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I help purpose-driven humans build profitable personal brands.

Too many of us have spent our lives playing small.

Deep down we know we were meant for greatness but after years of being told to keep quiet, stay humble and not rock the boat, we learned to block that thought out and instead play by the rules. Maybe you took a “safe” job instead of starting a business. Perhaps your business is struggling because you don’t have the confidence to promote it. Maybe your acting career is failing because you’re too scared to show who you really are in the audition room. 

Whatever it is that’s holding you back, I get it because I’ve been there too. But now I’m out the other side, I have an insatiable hunger to help every other struggling creative to get out too and start playing a bigger game. To show up with confidence, proudly express who you really are, and finally start experiencing the success you always dreamed of (and secretly know you’re totally worthy of).



Personal branding coach, actor, video creator, writer and ex-makeup artist obsessed with helping you get the confidence you need to show up in your life, business and on camera so you can build a personal brand that changes the world.

Working with Kat is the best thing I have done for my business. She has helped me move past so many roadblocks, and has made my personal branding and marketing feel exciting and achievable instead of scary and overwhelming.

Jen Beattie

When you have a powerful personal brand, the world
is your oyster.

In this free workbook, you’ll learn how to apply my 5 step framework (the 5 Cs) to build a personal brand that helps you grow your influence, achieve your career goals, and create a life that’s fulfilling, exciting AND profitable.

Tell me about you.

So I can help you best, I’d love to know what your most pressing goal is. Have a think about what’s currently holding you back and finish the following sentence: “I need to…”

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Learn something new

Each week on my YouTube channel, I bring you advice, inspiration and tutorials designed to help you grow your personal brand and success as a creative freelancer or entrepreneur. Yep, all of the good stuff, totally free.


Build a powerful personal brand

This interactive ebook (complete with exercises to follow) was designed to teach you how to use 5 simple strategies – aka the 5 Cs – to grow a personal brand that truly makes an impact. Plus you’ll receive weekly inbox love from me with tips, inspiration and how-tos on building confidence, looking and feeling your best, creating value and living a joyful life.

Ready to build your personal brand?

This epic workbook will teach you the 5 Cs of personal branding so you get crystal clear about your own brand and start to attract the opportunities you’ve been dreaming of.

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