How to Use Journalling to Achieve More and Worry Less

If you’re looking to add one thing to your toolkit this year that actually moves the need for your life AND business, may I suggest you try daily journalling?

Now before you roll your eyes and visualise “Dear Diary, why doesn’t Johnny me anymore? I can’t go on without him!” I beg of you to listen to today’s episode.

I started daily journalling in August of 2019 and was blown away by the immediate and longer-term changes I experienced.

Things like…

▶ less anxiety + racing thoughts
▶ less negative self-talk
▶ more productivity + focus
▶ a more positive outlook
▶ sleeping sounder
▶ quicker to nip challenges in the bud

Basically everything I needed to start feeling like I was the one in the driver’s seat!

It today’s epside I’m going to not only talk more about why I think this is such an important habit to build, but also some really simple guidelines for how to do it. So shall we get started?

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