

It’s totally free to take part and you’ll be getting daily live coachings, a workbook, practical, implementable daily homework and the change to win some sweet prizes.

Most importantly, you’ll be walking away with a framework to create social stories that increase your engagement, improve your organic reach and turn casual scrollers into true superfans.


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