Imagine knowing exactly what to say whether you’re crafting a caption, writing an email, sharing your backstory – or even just introducing yourself.

From brand story to bios, sales pages to social posts, Brand Messaging Bootcamp will give the confidence, clarity and actual words you need talk about your brand, online and off.

A lack of clarity in your brand message can cost you a lot.

Wasted time. 

Money spent on marketing that did nothing.

And the worst of all:

Revenue lost because you didn’t attract the right audience.

I learned this lesson the hard way and now I’ve made it my mission to make sure no one has to struggle with this again. If you’re struggling with a lack of clarity, content overwhelm and worry your brand is invisible (or forgettable), I suggest you keep reading.

Before working with Kat I really struggled find the right words to explain what I do. I always felt stressed that my brand messaging was unclear and how that would impact my positioning online. Working with Kat was the best thing I did for myself in 2019 – she helped me create clear and consistent messaging across my entire brand. With her support, I not only feel more confident but am getting so many more conversions in my business. She’s been so incredibly encouraging and a dream to work with, I’d recommend her to a friend in an instant!

Operations & Productivity Strategist

On a scale of 1 to 10

 How confident do you feel right now in your ability to:

🔘 Explain what you do in 50 words or less

🔘 Write your own social posts, emails + web pages

🔘 Share your backstory and “why” with your audience

🔘 Write a bio for social media that makes someone take notice

🔘 Come up with relevant + interesting content ideas

Here’s the thing.

You’re probably already spending a ton of time creating content.

You may have even invested in other programs (or copywriters) to help you with it.

But if you’re reading this right now, it’s because your gut is telling you it’s not working.

…Mind if I suggest a solution?

Introducing Brand Messaging Bootcamp

30 days to total clarity in your content + copy

Understand your audience. Share your story. Build meaningful (profitable!) connection.

☑️ 5 modules with easy to follow video lessons (on demand for life)

☑️ A Brand Messaging Bible template (no more struggling to find the words)

☑️ Email, social media, script + bio swipe files (stop trying to reinvent the wheel!)

☑️ A private Facebook group for live Q+As, content reviews + hot seats

☑️ A professional copywriter + personal branding coach as your expert guide

And once you’re done? 

 ☑️ No more time or $ wasted on creating another piece of content that does nothing for your brand


Hi, I'm Kat!

Before becoming a personal branding coach, I spent 5 years as a copywriter, writing words for other peoples’ businesses. It didn’t take me long to realise that a lack of brand clarity is an epidemic… and an expensive one at that (trust me, I’ve lived it myself!) I now work with small biz owners and personal brands like you to create a crystal clear brand story and content strategy needed to market your brand in a powerful way.

Over 30 days, Brand Messaging Bootcamp will teach you about…

Step 1: Defining your Dream Client

Step 1 will be live in your dashboard on March 1st

Before we can go deep, we need to create the outline of your ideal client, customer or fan so we know what we’re aiming for.

  • You’ll create detailed profiles using fun templates that go beyond classic demographics
  • You’ll do a bonus visual mood board to help visualise who they are and what they like
  • You’ll be able to use your profile(s) to help with targeting if/when you create paid ad campaigns for Facebook + Instagram!

Step 2: Learning to speak their language

Step 2 will be live in your dashboard on March 5th

This is where we’ll put on our detective hats and start to do some meaningful research, pulling together a swipe file of client language worth its weight in gold.

  • You’ll learn exactly how (and where) to find your dream clients or customers
  • You’ll be “swiping” words and phrases from them that you can use to write your own copy
  • You’ll start collecting a library of content ideas that your audience actually wants to hear about

Step 3: Defining your brand values + personality

Step 3 will be live in your dashboard on March 10th

Now it’s time for you to figure out what you want your brand to represent so you can develop a brand strategy that’s in alignment with who you are.

  • You’ll define your 3 core brand values and understand how they’ll affect your content
  • You’ll define your brand personality and how it’ll influence your tone of voice (and visuals)
  • You’ll create a mini Tone of Voice guideline
  • You’ll create a first draft of your mission statement (to be refined in Steps 4 + 5)

Step 4: Writing your Brand Story

Step 4 will be live in your dashboard on March 15th

Inspired by the Story Brand framework, we’re going to write a story for your brand that positions your dream client as the hero (not you!) so your content will start to move the needle for your biz.

  • You’ll draft each of the steps of your brand story
  • You’ll define your own process or framework for solving your client’s problem
  • You’ll define the transformation you help your client (and audience) achieve
  • You’ll draft your one-liner (elevator pitch)

Step 5: Pulling it all together

Step 5 will be live in your dashboard on March 21st

And finally, we’re going to pull it all together by creating a Brand Messaging Bible using simple formulas and swipe files so you’re never short on ideas or words for your content again. 

  • You’ll create a swipe file of key brand messages that make writing sales pages a breeze
  • You’ll write the perfect welcome email to introduce people to your list
  • You’ll write your micro, mini + full-length bios, perfect for any platform or format
  • You’ll re-work your home + about me pages on your website so they’re crystal clear

I'm not really into tooting my own horn, so here's what some of my clients have to say:

Get your clear on your brand messaging and start creating content that makes a difference.

Normally $497

The regular price of $497 CAD for the program isn’t a random number I plucked out of thin air.

