Become a booked-out, in-demand brand with 1:1 Personal Branding Strategy VIP Days

Let’s put an end to the guess work and make sure you’re getting seen, heard and paid (top dollar!) by your dream clients. 

Let’s be honest. Between running your business, keeping your clients happy and *attempting* to find work/life balance, you're not exactly drowning in free time.

So that wish list of things you know you could do to take your brand and marketing to the next level keeps gathering dust. 

And while you could probably revisit one of the 73 courses you enrolled in and try and do it yourself, you honestly don’t have the patience.

Plus deep down, you know you’re more likely to follow a strategy that someone else hands you vs one you created yourself! 

But investing in your biz when you’re already booking clients can feel pointless, right? 

I mean, is it reeeally necessary?

I get it. Let’s break it down and you can answer that for yourself.

Without a brand strategy you may be...

But with a brand strategy you...


If all of this sounds amazing but you’re wondering if you even have the bandwidth to deal with this: good news.

I created something that will mean you can walk away with a bangin’ brand strategy without having to spend weeks (or months!) agonizing over it.

Introducing Personal Branding Strategy VIP Days

You + me, 1:1 for an entire day to lay those brand foundations once and for all so you can attract the clients, revenue and opportunities you’re worthy of.

Walk away with crystal-clear clarity on:

Who your ideal client is, what they’re going through, what they want and why you’re the perfect person to help them achieve it
Your mission, vision, values, one-liner (aka elevator pitch) & signature story – all the elements of an impactful and profitable personal brand

Where you should be showing up online & how to optimise your profiles to ensure they’re “sticky” to the right people and continue the client journey

Exactly what kind of content you should be creating to turn passive scrollers into paying superfans (and work smarter not harder!)

All so you can...

Getting started is a piece of cake.

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Lock in a date & get the ball rolling!

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Hi, I'm Kat!

I’m a brand strategist, copywriter and personal branding coach who is obsessed with helping stuck serviced based entrepreneurs and expert businesses become in-demand brands.

As well as spending years as a copywriter helping other people get seen, heard and paid, I built my own brand from scratch using the strategies I now share with my clients. 

As well as getting almost 1,000,000 eyes on my content, I’m regularly being asked to feature on other peoples platforms, all because I was able to position myself as an expert. And now I’m ready to help you do the same.

Oh, and I put my money where my mouth is

Conversion copywriting, Facebook ads, quizzes, course creation, launching, evergreen funnels, selling from stage, YouTube SEO, podcast marketing… I’ve studied it all & tested it on my own brand so you don’t have to.

Still on the fence about applying?

VIP Days are perfect if you...

But they're not if you...


You've got questions? I have answers!

Your intensive day starts with 2 – 3 hours on a video call to map out your high level strategy. After lunch, Kat (yes, that’s me talking in third person!) will put her copywriting hat on to dial in your messaging and content strategy. It’s the perfect mix of done for you and with you so you get the best results with the least amount of energy!

I have 2 Brand Strategy VIP days to choose from: Brand in a Day (to lay all the foundations) and Expert in a Day (to increase your visibility & impact).

Sure are! 50% of the invoice is due up front to secure your VIP date and the final 50% is due right before your session. The full VIP Day is $2,250 USD.

Absolutely, in fact, I recommend it! If you have a social media manager, OBM, VA or anyone else who will be helping you with the implementation of the strategy, it’s really beneficial for them to be a part of the process.

If your application is accepted, I have very limited availability for custom VIP days & half-day intensives. The most popular requests I receive are for mapping out an online course, planning a live launch, designing an evergreen funnel strategy and developing a webinar or signature talk. Prices for these start at $2000 USD for a half day due to the additional preparation they require.

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