You’ll be in deep water if you don’t drink enough. Water, that is.

We all know that we should drink water. Every day. But how much water do we really need? When is enough, enough?

We read of celebrities religiously consuming several litres of H2O each day. Elle Macpherson advises us to drink three litres of water daily. 

But have you tried that? How do you fit all that water into your day? And should you do what The Body advises?

The facts

Did you know that when you look in the mirror, you see a face and body that’s around 60 per cent water. But where is it all hiding? 

It’s in every cell, tissue and organ in your body.

So it’s in your skin. When you’re hydrated, your skin will glow. Not enough water, and your face will be the first to show. Wrinkles and dry skin don’t just happen with age. They can happen if you don’t get your daily dose of water. 

Think about a grape. Plump and mouth-wateringly juicy. But when grapes are dried, they become raisins. Pop a raisin in a glass of water and you know what happens. 

When you look in the mirror, you see a face and body that’s around
 60 per cent water.  But where is it all hiding?

Inside your body, you need water to keep your temperature normal.  Now that’s pretty important – and don’t tell me you knew that.

Water not only cleans your body when you shower, but internally it gets rid of all the waste you generate. 

And if you don’t get enough, your energy will take itself on a holiday, and you’ll be left tired and lethargic.

After a night on the tiles

If you’re like most people, you would have burned the candle at both ends – perhaps on way more than just one occasion.

The next morning all you can think about is water – and a Big Mac. Alcohol robs your body of water and you need to top it up – pronto. So you down a big glass, and another.

But did you know that if you drank a couple of glasses of water between alcoholic drinks they would act fast to deal with the alcohol in your body.  In fact, if you allow 5 glasses of water to one glass of wine, your blood alcohol level would be 0.00 – or close to.

OK. That’s enough preaching. Back to how to drink enough water each day to give your body what it needs.

Daily drink amount

The facts are in from the Mayo Clinic. Women need around 2.7 litres of fluids a day. And by fluids, we mean water, juices, herbal teas – not a glass of pinot.

Do the math. Get a measuring jug. Fill your normal drinking glass with water. Tip it into the jug. It should measure around 200 to 250 ml. 

Women need around 2.7 litres of fluids a day. And by fluids, we mean water, juices, herbal teas – not a glass of pinot.

Multiply 200 by 5 or 250 by 4 and you have a litre. Simple. So 8 glasses a day sounds about right.  

Daily drink how

OK. This is how to do it. If you work, fill your water bottle (usually 500 ml). Then sip, sip, sip until it’s gone. Fill and repeat 4 times.

If you are home, fill a glass and leave it in the kitchen. Every time you go near that glass, have a couple of mouthfuls. Fill and repeat 7 times.

Good water habits

Once you make drinking water a habit, you’ll just do it. Your body will love you for it, and your skin will look great. 

But the best thing is that your energy will return after its holiday – full of beans. So look out world!


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