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How to Turn Strangers into Superfans using the Power of Video

You must have known this was coming – as someone who has been building her own brand using video (YouTube, Facebook live, online courses, you name it), it’s time for me to get on my soapbox and explain just how powerful this incredible medium is.

More importantly, I want you to understand that to use video to build your personal brand and business, it doesn’t take fancy equipment, expensive editing software or professional presenting skills. Your audience is ready to embrace you as you are on camera, so all you need to do is get out of your own way!

In today’s episode, I’m going to quickly touch on the 3 main blocks people tend to have around video (and how to get over them), then we’re diving straight into the kinds of video you can use throughout the entire customer journey, right from getting found to onboarding them with a dose of “wow” factor so they start promoting you FOR you.

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How to turn strangers into superfans using video


You’re listening to episode five: How to grow your personal brand or business using video. And before any of you, camera shy folk disappear on me, hear me out. This episode isn’t just about how you need to start up a YouTube channel and end up with millions of people watching your videos. I am going to talk to you in this episode about how a whole range of video types from personalized ones to screen shares and testimonials to Facebook lives can transform perfect strangers into super fans and it doesn’t require any fancy gear or editing skills or you know, you being a professional presenter and having an autocue. So are you intrigued yet? Well, then keep listening. Welcome to the personal branding project. I’m your host Kat Elizabeth and an actor and personal branding coach who is obsessed with helping creative entrepreneurs like you feel personal brands that change your life, good from attracting bigger opportunities, more joy and freedom in your life and the ability to get paid to do the things that you love most. Each week. I’m bringing you inspiration, practical advice, and the occasional dose of tough love so you can stop dreaming and start doing what it takes to make those dreams a reality.

As I mentioned, this episode is about all things video, but we are going so much deeper than your classic YouTube videos or website “about me” videos today. I truly believe that video is the most powerful way to build a genuine connection with your audience in the fastest way possible. And the beauty of this is that there are so many different kinds of videos that you can use to walk your customers or clients through that journey from being total strangers, to then becoming super fans who pay to work with you or buy your products and tell all their friends about you. And you do not have to be some professional presenter with these incredible skills and fancy gear and editing software to make this happen. So it might sound obvious, but I just want to talk about why video is so powerful today as opposed to any other time our social media feeds us stuffed with advertising.

Clever posts, perfectly curated photos. It’s noisy and we’re all getting pretty sick of it. We don’t really know who to believe anymore, who’s the real deal because there are so many people that make themselves look more clever and successful than they really are. But video makes it really difficult to lie. Watching you on a video, we don’t just get proof of what you know, but we get a glimpse into your personality and our guts tend to tell us whether we can trust you or not. And also obviously with our short attention spans, video is one of the few ways to grab someone’s attention. These days we are definitely spending less time reading those blog articles we used to and we tend to seem to just churn out when we say too many photos and things in our feed. Whereas video tends to grab us no matter what.

So those are all the basics. Maybe you knew them, maybe you didn’t. But now I really want to get down into that customer journey. So, I mean the customer journey is essentially the journey that someone takes from not knowing about you at all, to getting to know you, warming up to you, having that know, like and trust factor, get built, to eventually working with you and then hopefully referring you to other people. That is the ideal journey. So I want to talk about the videos that you can use throughout that journey at different points so that you’re building know, like, and trust. And the first one I’m going to talk about is getting found. So obviously we need to, you know, if these people are strangers, if they don’t know about you, then obviously they need to find you somehow. And that is where search optimized videos come in in, in a big way.

I’m not talking about anything paid today. Obviously you can use videos in paid advertising, but I’m talking about how video can be used for free to grow your audience and then you know, win them over. So search optimized videos are generally going to live on YouTube, which is the second largest search engine in the world and it’s owned by Google, which means sometimes if you’re searching for something on Google, you may actually see that video results appear on page one along with those standard results. I personally have a video that is ranking, I believe it’s still number one at the time of recording this on YouTube, but it’s also showing up on the first page of the search results on Google and the video has over 10,000 views, which is crazy. Now, unfortunately, I didn’t really know what I was doing when I first made that video and I hadn’t built a funnel in place.

