Know you've got something to offer but have no idea how to become the go-to in your niche? You're in the right place.

Social media & search engines have changed the game for everyone.

As you’ve probably noticed, our newsfeeds and Google search results seem to be jam-packed with competition these days. Pretty websites and perfectly curated feeds just don’t cut it anymore.

Your audience has gotten smarter. They don’t just want to hire someone with a pretty website or perfectly curated social feed. They want to find someone who’s an authority – a thought leader, even – in their field AND they want to like them. Yep, personality matters too.

That’s where I come in. I help entrepreneurs and creatives like you get seen and heard (after all, you can’t sell a secret!) so you can become your ideal client’s “go to”.

Teaching this stuff isn't just a job for me.

It's my life's purpose.

See, back in 2014 my life fell apart. I’d been working full time as a musical theatre performer for 5 years but I was miserable. I had crippling anxiety attacks, depression and was losing the will to live so I decided to take a break from theatre.

Only that’s when things got worse. Between a life-threatening illness, a marriage breakup and financial rock bottom, I was at absolute square one. Oh, and because I’d been working full-time as a performer for most of my adult life, I didn’t have a backup plan or side hustle. I had nothing.

At the time, things couldn’t feel much worse, but eventually I learned that this time was a blessing. Despite feeling completely lost, I started to take steps to re-build. 

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell

I wrote and produced my first live show (which proved to myself and others that I was more than “just” an actor). I got a temp job doing admin which turned into a full-time position in marketing and gave me the confidence to get a job in an ad agency. And 6 months later, I quit that job and decided to become a freelance copywriter.

For 5 years I studied everything I could get my hands on about copywriting, marketing, branding and running a business. I worked with clients all over the world – some of them amazing, some of them total nightmares. I launched a YouTube channel, created my first online course (then another… and another…), started speaking at events, launched a podcast.

Today, my life looks pretty different. I decide how I spend each day, get paid to do what I love (and in turn help others to do the same), have an audience around the world who listens to my podcasts, watches my videos and takes my programs, I work from wherever I want, and have the time and flexibility to keep pursuing my creative passions like acting (without having to be a starving artist).

I believe we're all capable of creating the lives and businesses of our dreams.

But I also know that the road to get there is a long one, full of so many challenges that a lot of people will give up before they get there. So I’m here to speed up that entire process and allow you to learn from my own mistakes (not to mention years + $$$ of training and experience) and start seeing results from your business.

The way I can help you with this boils down to 5 main areas:

1: Getting super clear on your ideal client so you can create a brand message that cuts through the noise and connects them on both an emotional and intellectual level

2: Creating content that establishes you as an authority but also showcases your unique personality so your audience don’t just trust you, they really like you

3: Making sure that every single touchpoint (from colours and fonts through to brand photography and copywriting) all communicates your brand message

4: Building out content schedules, launch plans and accountability so you stay consistent and keep building the momentum required for your brand to blow up

5: Giving you the resources, training and feedback needed to keep assessing your results, making tweaks and setting new goals so you keep growing and evolving

And all of this 👆🏻means attracting an audience of superfans who want to hire you because you’re YOU. Not because you’re the cheapest or most convenient option!

And here's what that actually looks like

The beauty of 1:1 coaching is that the sessions are completely tailored to your needs. They can be strategic, training based, hands-on (working live on something together) or mix of all of the above. You can bet we cover mindset as well as branding, marketing and business as they all go hand in hand!

‣ Client avatar and nailing your unique selling proposition

‣ Brand story, back story and brand messaging

‣ Website strategy and copywriting

‣ Content strategy (video, podcasting, blogging and social media)

‣ Visual identity (logo, colour and font choice, general aesthetic)

‣ Brainstorming and packaging your offers

‣ Bios, media pages and one pagers

‣ Client journey, onboarding and experience

‣ Search Engine Optimisation for websites & YouTube videos

‣ Creating digital products, courses and live workshops

‣ Planning launches (sales pages, events, promo materials, the lot!)

‣ Planning, creating and implementing digital funnels

‣ Pitch strategy for podcast and speaking opportunities

‣ Camera confidence and improving presentation skills

‣ Webinar, video series and 5 day challenge creation

‣ Planning personal branding photoshoots

But don't take my word for it.

PSST. WHEN YOU WORK WITH ME, you're also benefiting from all the people i've learnt from


Amy Porterfield

taught me about list building, course creation, webinars and launching a digital product.

Joanna Wiebe

taught me how to how to write strategic, data based conversion copy that SELLS

Ry Schwartz

taught me his "Coaching the Conversion" method to write powerful story-driven sales pages

Sunny Lenarduzzi

taught me how to grow my YouTube channel using SEO and turn it into a lead generating machine.

Selina Gray

is currently teaching me about money mindset, soulful selling, and creating recurring revenue.

Jen Casey

taught me about how to create profitable coaching programs and online courses.

Tarzan Kay

taught me about every kind of email under the sun from welcome sequences to sales sequences.

Kate Toon

taught me all about Search Engine Optimisation as well as how to run a freelance copywriting biz.

Tyler McCall

taught me all about using Instagram to attract and sell to my dream clients.

Rick Mulready

taught me all about Facebook & Instagram ads including using pixels and custom audiences.

Donald Miller

taught me about how to write a brand story and use it to make a high converting website.

Regina Anaejionu​

taught me about creating info products, using Instagram for sales, writing emails and more.

Ready to build a brand that changes your life and business for good?

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