The end of the year is approaching and all you can think about is what you haven't yet achieved.

But what if told you it's not too late to end 2019 with a bang AND set yourself up for success in 2020?


As a fellow overachiever, I know that feeling of dread.

Like clockwork, every October or November I used to start to panic about how little time is left and how long my remaining to do list still was. That feeling would often spiral into feelings of overwhelm, disappointment and failure. 

Know what would happen next? Very little. Procrastination. Paralysis by analysis. Beating myself up. Because I was crumbling under the pressure of all the things I’d wanted to achieve.

What you and I need isn’t more pressure. We need clarity, positivity and an actionable plan. Add some accountability to that lovely cocktail and we have a recipe for success.

And as someone who now spends the end (and beginning and middle) of each year feeling energised, motivated, focused and excited, I want to help you to do the same. 

Sound like a more enjoyable option than spending the next 2 months beating yourself up? 

Thought so! Let’s talk details.

30 DAYS to take back the wheel.

This is about more than just personal branding. This is about you getting unblocked, re-energised, and committed to a plan that will have you so excited you won’t even have time to look at the calendar.

Over 30 days, you’ll have access to me and my resources plus the exact amount of tough love you need to get you out of your own way so you can not only achieve breakthroughs before the end of the year, but also celebrate everything you’ve already achieved. 

Because I KNOW this year was better than you think it was.

So here are some ideas of what we can achieve in this time...

1. Give your personal brand a much needed makeover.

We can take stock of what’s working and what’s not, then get to work on taking things to the next level. New templates, tweaking your Instagram aesthetic, doing some training on camera confidence, planning a personal brand shoot, tweaking your tone of voice – anything that we can see is getting in the way of you connecting with your dream client or customer.

2. Create a brand new content strategy.

Let’s take a look at the content you created this year and actually understand what’s been helping you, what’s confusing your audience and what’s missing. Then we can lay out an actionable, realistic plan of how you’re going to deliver your content for the next 12 months (if you want a high level plan) or quarter (if you want to get into all the finer details).

3. Streamline your content creation process.

If you feel like you’re spinning too many plates between trying to create different kinds of content for every single platform, let’s simplify that shiz. We can build a strategy for you that involves creating one hero piece of content on your “best” platform then upcycling that baby to all of your supporting platforms. We’ll lock down the workflow, the tools you’ll use and the formula to break the content up for each one.

Or... 4. Plan and launch your next big thing.

(I made the font extra large because this ☝🏼 is my personal favourite)

If you’re anything like me, you’re always scheming up your next project. That side hustle, that YouTube channel, that podcast, that course launch. Whatever it is, let’s do it.

We’ll lay out a plan to have that thing launched in 30 days, complete with everything you need to achieve it: sales page, artwork, copy, social media strategy… AND the built-in accountability you need to actually do the work even when you’re feeling aaall the feelings (terror, overwhelm, excitement, confusion – you know, those things entrepreneurs feel on a daily basis).


I know that there are probably a bajillion online courses out there that'll promise some sort of "success blueprint" for the thing you want to do if you just follow their 72 step plan. You may have even bought one (or a few. I sure have!)

But you're here now, reading this.
Which means they didn't help you get the thing done.

Why? Here's my guess:

They're not able to look at your business, brand and mindset blocks and give you what you need TODAY to get you unstuck.

They're not holding your hand every step of the way, knowing when to tell you to "suck it up, buttercup" vs "need a virtual hug?"

And they're not going to be there with you to celebrate when you do it.

I've done those programs and they left me in overwhelm. Aiming for perfection and focusing on all the wrong things. And what I learned from those painful (expensive 🤢) lessons is that what we need is NOT the perfect website, the prettiest IG post or a $3000 logo. What we need is to take ACTION.

Messy, imperfect, results-driven action.

And that is what I'm here for.

And here's what our 30 days together will look like.

The audit.

We’re going to run an assessment of your year, your goals for your business AND your personal brand. This involves both of us doing some pre-work and then meeting for a 30 minute get to know you chat that will help us map out the topics for our 4 coaching calls.

The coaching calls.

We’ll meet for a weekly 60-minute sessions on Zoom (video) to work through mindset blocks, troubleshoot brand and marketing challenges and set an action plan for the next week. Every single call will be recorded and shared with you so you watch it back and absorb even more. We cover a lot, so you’ll want to do this!

The ongoing support.

You’ll have unlimited access to me via Slack and Voxer between calls so you don’t get stuck. Plus you’ll receive unlimited feedback on anything you want me to look over relating to your personal brand, including: Social Media, SEO, Ads, Website, Design, Copywriting, Launches, Research, Ideas… you name it.

The HUGE bonus.

I’m going to give you beta access to Video Made Easy, my online program that teaches how you to use video (social, search optimised and personal) to grow your personal brand and business. The cost of the course alone would have been 697 but the value of the course including all the bonuses is over 2k.

In other words, this is your chance to give your mindset and personal brand a total makeover and you can use this to simply re-group, set a plan for the new year, or even launch something big before the end of 2019. The choice is yours. My promise is I’ll be here to make sure you have all the resources and support you need to get there.

Friend, you are in for a game-changing 30 days and I can 👏🏼 not 👏🏼 wait 👏🏼

Buuut... you also need to know what ISN'T included.

Teaching you how to improve your skills on what you’re trying to sell (I’m assuming you’ve got that stuff covered or we wouldn’t be working together in the first place!)

Doing all the work for you (nope, I’m here for guidance, support, resources, accountability and cheerleading but the actual heavy lifting needs to come from you, my friend)

Financial and legal advice (or nitty gritty on how you should be structuring your business/company), I’m NOT trained to do that and those things need to be handled by qualified specialists

Your Investment

The 30-day program is a CAD997 investment or 3 x monthly payments of CAD375

What it includes:

2019 + personal brand audit including 30 minute call ($397 value)

4 x 60 minute video coaching sessions ($997 value)

30 days of unlimited support via Slack + Voxer ($797 value)

Beta (lifetime) access to Video Made Easy (RRP $697)

Total value = $2888

Places are extremely limited and application does not guarantee acceptance into the program. If approved and you choose to enrol, the 30 days must begin before November 10th 2019.