I didn’t have people signing up for anything, so a lot of that traffic was wasted. I’m just here to tell you that you know it is not too late to be creating videos and getting on YouTube and having your videos found by total strangers and it doesn’t take, you know, having 10,000 views, a hundred thousand, a million views to actually change the shape of your business. Because if you are attracting the right people and you get them onto your email list or you get them onto a call, using your free resources, there is so much more likelihood that they’re going to eventually become paying customers because they learned it from you first. So once you get found, you now need to build some trust and some social proof and the kinds of videos we can use for that educational videos and look, that might go hand in hand with the videos that get you found as well because you very often are going to use educational videos on YouTube.

But then beyond that you can be using them absolutely anywhere. So they can be on your website and your blog, social media, you could be emailing them to people. And then the other side of that, a testimonial videos and case studies. So ways of either having *you* talk about your results or having someone else, which is the powerful kind, talk about them for you and these kinds of things are building trust because there’s kind of the authority factor. So if you’re teaching people about something that you’re an expert in, that eventually you want them to pay for, well they’re going to start thinking of you is that go to person for this, you know, this topic or whatever it may be. And those testimonials are the cherry on top that just bring in extra proof that you know what you’re doing because you’ve got proof that it actually works in action.

That you don’t just know the theory, but that you actually make it — turn that theory into something very relevant and tangible. Once you’ve built some trust and some social proof, it’s about deepening the relationships. You don’t want people just trusting you and going to you for quick answers, but you want them to really like you, you know, to really feel like they have a genuine connection with you and respond to your personality and your values and things like that. Stuff that goes even deeper. That kind of leads to a different kind of loyalty. And that is where things like Facebook lives are incredible because they can be a bit more off the cuff. They can feel a bit more real. People know that they’re not being edited and heavily scripted. So whatever’s coming out is genuine generally. And that is going to help you take strides towards, you know, your audience feeling way more connected to you.

Instagram stories are the same because they are very fresh and spontaneous and they’re very behind the scenes. This is another way of having people see a glimpse into the behind the scenes of you know, your business, your life. Obviously it’s up to you how much you share that people love a dose of realness in their social media feeds. Yes, we love polished and pretty when you know, we’re asking for a quick answer. Like if we want a tutorial then we want you to get to the point and teach us something. But when it comes to behind the scenes, we’re actually okay for you to ramble a little bit and show us your personality. So hopefully after you have taken that relationship to the next level, this is when they’re starting to actually ask you to work with them. And so we need to think about how you can onboard them.

And so at the very beginning of that stage, you could be using videos on your sales pages. And obviously we’ve got advertising, but we’re talking free here. So on your sales page or on a teaser module of something that you’re selling, this is a perfect way to actually kind of say hello to people, explain what it is you’re selling and give them a more personal approach to telling them about what you do. Because a lot of people aren’t reading sales pages these days. They’re too long. I mean, mine are too long, but I’m following a formula. But the fact is some people want all those details. Some people want you to get straight to the point. Some people want you to actually tell them opposed to writing it. So that is where inserting some video content into these sales pages into your website are going to make such a big difference.

Okay. So let’s say they’ve looked at your sales page, they’ve looked at your website and they’re on the fence. Like they know that you’ve got something that they want but they’re just maybe not quite pulling the tree yet. That’s when doing something like a conference call, a video call – whatever you want to call it – on a platform like Zoom.us is incredible because it’s one thing to hop on a phone call with someone and they hear what you’re saying. We can definitely tell a lot about someone from their voice. I mean I think that’s why people do love podcasts so much because there’s plenty of personality and everything but being able to get those visual clues as well. So looking at the expression on someone’s face, reading their body language, you know, looking at little things like what are you wearing?

