an actor, copywriter, video creator and online entrepreneur obsessed with personal branding and helping you to live a bolder, better life.

Born in Sydney and raised on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia, I can tell you right now that as a homeschooled kid [who never technically finished highschool and had a tendency to jump between jobs every 6 months] I NEVER expected my life to end up looking like this.

Don’t get me wrong, I had BIG dreams. And I even achieved some pretty cool stuff early on in my career (like landing a role in the original Australian cast of Jersey Boys the musical). But creating a career where I get to do all the things I love, help people all around the world while I get to travel the world? Different level.

So what exactly do I do now? Well, I’m still an actor but that’s actually the least exciting part. I spend most of my time creating videos (on personal branding, career strategy and advice for actors + creatives) for my YouTube channel, teaching people how to do their own makeup and get confident on camera via my online courses, plus creating content strategy (plus the words and videos) my clients need to grow their small businesses.

Which brings me to you, the reason this site exists. Everything you see on this site – from the free videos, articles and downloads to the paid online courses –was created to help you take your life and career to the next level.

Whether you’re struggling with a lack of confidence, content ideas, online presence or something else, I’m here to help. While I can’t do the work for you, I will give you all of the resources, tools, knowledge and guidance I can because I want to see you not only succeed in your career, side hustle or business, but I want you to find a kind of joy and fulfilment from what you do too.

To get the most out of this site, I highly recommend downloading my Powerful Personal Branding ebook as this will lay the groundwork for everything else you learn here plus put you on my Insider’s List to receive weekly inspiration straight to your inbox as well as special offers, event invites and more. 

You can also check out the free mini courses by topic (top menu) which start to scratch the surface on a handful of different topics. Next up you might consider one of my low cost mini courses that are much more in-depth and will help kick-start your makeup, video creation or personal branding journey. 

It's time to start showing up.

Ready to build your personal brand?

This epic workbook will teach you the 5 Cs of personal branding so you get crystal clear about your own brand and start to attract the opportunities you’ve been dreaming of.

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