How different would yours be if you got to spend it getting paid to do what you love?

If you’re sick of trading time for money, feeling like your industry’s best kept secret, or dreaming of a life free from soul-crushing day jobs and suffering for your art, I get it. I’ve been there.

As a personal branding coach and copywriter, I’m here to help you…


find the confidence you need to stop hiding and play a bigger game as the face of your business


actually get noticed in a crowded newsfeed (without the need for hacks or sleazy sales tactics)


create the kind of content that attracts your dream clients (ones that love paying you for your expertise)

…so you can get paid to do what you love (and make your clients’ lives better in the process!)

Too many of us have spent our lives playing small

If you ever get that niggling feeling that you were meant for more, you’re not alone. Chances are that after years of being told to keep quiet, stay humble and not rock the boat, you learned to push that feeling down.

Maybe you took a “safe” job instead of starting a business. Maybe you have a business but it’s struggling because you don’t have the confidence to promote it. Either way, you’re suffering because you’ve been trying to play by someone else’s rules.

That ends now.

The world needs what you’ve got and you need to finally step into your potential and create the life you’ve been dreaming of. After all, what do you think you’ll regret more. Putting yourself out there (at the risk of feeling silly or vulnerable) or staying stuck forever?

I help purpose-driven humans build profitable brands using my signature Personal Branding Blueprint

Here’s a sneak peek at how it works.


We begin by getting crystal clear on who your dream client is (client avatar), what it is that drives them & how you can best serve them (brand story), and identify what might be stopping them from taking action. 


Then it’s time to establish you as the authority which means the right mix of helpful content and storytelling, plus any mindset work you need to do that could be stopping you from showing up as the best version of yourself.


Then it’s time to establish you as the authority which means the right mix of helpful content and storytelling, plus any mindset work you need to do that could be stopping you from showing up as the best version of yourself.


All of this means nothing if you’re not consistent, so we’re going to create schedules and guidelines to make sure your content goes out like clockwork, your brand integrity stays intact, and your audience and clients know exactly what to expect from you.​


To keep growing, we need to understand what’s working (and do more of it), what isn’t and why (so we can fix it). We’ll be regularly auditing your results and assessing your goals so we continue to optimise and streamline everything you do.

Wanna get the ball rolling? Here's what to do:


Fill out my coaching application form to tell me about you and the goals you have for your brand (new or existing, side hustle or full-time biz)

Book a Call

I'll send you a link to book a free 20 minute call to chat so we can get to know each other better and see if I'm the right person to help you

Get Started

If we both feel like it's a good fit, you'll be able to choose a coaching package & start date that suits so we can get to work!

Working with Kat is the best thing I have done for my business. Before working with Kat I really struggled find the right words to explain what I do. I always felt stressed that my brand messaging was unclear and how that would impact my positioning online. She helped me create clear and consistent messaging across my entire brand. With her support, I not only feel more confident but am getting so many more conversions in my business. She’s been so incredibly encouraging and a dream to work with, I’d recommend her to a friend in an instant!

Operations & Productivity Strategist

Hi, I'm Kat and I believe that everyone has the potential to get paid to do the thing they love.

As a creative and multi-passionate person (who gets bored way too easily!) I never wanted to have to choose between soul-crushing day joy or life as a starving artist. I tried them both and they made me miserable… losing-the-will-to-live miserable. Thankfully, in one of my darkest moments, I was struck with some inspiration that led me to start creating. This led to 6 years of obsessively studying and experimenting on how to build a personal brand of my own that allowed me to be my own boss, incorporate all the things I love most, AND get paid to do it. Spoiler alert: I figured it out.

So now I’ve switched my focus to helping others do exactly what I did. Turn their passions into profits (cheesy but true!) and design a life that has them excited to wake up each day and no longer living for the weekend. If that sounds like something you’d be into, I’d love to chat. Fill out a coaching application or hop on over to my free Facebook group if you’d prefer to take things slow 😉

There are 3 ways we can work together to build your brand


Our sessions take place on Zoom (video chat) and are recorded so you can keep them forever. The content is completely tailored to you and your brand, but is based on Personal Branding Blueprint so you know exactly what to expect. Most of my coaching packages also include access to my online courses.


If you’re looking for ongoing training, accountability and community without breaking the bank, my monthly membership, The Personal Branding Collective might be for you! Members also get access to 1:1 coaching on-demand at VIP rates that aren’t available to the public.


If you struggle to find the right words to communicate with your dream clients or customers, I can help with anything from website copy (optimised for search so you increase organic traffic) to high converting sales pages, videos scripts and email series as well as brand stories and tone of voice guidelines.

Client Love

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