What’s going on? Like what’s the backdrop light. Those are all subconscious things that we are using to process whether we trust you or not with our money. So I think that is the next step is, is like if you really have one of those products or services that are a bigger sell, that require a bit more trust from your potential client or customer, then get them on a video call and just see what happens. Then you’ve got fantastic things to onboard them, like getting a screen capture. So if you have documents they need to fill out or you’re teaching them how to use something or explaining the process of working with you. Using a platform like loom is amazing for recording your screen and showing people step by step how to fill something out, how to do something and you know it can actually save you a lot of time as well because you probably get asked the same questions over and over often.

And this is just a way of going, okay, let’s just answer it in one go and not just write some novel about it but just show people because generally that’s so much quicker. And also welcome videos. This is kind of moving into the the wow factor that you can use, which is step number five. But I want you to think about how could you actually use video to make someone feel really special and get them to talk about you. And for me, I love using a platform called Bonjoro and there’s also another one called BombBomb. And it’s where you record a personalized video that goes straight to your customer or client’s inbox and you can onboard them. You can say, “Hey so-and-so, I am so glad you’re here. Thank you so much for signing up. Here’s what to expect moving forward. Let me know if you need anything” et cetc.

It sounds so simple and yet so few people are actually doing this right now that it really does stand out. And what I’ve seen happen in my own business and in some of my clients is that when people get this kind of video, it doesn’t just wow them to the point of like them thanking you and being like, Oh, that’s amazing. They go out and tell their friends. And they’re like, Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it. Like my real estate agent just sent me this personal video message to let me know what happened at the open home or something like that and you would just be blown away about how such a simple gesture that actually requires so little effort and time from you can really take a relationship with someone to the next level and potentially have like you’ll see a return on investment as well because if they tell other people and start attracting new clients to you, then I mean think it’s worth the two minutes that it would take to record that video.

Now I know all of this is a lot and I don’t want you hearing these and just thinking, Oh my goodness, I need to do everything and I need to do it now. You definitely don’t need to do all of them and if you want to do all of them, you don’t have to start all of them today. But I do want you to just start mulling it over and thinking, “what are some really simple ways I could integrate video into my existing strategy so that I can help with my own customer or client journey?” And so maybe just pick one that you can do. You know that you could even start this week that is going to either help you reach more people or maybe it’s going to make onboarding so much easier. Maybe it’s just a way of sharing your personality a bit more.

It doesn’t really matter what it is. You just need to do something. And if you’re not currently using video to build your brand or you’re not using it consistently, you’re not really feeling good about it… I want to ask you, why not? What is actually stopping you? In my experience, there are three main reasons that people don’t make video a part of their marketing strategy. There’s probably a few more, but this is the real personal one. So marketing strategy when it comes to your personal brand. Number one is a lack of confidence. So you just feel horrible on camera. You don’t like how you look, you don’t like how you sound, you don’t know what to say. You worry that people are judging you. You’ve got all the stories in your head about why you shouldn’t be on video. Number two is tech overwhelm.

So thinking, well, I’m not super tech savvy. I don’t have the money for fancy gear. How would I edit it? I don’t know anything about cameras, like whatever it is, you just think, well there’s a huge block between me, you know, getting on on camera because of all the tech stuff. Number three is just not even knowing where to start. Maybe it’s a mixture of everything. Maybe it’s that you don’t have a strategy so you don’t really know — like you know that video could be good, but how in the world do you integrate it into your business or your brand? And no matter what it was like if one of those things really resonated with you, I just want to provide a couple of little solutions or some ways of, of just unblocking you. So if you’re worried about where to start, if it’s, if it is the strategy and just going, Oh my goodness, where do I start?