If you were to hire a copywriter (i.e. me!) to create the Brand Messaging Bible (and everything that goes with it) for you, you’d be spending at least $3000. 

But if you show up and do the work yourself, here’s what you’ll walk away with:

☑️ A detailed client avatar that can be used to help connect with “your people” on social PLUS help your targeting when using paid ads

☑️ A swipe file full of copy “written” by your dream client that can be used to create social posts, sales pages, emails and more

☑️ A document full of juicy content ideas that actually interest your audience and can be turned into videos, social posts, blog articles, emails, podcast episodes… the lot.

☑️ A mission statement to drive your brand’s purpose and vision, keeping you motivated and focused

☑️ A brand story (inspired by the Story Brand framework) that helps guide every single piece of content you create and ensures it hits all of the right marks

☑️ A tone of voice guideline to help make it easier to know how to “sound” when you’re writing your copy or content

☑️ An elevator pitch that will transform your website + social bios plus give you 1000 x more confidence to introduce yourself at professional events or meetings

☑️ A welcome email that immediately takes the relationship with your subscriber to the next level and gets them excited about the next emails you’ll send

☑️ An about page that demonstrates your authority and empathy without sounding awkward or braggy

☑️ Social media bios that sum up what you do within your limited character count AND encourage your followers to take action,

And I haven't even told you about the bonuses yet! 👀

You’ll get access to my best templates and swipe files to help you write snappy social bios, meaningful about pages, powerful welcome emails + addictive video scripts.

You’ll be invited into a private Facebook group  where I’ll be hosting weekly Q+A calls, plus some bonus hot seats and content reviews so you can learn from each other.

And you’ll get lifetime access to The Social Storytelling Challenge so you can watch the videos on demand and continue upping your storytelling skills as your pair it with your newly found clarity and freshly written brand story.

Nail your brand messaging now so your content actually counts this year. Normally $497

As soon as you press that big ol’ button up there, here’s what’ll happen:


You’ll be taken to the learning platform (MemberVault) aka course HQ.


You’ll pay the $247 CAD via PayPal or Credit card using the secure checkout.


You’ll be redirected to your course dashboard (bookmark it) + can watch a welcome video from me.

So here's the recap of what's included in Brand Messaging Bootcamp

💡 On-demand video lessons taught by a professional copywriter + branding coach

💡 Downloadable workbooks for each lesson to complete as you go

💡 Swipe files + templates for social media, emails + video scripts

💡 Access to a private Facebook group for 30 days of weekly Q+As, hot seats + content reviews with Kat

💡 Monthly Q+A calls after the Bootcamp has finished (yep, the FB group lives on!

Real talk: right now, you can grab a spot in Brand Messaging Bootcamp for a limited time investment of $497 CAD

However, you need to know that...

This program is NOT for you if:

🚫 You have nothing to do with the content strategy and/or creation for your business or brand

🚫 You don’t want to be visible (or audible) as the face and voice of your brand

🚫 You don’t yet have a product or service in mind to offer your audience

🚫 You don’t believe in ideal clients and want to market your solution to everyone on the planet

🚫 You’re not prepared to invest at least 15 hours in completing the course content

This program is IDEAL for you if:

✅ You are are the face of your brand or business + involved in the content creation process

✅ You know how to help your clients or customers but struggle to explain it to anyone

✅ You have a service (1:1 or 1 to many) or digital product ready or almost ready to sell

✅ You are already putting time and energy into your content but want it to be more impactful

✅ You’re ready to dedicate at least 15 hours to following the program and doing the work

Who's this Kat girl anyway? 👀

Me again! In case you’re still reading and sitting on the fence, I thought I’d give you a bit more background on why I created this program (and am even qualified to help you).

After a pretty cool career in musical theatre, I fell into the marketing world, first as a marketing manager of a real estate agency, then in marketing my self-written and produced cabaret, and finally at an advertising agency. All of that helped give me the confidence and experience to go out on my own as a freelance copywriter + marketing strategist which is what I did for 5 years full-time before I decided to start coaching.

As well as building my own personal brand, I’ve helped my clients (from solopreneurs to international brands) with theirs, by giving them the words and content strategy to stand out from the competition and build genuine brand loyalty.

I’m a forever student. I dedicate hundreds of hours and a huge chunk of my earnings each year into taking courses, joining masterminds and working with coaches. Copywriting, SEO, brand strategy, email marketing, social media, course creation, YouTube — you name it!

When you work with me, I guarantee one simple thing: that I will do absolutely everything in my power to make sure you walk away with everything you expected and more. Tools, strategies, mindset shifts and a dash of tough love to make sure you take meaningful action.

What you need to know:

If you’re showing up inconsistently for your audience because drowning in overwhelm…

If your bios are clear as mud and no one seems to *really* know what you do…

If you know deep down that you’ve been playing small (and paying the price)

And you’re ready to start creating content that moves needle for your brand and bottom line…

Brand Messaging Bootcamp has the strategy, accountability + tough love you need to turn those 🥱 passive scrollers into superfans 🤩 and 🦗 crickets into cha-chings 💰

Psst: bit of a commitment-phobe?

How about this: Try out the program for 10 days and if you don’t like what you see, email me for a full refund (no work to prove, but I will ask for some optional feedback if that’s cool).

Whatever you do, don’t wait. This special pricing is going away soon. 

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