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Need to get unstuck... urgently?

As a creative, high-achiever with impossible standards for yourself, you’re probably drowning in ideas. But between the perfectionism and imposter syndrome you keep getting stuck, can’t figure out how to move forward and you know it’s starting to cost you. 

You are not alone, my friend. It happens to the best of us!

I’ve been there, my clients have been there, and there is nothing wrong with any of us. You’re not broken, you’re not failing. You simply need some perspective, a way of breaking that mammoth of an idea into bite-sized pieces, and a little bit of encouragement (occasionally in the form of tough love) so you can finally start making progress again. 


Lighting in a Bottle Sessions

As you probably figured out by now, brand coaching is my life’s obsession. I’ve dedicated my entire business to helping you find the clarity, strategy and confidence you need to become a magnet for dream clients and opportunities.

Whether it’s your messaging that needs a tune up, a social media or content strategy you’re lacking, a launch that needs planning or a client journey/sales funnel that needs some serious TLC, I’ve got you. And if we’ve never worked together, Lighting in a Bottle Sessions are the perfect place to start.

I designed these sessions to help you get unstuck, back on track and most importantly, energised and confident enough to put yourself out there and get this plan into action!


How the brand coaching sessions work

Once you’ve booked your spot, I’ll send you some pre-work to complete which allows me to get a solid understanding of your brand & business as well as what we need to focus on. I ask that you return it to me 48 hours before our session so I can be fully prepared to hit the ground running with you when we meet.
The sessions take place on Zoom and are recorded so you can watch them back on-demand (trust me, you’ll want to — we move FAST!) After our session, I’ll follow up with an email that includes a high-level summary of what we covered and your action steps moving forward. I’ll also make suggestions for additional training and resources if I think they’ll help.
Following our session, you’ll receive 1 week of complimentary Voxer (a voice messaging app) access to me to troubleshoot and keep that momentum going. It’s the perfect opportunity to ask me quick-fire questions and validate ideas you had since we spoke. Then it’s up to you to take action and see our plan through!


3 ways we'll ensure the success of our session


I’ll be sending you a questionnaire to complete before our session so we’re both fully prepared before we officially kick-off and can maximise our time together.


The session will be recorded and sent to you so you can watch it back on demand (and means you don’t have to take notes unless you really want to!)


You’ll be taking bold, inspired action after our session but that often means more questions, so I’ll be here to provide a bonus week of unlimited email support.

“I’m a chronic overthinking perfectionist and had tied myself up in knots.”

In one hour, with laser-like precision, Kat focussed her attention and questions on helping me see through the fog. Her genuine, engaging style, along with attentive listening and intelligent questions left me feeling more certain about my direction, and I ended the session with an action plan for getting started right now in a way that suits where I’m at. There’s no hype with Kat. It’s all real. If you’re feeling stuck, do yourself a favour and book her now!

Choose your session length

Depending on what you need to cover, you can choose between 2 different session lengths. For content or website reviews, content strategy, messaging clarity or visibility plans (mini projects), 1 hour is perfect. If you have more than one “mini” project you want to tackle or need to plan out a new website, service offering or digital product, 90 minutes is needed.



Prices listed in USD. Includes GST for Australian tax residents.

“It was time for me to take my business to the next level, perfectionism had set in and I was stuck, completely unable to move forward.”

I was really surprised at how quickly Kat was able to get inside my head and start making sense of everything I had been feeling. I felt heard and seen through the entire process which is so important when you’re working on something as personal as your brand.

Not only did Kat help to create some kick-ass messaging and a plan to roll it out, but she helped me to remove the blocks that were preventing me from moving forward, shifted my entire mindset to get me back into the creative space I needed to be. Working with Kat is one of the best investments I’ve made in myself and my business.

How it works

Instructions on what to do next


Decide which session length you need then you’ll be able to choose a time and pay all from one page. If you can’t find a time that suits, get in touch.


You’ll receive a confirmation email from me along with a link to your questionnaire that will need completing at least 48hrs before our session.


Complete the form and before the session, check you have Zoom installed, a strong internet connection, and a quiet space to attend the call, uninterrupted.

I’m a Personal Brand Strategist and though I had been working offline for the last 2 years when it was time to build my presence online I had difficulty articulating how I help my audience in one sentence and attracting the right clients. Not only did Kat’s training help me nail my brand positioning statement, with the support from Kat I was able to get an increase in enquiries and leads and attract my first high ticket client. The content is amazing plus the support from her is of tremendous value. But most importantly she cares!

Shermalyn Sidonie-John

Pick your session length & let's do this!

Prices listed in USD. Includes GST for Australian tax residents only.


Common questions I get about these sessions

As long as you have a goal to build a personal brand to help further your career (or business/side-hustle), we can absolutely tailor a session for you. My Magnetic Brand Blueprint is a framework that applies no matter what kind of personal brand you have as it’s all about getting you clear on your goals, getting you seen by the right people, getting you known for what you’re best at and getting you paid to do what you love.

Ooh, exciting! Building frameworks and online programs is definitely my jam. That said, depending on what stage you’re at and whether you need support around launching and marketing it too, a longer coaching program might be in order. Fill out a coaching application to be safe, then we can hop on a complimentary call to determine which kind of coaching is best going to help you achieve your goals.

My clients come from all around the world (including many in the US) and I’ve found that USD is the most “universal” currency to charge in. If you’re an Aussie, get in touch before you book and I can send you an invoice in AUD (with GST), but if you’re anywhere else simply use the built-it checkout option.

For my longer coaching programs I can charge in USD, GBP, CAD and AUD.

If we’re nearing the end of our session and you realise you have even more topics you need to unpack, you can book a 30 or 60 minute top-up session at a slightly lower rate (as it will exclude the pre-work) within 2 weeks of our initial session. I’ll provide the link if it’s required, but in all honesty, we typically cover a ton in these sessions and you’ll want a breather afterwards to go implement everything we covered.

There are no refunds on these sessions and to reschedule, 24 hours notice must be provided or you will forfeit your session. If you’re late to your session, that time will be deducted from the total session length – so don’t go overbooking yourself that day!



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