I want to encourage you to start by answering the big questions. So thinking about what are asking you over and over, what do they need to know about what you do and anything related to it for them to start moving their own journey forward. You know, getting close to the transformation that they want. And also raising awareness about the problem that you can solve. Because sometimes it’s that people aren’t even super aware of what the problem is, so therefore they don’t know that you’re the solution. So that’s kind of, I mean this is from two approaches. So one is just like starting to provide some quick wins and answering some questions. But if you want to take it a step further back, you know, let them know that this is a problem. Why is it a problem and how can you solve it? And that is a really good jumping off point for video.

Without over-complicating it, without having to get some fancy video strategist involved. Just start there because doing anything at this point, as long as you got a little bit of guidance is going to be better than doing nothing. And then once you start putting it out there, you can obviously improve on that and keep building on it to answer the question or the issue around technology. Well, I mean it’s really simple. You don’t need much. Start with your smartphone and a tripod and if you want more help, I’ve included a link to my tech recommendations download in the show notes or you can go to personal branding project.co/005 because if you really do just feel like, no, no, no, I actually want to get a few things that are gonna make me look more professional, then that’s all good. All power to you.

I’ll give you my recommendations, but I’m telling you right now that people care so much more about what you have to say than the way you’re filming it. So a smartphone is actually plenty, especially in this day and age, like the cameras on smartphones of ridiculous, like they are so powerful that looks so professional. And the main thing is you need some sort of tripod or some way of positioning your camera or phone so that it captures you at the right angle. Like that’s kind of it. And if you shoot at the right time of day, then hopefully you’ll have enough sunlight and you can find a good window to hit the right light on your face. Okay, so I’m just saying, please don’t let technology be the blocker to you getting started with video. And finally the lack of confidence, which is not a quick fix as in I don’t want you to think that like you do an hour’s work and then boom, you’re going to just suddenly feel a magazine about being on video.

But because the fact is it’s all about the stories that you’re telling yourself. And unfortunately some of us have been telling ourselves these stories since we were kids. So they really deeply ingrained. But that said, it doesn’t mean we can’t rewrite them and get ourselves out of our own way. So this is one way you are going to have to do some inner work. There’s not like a switch that you can just hit, but if you want some extra help and you do want a bit of a kick up the backside of that. This one, I do have a camera confidence crash course, which is normally only $19 ’cause it’s one of those things where just like I want as many people to start creating video as possible because I know the transformative power it can have of your brand and your business.

But because I love you, if you use the code “podcast”, when you go check it out, it’ll take $10 off, which means it’ll literally be $9 so the cost of two coffees and you can find a link to it in the show notes as well. So basically… I just want you to remove the excuses however you need to because creating video could actually be the bridge that you’ve been looking for to connect you with your dream client or customer. And you’ve got to ask yourself, do you really want to keep hiding? You know, hiding your genius from the world and growing so painfully slowly and chasing people and you know, like throwing money at ads or whatever it is that you’re doing right now. Video is, it is kind of magical. If you do it properly, it really can change the game for you in a way that doesn’t cost you a small fortune.

It doesn’t have to take over your week. You don’t need to go losing 20 kilos (45lbs for my US friends!) To get in front of the camera. I’m telling you that with what you’ve got right now. You could be doing video and seeing results from it. So whatever you do, just just promise me you’ll give it a try. And it might just be on Instagram stories. You know, it might be the occasional Facebook live. I don’t care what it is. I just want you to challenge yourself to push yourself just that little bit further outside your comfort zone and really just start getting a bit creative about how you could just build stronger relationships and, and get yourself out there a bit more using video. Now if you enjoy this episode, I would be really, really grateful if you would leave a review wherever it is you’re listening to it and if you want to share it with the world and take a screenshot and let me know what your biggest takeaway was. If you tag me at @iamkatelizabeth I’ll reshare it as well. Anyways, I’ll let you go get, and I can’t wait to chat with you on the next one. Thanks for listening!


Kat is a copywriter, brand & messaging strategist personal branding coach and the founder of The Personal Branding Project whose mission is to help you go from best-kept secret to in-demand brand.


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