Got all the ideas but stuck staring at a blank page & blinking cursor?

And lemme guess… that blank page is what’s standing between you and the potential clients who could be buying from you if only you knew what to say?

Here's my proposal:โ€‹

Get access to ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿผโ€๐Ÿซ Coach Kat, ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿผโ€๐Ÿ”ฌ Brand Strategist Kat and ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿผโ€๐Ÿ’ป Copywriter Kat (yes, all me!) in the one session so we can get what’s in your head out on paper. Structured to flow. And with messaging that’s dialled in to connect with your one ideal reader. Oh, and done within the day.

The only rules:

1. You must know what you want to create and what it’s purpose will be

2. You must know the audience you want to reach with it


It's copy co-creation (except I do most of the work)

Whether it’s that your messaging is all muddled up, your document’s getting way too long, or you don’t know what should go where on your website/sales page/email or even social content… that’s where I’ll come in.ย 

Bring me your unfinished document (or pages of notes!) and I’ll make sure you walk away with something usable.

Including but not limited to:

You've got 3 options when it comes to session lengths

Let’s be honest. Not all copywriting projects are made equal. Depending on what stage of the process you’re in and how many words are involved, we’ll need to give ourselves the time to tackle it without feeling like the clock’s ticking!



Approx 2 hours total. We’ll meet for as long as needed (anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour) and I’ll use the remaining time to work my copy magic. Perfect for bite-sized projects like single web pages or giving your bio/LinkedIn summary some love.

650 USD



Approx 4 hours total. We’ll spend some time together to map out a plan, then I’ll say “BRB” and go do some writing (I’ll send you a wrap up video once I’m done). Ideal for a couple of web pages, email sequences or bigger but “half-done” projects.

1250 USD



Approx 8 hours total. You know the drill: we meet, we strategise, I go offline to write. This is a big session for a meaty project so great for long-form copy like sales pages, lead magnets, longer email sequences or 3-4 website pages.

2500 USD


Oh right, hi there!

On the off-chance you have no idea who I am, I’m Kat. Founder of The Personal Branding Project, brand strategist, conversion copywriter and personal branding coach.

I decided to pair my 6 years of full-time copywriting experience (probably translating to 500,000 words written) with my brand strategy & coaching experience to create this solution for you.

Whether it’s brand messaging, SEO copywriting (the kind that gets people finding you on Google) or conversion copy (the kind that gets people to buy), I’ve got you.

And here's how I make sure my words actually *work*

As well as the experience I have writing for countless brands (and my own), I’m ALWAYS learning and collecting certifications. Conversion copywriting, Facebook ads, quizzes, course creation, launching, evergreen funnels, webinars, YouTube SEO, podcast marketing… I’ve studied it all & tested it on my own brand so you don’t have to.


We can get started in just 3 simple steps...


Fill out my application formย and tell me about your copy woes (just so I have an idea of what we’re going to be working on and where you got stuck)


We’ll hop on a quick call to make sure I’m the right person to help you (after all, we need to “get” each other or you probably won’t like my copy!)


If we both want to move ahead, we’ll decide on whether you need the mini, half day or full day session then organise your deposit to secure the date. Easy-peasy.

“It was time for me to take my business to the next level, perfectionism had set in and I was stuck, completely unable to move forward. I was really surprised at how quickly Kat was able to get inside my head and start making sense of everything I had been feeling. I felt heard and seen through the entire process.ย Not only did Kat help to create some kick-ass messaging and a plan to roll it out, but she helped me to remove the blocks that were preventing me from moving forward.ย Working with Kat is one of the best investments Iโ€™ve made in myself and my business.


Interested but not sure if this is what you need?

All good! Shoot me a quick message via my contact form or DM me on Instagram and we can figure out the best next steps based on your goals, experience level and available resources.

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